How to Become a Chemical Engineer After 12th

Do you want to make a career in Chemical Engineering? Do you want to know how to become a chemical engineer?. If you are dreaming of making a career in the field of chemical engineering, then this post on how to make a career in chemical engineering Will give you all the information about it. Like, what is the career scope in chemical engineering? Which are the best Chemical Engineering institutes? How much is the fee for this course? I have given all the information about all these in this article. All About Career in Chemical Engineering.

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How to Become A Chemical Engineer After 12th

how to become a chemical engineer after 12th
how to become a chemical engineer after 12th

Chemical Engineering is one of the best career fields. There is no dearth of job opportunities in this sector. After the Chemical Engineering degree, you can easily get placement in the fields of  Chemical, Processing, Printing, Manufacturing, Milk and Food Industry, Fertilizer,  etc.

Along with this, a chemical engineering expert is required in petrochemical plants, petroleum refining plants, pharmaceutical, mineral industry, synthetic fibers, drug manufacturing, dye, paint, varnish, dairy and plastic industries, and many types of chemical substances and goods. There is an important role. All these fields have very lucrative career prospects for a chemical engineer.

The work of a chemical engineer is not limited to design and maintenance only, but in many circumstances, they also have to perform tasks like cost-cutting and production. In a way, this sector is always in search of talent. Newcomers are first given a chance to work with experienced engineers on a task or project of immediate utility.

Chemical engineering has career options in both government and private sector. Chemical engineers also have to do different types of work and research in laboratories such as government laboratories, industry research associations, private consulting centers, and university research teams. Additionally, he deals with analysis, manufacturing, and manufacturing in many other manufacturing industries. Thus there is no dearth of job opportunities for Chemical engineers.

Due to the increasing quantity and involvement of chemical substances, the possibility of employment in this is increasing rapidly. The professionals working in this are called 'Chemical Engineers' and this whole process is called 'Chemical Engineering'.

Chemical engineering is known as a branch of engineering, under which raw materials and chemicals are converted into something of use, while modern chemical engineering is concerned with the transformation of raw materials as well as technology (nanotechnology and biomedical engineering). ) also stresses on Under this method, solutions are found to the problems faced in the manufacture of chemical products.

Apart from this, design engineers look after the design process that takes place in the production process. Therefore, it has to deal with many different areas at the same time, because this course is a mixed form of chemistry and engineering. In this, raw materials or chemicals are converted into essential substances under various processes. In this, new materials and techniques are also discovered.

Chemical Engineer Job Opportunities

  • chemical engineer
  • project manager
  • supervisor or manager
  • chemical development engineer
  • quality controller
  • laboratory assistant

Chemical Engineering Courses After 12th

  • At present, courses ranging from diploma to bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. are available in chemical engineering.

  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering

  • Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

  • Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering

  • Integrated MTech in Chemical Engineering

 Chemical Engineer Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering like B.Tech or Diploma course requires a 12th pass from PCM. However, a degree or diploma in chemical engineering can be done even after the 10th through polytechnic. The duration of the B.Tech course is 4 years and that of Diploma is 3 years. Admission to this is done through an entrance examination. But nowadays there are many private colleges, which give direct admission.

To take admission in chemical engineering it is mandatory to appear in IIT JEE or other entrance exams. In this, some exams are conducted at All India or some state level. 

Only after passing these, one can get admission to major courses. In this mainly BE or B. Tech mainly in Industrial Chemistry, Polymer Technology, Polymer Processing, Polymer Testing, Polymer Synthesis, and ME level courses mainly in Plant Design, Petroleum Refine, Fertilizer Technology, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fibres, Processing of Food and agricultural products, etc. are told about.

The curriculum of Chemical Engineering is different from that of Chemical Technology. Organic and inorganic chemicals are included in this. Under this, work related to design and manufacturing is done in big companies. Apart from regular courses, many types of courses are also conducted through distance education. The job of a chemical engineer is to design, operate and produce chemical plants.

Skills for Chemical Engineer

This is a special area for students with an interest in science and knowledge of principles. Since this field is related to research work. Therefore, students making a career in this have to be hardworking, patient, courageous, and have the ability to work alone for a long time. Along with this, it is also necessary to be analytical, strong in terms of communication, and technical interest, good hold on computers, and expert in the art of art. Individuals who have a scientific bent of mind along with the ability of number estimation and analysis can easily make a career in this sector.

What is a Chemical Engineer's Salary

The starting salary in this sector is 15 to 20 thousand. Which increases with experience With 4 to 5 years of experience, you can easily earn 35 to 40 thousand. If you work in a multinational company after B.Tech, then the salary here is very attractive. Which can be from 40 thousand to 1 lakh.


Here in this post, we add all related information about chemical engineering like Types of chemical engineering, what is a chemical engineer's salary, chemical engineering courses after the 12th, and many more so if you want to know about how to become a chemical engineer after 12th you should read our spot till the end.

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