All medical course after BSc in India

 The medical field is the most popular field in today's time.

In terms of career, most of the students dream of making their career in the medical line.

To go into the medical line, many students start studying science after 10th and taking PCB similar in them.

In such a situation, this question usually remains in the mind of all those students.

Which course after B.Sc can he make a career in medicine?

In which type of medical course can I get admission after my B.Sc?

So let us know, after all, what are the medical courses after B.Sc.

Which you can do, and make a career in the medical line.

OR Which medical courses can students enroll in after B.Sc?

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medical course after BSc in india

After completing their B.Sc, many students like to take admitted to many other courses like MBBS, and BDS.

For this, they have to give a necessary entrance exam for admission.

Whose name is neet which is an entrance exam?

That is if a student wants to go towards the main medical course like MBBS etc.,

So they will have to go through the same process that 12th-pass students go through, that is, they will have to appear for NEET.

After class XII, many students clear the NEET exam for the very first time.

Sometimes they even take years of preparation for this.

In such a situation, if the students have done B.Sc course, then they benefit in the preparation for NEET.

Because all the subjects in B.Sc are main subjects related to the subject of the medical course.

And for you to enroll in a medical course, it is very important to have biology as your subject.

Therefore, for students going to the medical line who want to become a doctor, it becomes necessary for them to study biology in class 12th.

If students pass B.Sc from other science subjects like PCM ie maths, physics, etc., then it will not be of any use to enroll in their medical course.

Although many courses like pharmacy can be done by students with maths in addition to the science stream, this does not benefit you much in the course of medical.

 If we say about any good medical course, then your B.Sc degree is of no use for admission in that too.

Studying the basic course of BSC can help students to prepare for the entrance exam.

Students who want to make a career in the field of nursing in the medical line, they should choose B.Sc Nursing course after 12th.

You can also work in a hospital as a nurse after completing a BSc in Nursing.

After B.Sc, students can do any medical course, but first, it is necessary for that student to have a PCB stream in class 12th.

And second that it will be mandatory for them to clear the NEET exam like other students.

Generally, the degree of B.Sc students does not do much work in their medical career.

MBBS course after Bsc

MBBS is such a course, that for every student who wants to become a doctor, it becomes necessary to do it.

Most of the students who make their career in medicine think of taking admission in MBBS.

After completing MBBS, a student can become an MBBS doctor.

After which he can easily take a job in a government or private hospital, or if he wants, he can also open his own medical store.

If you want to become a doctor then it is mandatory to do mbbs course.

After BSC, the process for admission to MBBS, for that you have to appear for NEET.

If the students do BSc, then even after that they have to appear for the NEET exam and pass it.

Only then can they get admission to the MBBS course.

BSc After BDS Course

Many students like to become a dentist, and for this, they choose to do a bds courses.

And make a career in the medical line with this course, after B.Sc, students can take admission in this course as well.

The process for this too will be exactly the same as in the MBBS course to become a doctor, like NEET exam.

For admission in this course also, students do not have any special advantage of a B.Sc degree,

The benefit of studying for a B.Sc is available in preparation for NEET exam.

Post-Pharmacy Course After Bsc

Pharmacy is a popular one in terms of making a career in medicine.

Nowadays many students are making a good careers as a pharmacist.

B Pharma, and D Pharma are very popular courses in pharmacy.

After B.Sc, students can easily make their career in the medical field by taking their admission in the course of pharmacy.

For pharmacy, students are not required to study biology subject.

If the students want, apart from biology, they can also make a career in pharmacy by studying mathematics.

After studying in the science stream, you can do pharmacy, whether you are a student of biology or maths.

Other main courses after Bsc

Apart from MBBS, and BDS, there are many medical courses available, such as BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BTP, etc. courses.

students can take admission in all these courses after passing the NEET exam after their B.Sc.


If you are asking about doing a medical course after your B.Sc, then you can see this post of ours. In this post, we have told about all types of courses which you can take a look

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