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physics gk questions with answer

1. What is the unit of Light Year?

 A) Distance

 B) Time

 C) intensity of light

 D) force

ANSWER= (A) Distance


2. What is the SI unit of light intensity?

 A) Om

 B) Watt

 C) Candela

 D) lumens

ANSWER= (C) Candela

3. What is commonly used in a magnifying glass?

 A) convex mirror

 B) convex lens

 C) concave mirror

 D) concave lens

ANSWER= (B) Convex lens


4. What is the speed of sound in the air?

 A) 232 m/s

 B) 332 m/s

 C) 320 m/s

 D) 432 m/s

ANSWER= (B) 332 m/s

30. Sound is an example of which type of wave?

 A) transverse mechanical wave

 B) longitudinal mechanical wave

 C) transverse nonmechanical wave

 D) Longitudinal non-mechanical wave

ANSWER= (B) Longitudinal mechanical wave

6. What is the normal temperature of the human body?

 A) 290 Kelvin

 B) 300 Kelvin

 C) 310 Kelvin

 D) 350 Kelvin

ANSWER= (C) 310 Kelvin

7. Light is an example of which type of wave?

 A) transverse wave

 B) longitudinal wave

 C) Both of the above

 D) none of these

ANSWER= (A) transverse wave

8. A heater coil is made of which element?

 A) Tungsten

 B) copper

 C) iron

 D) Nichrome

ANSWER= (D) Nichrome


9. What is the smallest unit of length?

 A) Micron

 B) nanometer

 C) Fermimeter

 D) centimeter

ANSWER= (C) Fermimeter

10. Which type of mirror is used for shaving?

 A) concave mirror

 B) convex mirror

 C) plane mirror


ANSWER= (A) concave mirror

11. Which scientist invented the positron?

 A) JJ Thomson

 B) Rutherford

 C) Anderson

 D) Goldstein


12. What is the unit of Curie?

 A) Radioactivity

 B) temperature

 C) Energy

 D) power

ANSWER= (A) radioactivity

13. Relative humidity is measured by?

 A) Hydrometer

 B) Hygrometer

 C) Lactometer

 D) barometer

ANSWER= (B) Hygrometer

14. Sound waves with a frequency of more than 20000 are an example of which type of wave?

 A) Ultrasonic wave

 B) audio wave

 C) inaudible wave

 D) none of these

ANSWER= (C) Infrared wave

15. Which type of mirror is used in front of vehicles

 A) convex mirror

 B) concave mirror

 C) plane mirror

 D) parabola mirror

ANSWER= (A) convex mirror

16. By which of the following electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy

 A) Dynamo

 B) Transformer

 C) electric motor

 D) indicator

ANSWER= (C) Electric Motor

17. If the length of a resistive wire is increased, what will be the effect on its resistance?

 A) grows

 B) decreases

 C) remains constant


ANSWER= (A) increases

18. Which of the following is the light with the shortest wavelength?

 A) Red

 B) Yellow

 C) blue

 D) Violet

ANSWER= (D) Violet

19. Photon is the fundamental unit of –

 A) Light

 B) Gravity

 C) Electricity

 D) Magnetism

ANSWER= (A) light


20. At what temperature is the density of water highest?

 A) – 4 °C

 B) 0 °C

 C) 4 °C

 D) – 1 degree Celsius

ANSWER= (C) 4 °C

21. ​​Heavy water is used in a nuclear reactor as

 A) coolant

 B) Controller

 C) Examiner

 D) diluent

ANSWER= (D) diluent

22. By which instrument the intensity of an earthquake is measured?

 A) Seismograph

 B) barometer

 C) Anemometer

 D) Lactometer

ANSWER= (A) Seismograph


23. 1 horsepower is equal to how many watts?

 A) 435 watts

 B) 746 watts

 C) 796 watts

 D) 876 watts

ANSWER= (B) 746 Watts


23. In which direction does a freely hanging magnet always stay?

 A) in the north-east direction

 B) in the south-west direction

 C) in the north-south direction

 D) in the north-west direction

ANSWER= (C) in north-south direction


24. The electrical resistance of a conductor is independent of

 A) temperature

 B) pressure

 C) Area of ​​cross-section

 D) Length

ANSWER= (B) pressure

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