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essay on the importance of teacher
essay on the importance of teacher

essay on the importance of teacher

 The teacher has special importance in human life. Parents are our first teachers. The status of a teacher is higher than that of parents. For example, if we are locked in a dark room, and in the dark we are searching for something, but we are helpless and are not able to find that thing, in such a situation, without the guidance of the Guru, we are unable to find that thing. is unable. As the teacher tells us and we get that thing immediately. Without a teacher, our life will be filled with sorrow and we will fail to learn various things in life. Guru shows us the right direction in our life. He acts as a guide in our life.

Guru has had special importance in India since ancient times. Guru is above all for a man. Guru helps us to choose the right path. The word Guru is formed by combining two words. In Guru, Gu means darkness and Ru means light. Guru leads us from the dark life towards the light. Guru is like a lamp, which illuminates the life of the disciples. Guru has an important role, especially in student life. Guru gives information related to all kinds of subjects to the student and teaches him to fight with difficulties in different stages of life. Students are taught to be disciplined, and polite and respect elders.

In school, students are not able to differentiate between right and wrong in their life. Guru ji teaches the student to make this difference so that he can choose the right path in the difficulties of life. Students should be able to face every difficult situation in their life with firmness and fearlessness. With the unlimited teachings and blessings of the Guru, the students overcome the difficult situations of life.

 teacher's role is in everyone's life. Every person has faith, trust, and respect towards the Guru and wants to know the opinion of his Guru before taking big or small decisions. Every person needs a Guru to gain knowledge of different things. For example, if you want to learn to drive, you need a driving guru, if you want to learn music, you need a music guru. If we want to learn these types of arts completely in life, then we have to go to the Guru.

The main objective of the Guru is to make the student success and to make him gain full knowledge. In ancient times, gurus used to impart knowledge on literature, art, and philosophy of life, etc. to the disciples in ashrams, but nowadays, gurus provide education to their disciples in educational institutions like colleges, schools, etc. The disciples always took the blessings of the Guru by touching his feet. Guru always wants the welfare of the disciple and he wants to see his disciples sitting at the peak of success.

Guru Purnima is celebrated to pay respect to the Guru. On this day special worship is done in homes and temples. In many places, where the Guru gives full cooperation in the education of his disciples, he is honored on the day of Guru Purnima. On this day donations are made as Guru Dakshina and this gives merit to the disciples.

A true Guru devotee is successful in fulfilling all his goals. A child's first teacher is their mother who teaches them to speak, walk, write and read. Guru has always been of special importance in Hindu religion. Saint Kabir had also composed many verses of Guru Bhakti. A Guru always wants to see his disciple successful and better than himself. This is the greatness of our Guru. Guru can be not only in the form of a teacher but in different forms like mother, father, brother, sister, and friend. We can learn and gain knowledge from different people in life.


Guru has special importance in everyone's life. A man should understand the importance of a teacher and respect him till the end of his life. Humans are incomplete without their blessings. We do not start any auspicious work without saluting the Guru. The education given to him is useful to man throughout his life. Nothing can be more precious than his blessings for his disciple. There should always be reverence in the mind of the disciple towards the Guru, only then the disciple can learn the nuances of his work very well.

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