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By the way, you must know that the problem of food waste in India is very high, and asking for an essay on this topic is very common in school and college.

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essay on food waste 100 words
essay on food waste 100 words

10-line essay on food waste

1) People in many parts of the world are malnourished due to a lack of food.

2) Food wastage on the other hand has become a world problem.

3) It has become common to cook food in excess and throw it away.

4) It is thrown away after eating in events like marriage, or engagement.

5) Taking more food on the plate than required and throwing it after not eating it is a waste of food.

6) In India, many people do not get enough food, and people die due to hunger.

7) According to a survey, it has been told that 1/3 of the food that is produced is being wasted.

8) Food is wasted after production, at the time of reaching the market, and at the time of storage.

9) Realizing that food is essential for our life, we should stop wasting food.

10) The leftover food in events like marriage, and engagement should not be thrown away but given to the poor.


Here in this post, you guys can check all related information about food waste and with the help of this information, you can write an essay on food wastage.

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