Best Universities in UK for MS in Data Science

Welcome back to our blog, today we are going to talk about the best colleges in the UK for Data Science, as we did in our previous post Universities in the USA for MS in Data ScienceAlso in this post, we will prepare a list of the best colleges in the UK for Data Science, with the help of which you will be able to select a good college.

Best Universities in UK for Data Science
Best Universities in UK for Data Science

Every student should consider all the factors like reputation, program curriculum, faculty expertise, and industry connections before selecting any college and in this list, we have categorized the colleges based on this.

International Student Support Services

If you are moving to the UK from India, please look for colleges that provide dedicated support services for international students.

Steps to get VISA for UK colleges

The visa application process for UK Colleges:

1. Check EligibilityEnsure you meet age, offer, financial, and language requirements.
2. Gather DocumentsPrepare passport, CAS, financial proof, TB test results (if applicable), English test results (if applicable), consent from guardians (if under 18), and other required documents.
3. Pay FeesPay the visa application fee (£490) and Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS).
4. Apply OnlineComplete the online application form, upload documents, and schedule a biometric appointment (if needed).
5. Attend Appointment (if applicable)Provide original documents and biometrics at a visa application centre.
6. Await DecisionProcessing times vary; apply at least 3 months before the course starts.

Now you know all the basics let's start our List:

Best Colleges in the UK For Data Science

1.) University of Oxford:

Now talk about our first choice Oxford. This university offers an MSc in Social Data Science which is a unique and highly regarded program designed for students interested in applying data science expertise to social science questions.

Oxford University also offers an MSc program in Biomedical Data Science which can help you to get a good job in bio medical field so if you want to enter in medical field then you should apply for this program.


  • MSc in Social Data Science: 10 months (full-time).
  • MSc program in Biomedical Data Science: 12 months (full-time)

Course Focus:

  • MSc in Social Data Science is mainly focused on building expertise with data science skills to analyze and understand human behavior using large datasets.

  • The MSc program in Biomedical Data Science focuses on using data science to tackle challenges in biomedicine and healthcare.


  •  MSc in Social Data Science Curriculum:

In This program, the main topics are Programming and computational tools for data analysis, Social science theories and methods, Statistics and machine learning, Social data collection and ethics, and more.

  • MSc program in Biomedical Data Science

This program is mainly focused on Biomedical Data Management and Analysis, Biomedical Informatics, and Systems Biology, Specific areas of specialization, Statistics and Machine Learning, and more.

Admission Process 

FeatureMSc in Social Data ScienceMSc in Biomedical Data Science
Duration10 months (full-time)12 months (full-time)
Application DeadlineJanuary 15Varies; typically Nov-Jan
Degree RequirementsUndergraduate degree in a relevant social science or quantitative fieldUndergraduate degree in a relevant life science or quantitative field
GPA RequirementStrong academic record; no specific GPA mentionedGenerally, upper second-class (2:1) honours degree or equivalent
Standardized TestsNot required, but IELTS or TOEFL score recommended for non-native English speakersMay require GRE or GMAT scores; IELTS or TOEFL scores for non-native speakers
Letters of Recommendation2 required, ideally from academic referees2-3 required, preferably from academics familiar with your research experience
Statement of PurposeRequired, outlining research interests and career goals in social data scienceRequired, highlighting research interests and relevant experience in biomedical data science
Research Proposal (Optional)Not required, but encouraged for applicants with specific research interestsEncouraged, demonstrating familiarity with a specific research area within biomedical data science
InterviewNot typically conductedMay be conducted for shortlisted applicants
Application Fee£45£45
Tuition Fees (International Students)£28,040 per year£28,040 per year
Financial Aid/ScholarshipsSeveral scholarships and funding opportunities are availableLimited scholarships and funding options

tuition fee 

Both of these MS courses share the same tuition fee for international students:

  • Annual fee: £28,040

2.) Imperial College London:

Now talk about about second choice Imperial College London often simply referred to as Imperial, is a prestigious public research university renowned for its excellence in science, engineering, medicine, and business. Still, we are searching for DATA Science so let's talk about DATA SCIENCE related Courses at Imperial College London.

This college offers some online and offline courses in the data science field:

  • MSc Data Science
  • MSc Environmental Data Science and Machine Learning
  • MSc Machine Learning and Data Science (Online)

Get information like time duration, specialization, delivery mode, and target audience of these courses in the table below.

FeatureMSc Data ScienceMSc Environmental Data Science and Machine LearningMSc Machine Learning and Data Science (Online)
Duration12 months (full-time)12 months (full-time)24 months (part-time; online)
FocusGeneral data science fundamentals with diverse specialization optionsApplying data science and machine learning to environmental challengesUpskilling professionals in data science while remaining employed
Curriculum:Programming for data science (Python, R), statistics & ML, data visualization, data management, big data technologies, ethicsEnvironmental big data, computational science & modeling, ML for environmental applications, remote sensing & spatial data analysis, sustainable development & policyProbabilistic modelling & deep learning, unstructured data processing & anomaly detection, scalable solutions using PySpark
Specializations:Finance, healthcare, natural language processingNot applicableNot applicable
Delivery ModeOn-campusOn-campusOnline
Target AudienceRecent graduates seeking a full-time data science educationProfessionals with background in environmental science or related fieldsEmployed professionals aiming to upskill in data science
Application DeadlineJanuary 15 (typical)December 15 (typical)Rolling admissions
Tuition Fees (International)£20,500 per year£20,500 per year£17,175 per year
Funding OptionsScholarships and financial aid are availableScholarships and financial aid are availableScholarships and financial aid are available

Company For recruitment 

In these colleges, so many big company comes for recruitment 

  • Accenture: Consulting and technology services
  • Amazon: Technology and e-commerce
  • BP: Energy and petrochemicals
  • Google: Technology and internet services
  • Johnson & Johnson: Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Microsoft: Technology and software development
  • Shell: Energy and petrochemicals
  • Siemens: Electronics and industrial engineering
  • JPMorgan Chase: Investment banking

 3.) University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh offers so many courses related to data science like MSc Data Science, MSc Information Technology with Business Analysis, MSc Data and Decision Analytics, and more. Every student can choose courses according to their need and interests.

Now let's some basic information like Duration, Tuition fees for international students, and many more.

Program NameFocusCurriculum HighlightsSpecializationsDurationApplication DeadlineTuition (International)
MSc Data ScienceComprehensive grounding in data science fundamentals with specialization optionsProgramming languages (Python, R), statistics & machine learning, data visualization, data management & analysis, big data technologies, ethicsFinance, healthcare, natural language processing, social data science1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time)January 15£20,500
MSc Information Technology with Business AnalysisCombines technical data science with business understandingCore data science (statistics, machine learning, data mining), business modules (marketing, finance, entrepreneurship)Business intelligence, big data analytics, financial technology1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time)December 15£17,175
MSc Machine LearningIn-depth exploration of machine learning algorithms and applicationsAdvanced machine learning (deep learning, probabilistic modelling, reinforcement learning), practical implementation focusArtificial intelligence, computer vision, computational linguistics1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time)January 15£20,500
MSc Bioinformatics and Computational BiologyApplies data science to analyze biological data for research and developmentProgramming, statistics, machine learning, algorithms for biological data analysis, scientific research methodsGenomics, bioinformatics, systems biology1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time)December 15£20,500
MSc Data and Decision AnalyticsDevelops expertise in analyzing large datasets for informed decision-makingData visualization, business intelligence, predictive analytics, optimization techniques, decision theoryN/A1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time)January 15£17,175
MSc Data Science for BiologyBlends data science with biological knowledge for life sciences and healthcareMachine learning for biological data, biomedical data analysis, computational genomics, statistical modelling in biologyN/A1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time)December 15£20,500

Admission Requirments:

To get admission to the University of Edinburgh every student needs a bachelor's degree (a B.Tech in CS is enough to get you admitted into data science programs) with a strong background in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or a related field and ELTS (minimum score typically 6.5-7.0) or TOEFL (minimum score typically 100-109).

best Affordable colleges in the UK for MS in data science

4.) University of the West of Scotland 

If you people are looking for the best college for a Masters in Data Science in the UK then this college can be a good option for you. This college has both long-term and short-term programs that international students can join.

Let me tell you the names of the courses:

  • MSc Data Science
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence
  • Professional Development Course in Data Analytics (Short course designed).

You can get all the basic information from the table given below:

ProgramDescriptionDurationTuition (International)
MSc Data ScienceAdvanced program designed for graduates with a background in computer science, mathematics, or statistics. Covers machine learning algorithms, deep learning, and big data technologies. Offers specializations in areas like health data science and business intelligence.1 year (full-time)£17,175
MSc Artificial IntelligenceFocuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of artificial intelligence, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. Includes opportunities for research and project work.1 year (full-time)£17,175
Professional Development Course in Data Analytics (Short course designed)Short course designed for professionals seeking to upgrade their data analytics skills. Covers data visualization, statistics, and business intelligence tools.10 weeks (part-time)£2,500

Admission Process:

  • Every student needs a Bachelor's degree with honors in a relevant field like computer science, mathematics, statistics, or engineering with a strong IELTS (minimum score of 6.5) or TOEFL (minimum score of 90).

5.) Coventry University

Let us talk about another affordable college in the UK for an MS in Data Science. Coventry University is globally renowned and ranked at 571 according to the QS World University Rankings website.

This university offers so many other courses like  MSc Information Technology with Business Analysis,  MSc Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, and more. Every student can choose any course according to their need.

Well to be honest we choose this university due to its affordable fees for international students.

ProgramTuition Fee per YearDuration (Full-time)Duration (Part-time)Additional Notes
MSc Data Science£20,5001 year2 yearsStandard full-time or part-time fee.
MSc Information Technology with Business Analysis£17,1751 year2 yearsStandard full-time or part-time fee.
MSc Machine Learning£20,5001 year2 yearsStandard full-time or part-time fee.
MSc Bioinformatics and Computational Biology£20,5001 year2 yearsStandard full-time or part-time fee.
MSc Data and Decision Analytics£17,1751 year2 yearsStandard full-time or part-time fee.
MSc Data Science for Biology£20,5001 year2 yearsStandard full-time or part-time fee.

  • Eligibility requirements for MS Data Science UK:

Now let's talk about the admission process for Coventry University

  • Every international student needs a recognized degree in a relevant field like computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, or related disciplines.
  •  minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or equivalent.

  • IELTS (minimum score of 6.5) or TOEFL (minimum score of 90).


There are so many big company comes to recruit data science Students from Coventry University:

  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Capgemini
  • Deloitte

You can check the university alumni page for info.

Top 10 universities in UK for MS in data science

Now let's check out a list of  universities in the UK for MS in data science:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London (UCL)
  • University of Manchester
  • King's College London
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Glasgow
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


Here in this article, we add some best universities in the UK for data science for international students so if you are searching for an affordable university and college for a master's in data science in the UK then you should check out our list till the end.

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