How to Write Voting System Program In C

 Welcome back to our website today's post is about a programming project as we discussed the phone book project in c programming in our previous post similarly in today's post we will talk about the voting system project.

This project is quite famous and very easy to understand if you have basic knowledge then you can easily write the code for this project.

Here in this post, we discuss all the steps to make a voting system in c programming, so if you are facing some trouble in making a voting system then you can take a look at our program.

So let's start

Voting System in C Programing


1Setting up the Development Environment
2Designing the Database
3Creating the User Interface
4Implementing User Authentication
5Managing the Voting Process
6Displaying Voting Results
7Handling Security Concerns
8Testing and Debugging

Voting System Program In C

#include <stdio.h> #define MAX_CANDIDATES 5 int main() { int candidates[MAX_CANDIDATES] = {0}; // Array to store the vote count for each candidate int numVoters, candidateNumber, i; printf("Welcome to the Voting System!\n"); printf("Enter the number of voters: "); scanf("%d", &numVoters); printf("----- Voting Phase -----\n"); for (i = 0; i < numVoters; i++) { printf("Voter %d, please enter your candidate number (1-%d): ", i + 1, MAX_CANDIDATES); scanf("%d", &candidateNumber); // Check if the candidate number is valid if (candidateNumber >= 1 && candidateNumber <= MAX_CANDIDATES) { candidates[candidateNumber - 1]++; // Increment the vote count for the chosen candidate printf("Thank you for voting!\n\n"); } else { printf("Invalid candidate number! Vote not counted.\n\n"); } } printf("----- Result -----\n"); printf("Candidate\tVotes\n"); for (i = 0; i < MAX_CANDIDATES; i++) { printf("%d\t\t%d\n", i + 1, candidates[i]); } return 0; }

Important Steps:

  • #define directive is used to define MAX_CANDIDATES with the value 5.More than 5 candidates cannot enter in this C program so if you want to increase the number of students then change the content value.

  • The candidate number is checked to ensure it is valid. If the number is between 1 and MAX_CANDIDATES, the vote is valid and the corresponding element in the candidate's array is incremented. 

After this, you get your answer now take a look at the program output.

Voting System Program In C
Voting System Program In C

Now you have the output


I hope you understand all the basic workings of variables and loops.

We will also come up with another c programming project in our net post so keep visiting.

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