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essay on 5g technology 250 words
 essay on 5g technology 250 words

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essay on 5g technology

 In today's time, fast-growing internet users are spreading everywhere like the wind. High-Speed ​​Internet is the ambition of every human being today. For which big telecom companies are increasing their internet speed and moving from 4G to 5G. 

Telecom companies like Airtel have done their first trial of 5G with great success in Hyderabad. It means that it is expected that in some time we too will be able to enjoy 5G. So today we will discuss this 5G. So that you can get answers to all the questions related to the 5G Technology Essay.

What is 5G network technology? 

5 means fifth and G means generation. The type of 5G network is the most advanced type ever. Its speed is around 20 GB per second. With the help of this speed, we can listen to very high-quality videos and songs and can also do high graphics work. That too without any interruption and immediately.

Advantages of 5G Technology:

If we talk about its benefits, then 5G can be used for various purposes-

  • Using the 5G network, vehicles can be driven without a driver. Trains, airplanes, or buses will run without drivers. It sounds like a dream, but it is true.
  • To operate digitally. Yes, you heard right. This means that operations can be done by machines, that too without the help of any doctor.
  • Playing different types of high graphics games.
  • We will be able to enjoy high-speed internet in our homes. So that we can watch good-quality videos without buffering.
  • Various types of graphics or digital work can be done through the 5G network. Which is impossible to do by any other network.

Disadvantages of 5G Technology:

As many advantages as 5G has, it also has many disadvantages. for example-

  • Through its testing, it has been found that due to The high amounts of radiation, many living beings like birds and many other living beings may die on the earth.
  • Its effect can be seen not only in birds but also in humans. If its radiation level is high, then a decrease in the age of humans will be seen. And this will also increase the risk of getting cancer.
  • Headache, sleeplessness, and many such problems are observed.
  • People's daily routine will be more complicated than before. Due to this, there is a possibility of increasing the attachment of children, especially to the Internet.
  • Many such things also show us the loss ahead.

What are the misconceptions related to 5G? 

Some people say that a virus originated during 5G network testing itself, which is named Corona. The meaning of saying is that according to people, the origin of Corona which is an epidemic spread only during 5G testing. And people also believe that due to the testing of the 5G network, a lot of radiation has spread in the air, which is spoiling the health of the people. But let us tell you that the reason for this is not the 5G network.

Race to launch 5G network first:

Developing countries like America, Russia, and Japan are also not able to get the real speed of 5G. It would be wrong to launch it without getting its speed. According to different organizations, the time period for its launch in different countries is being told differently. South Korea is the first country to adopt 5G in 2019. It was first tested in India by the Airtel company and it was also got success in it. After that other companies like jio also tried it. Jio's owner Mukesh Ambani says that he will launch 5G in India soon and will work to make it accessible to everyone at affordable rates.

When will the 5G network be implemented in India? 

If we talk about India, Airtel successfully conducted 5G testing in January 2021 at the forefront of various companies. Has also promised to give it to the country. It has also announced to bring commercial 5G across the country by August 2022. 

We are able to see how 5G mobiles are being launched and sold in abundance in online shopping. From this, it can be inferred that 5G will soon cover the whole world and will be able to do any work at its own speed.

What is the difference between 4G and 5G?

Difference between 4G and 5G-

  • Using the 5G network, vehicles can be driven without a driver.
  • Trains, airplanes, or buses will run without drivers. It sounds like a dream, but it is true.
  • The maximum upload rate of 4G technology is 500 Mbps, while the maximum upload rate of 5G technology is 1.25 Gbps.
  • The maximum download rate of 4G technology is 1 Gbps, while the maximum download rate of 5G technology is 2.5 Gbps.
  • The latency of 4G technology is around 50 ms, while the latency of 5G technology is around 1 ms.
  • We get to see many such facilities inside 5G, but due to the non-availability of all these facilities in 4G, people want to use 5G technology.

Evolution of 5G Network in india


In earlier times, 1G sim used to come. 1G means the first generation. Its speed rate is 24 kb per second. The main purpose of this type of network was to talk. Apart from this, it was difficult to do any other work in it.


After that there was a change in the network and it was converted to 2G to increase the speed of the network. With the help of this network, along with conversation, message could also be done from one phone to another. Its speed is 64 kb per second. So that a person who has a mobile could write something and send it to another person who also has a mobile.


Similarly, 3G was introduced to increase the speed of the network and the features of the mobile. Its speed is of 2Mb per second. This network is capable of talking as well as sending copies, watching online videos, and playing online games.


3G had arrived in India long back. But 4G was first launched by Airtel telecom company. Its speed is 1MB per second. With this we can easily send money or do many other things like listening to songs online, watching movies online, watching the news, checking our location, or sending photos without stopping. Many other works of this type are also done very easily.

 Now the news of the 5G launch tells us how quick and easy our work is going to be in the future.


I hope you will find some best paragraphs for your college and school essay on 5G technology with the help of which you can write a complete essay.

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