How to Become a Travel Blogger In India

 Do you like to travel? Do new places and new cultures always attract you and you are told to pack your bags quickly and go somewhere? So you would probably say that I am absolutely ready, tell me where to go? Not only this, if you also like to shoot videos of New Experiences, then you can become a Travel Blogger and earn with your fun, and what will you have to do to do this? You will get to know this in today's article. That's why to read this article completely, then let's start.

How to Become a travel blogger

How to Become a travel blogger
How to Become a travel blogger

Point: 1. What will be the blogging content?

To Find Out Content as a Travel Vlogger, you will have to Travel to Interesting Places and you will be able to complete this Entertaining Task only when you are fond of travel.

To bring Amazing and Interesting Blogging Content, it is not necessary that you should reach Expensive Places, rather you can start from your city and show such Monuments and Places of your city in your blog, which Very few people know about it. With this, you can increase interest in your blog, so start from here.

Point: 2. Show Your Impressive Profile,

If you want to do Blogging through YouTube Platform, then do your Interesting and Engaging Profile on this Platform, in which your Profile Picture, Description, and Header, present everything to you as a Good Travel Blogger.

Point: 3. Select the Niche of your blog,

It is very important to have a Niche or Theme for your Travel Blog because if it is not so, then your Content will look 'Confusing' and in such a situation, instead of getting more Subscribers and Followers, they will start decreasing rapidly. That is why it would be better that you choose a suitable Sub Niche of Travel Niche, such as – Family Travel, Particular Country Travel, Hotel Reviews, Luxury Travel, Budget Travel Street Food Blog,s, etc.

Point: 4. Do not buy expensive tools in starting,

If you think that taking an expensive DSLR Video Camera will make your blog 'Successful', then it is not so at all. You can also use a good Smartphone at the beginning of your blog because it is important that you do not spend much in the beginning. Do you enjoy traveling and letting the viewers see how you are exploring new places? And the good quality of your video, which is the basic need of your blog, can also be fulfilled from a Smartphone. Provided you know the right shot, the right angle, and the right location.

Point: 5. Be confident in front of the camera,

It is very important for a blogger to be camera friendly. Only then will your viewers feel that you are talking to them and they are ready to explore that place with you. That's why treat the camera like a friend and share the same information with it, which is very authentic. Yes, the style of telling them should be at least a little interesting.

Point: 6. Use some different elements,

Being a Travel Blogger does not mean just roaming around and recording and sharing everything, rather you should have the knowledge of why you are visiting a place, what is its reason? What is so special about it that the viewers do not know? What is engaging in it that attracts the attention of the viewers and also excites them to 'travel' to that place and also to 'share' your blog and comment on it? Can you prepare?

That's why before 'Choosing' any location, think about what can you give in this blog different from other bloggers? That is, definitely pay attention to Something Different Element. Apart from this, try to make your content specific and interesting as well.

Point: 7. Must learn basic video editing,

Yes, even if you are not an expert in video editing, you must know basic video editing and if you are going to get your video edited by an expert, you must have basic skills so that you can know. In what way is the video to be shot? So that better footage can be found and editing does not waste much time you must know that even if a good video is not edited properly, it loses interest in a few seconds.

Point: 8. Use social media fiercely,

Share your Travel Blog a lot through Facebook, Instagram, and Tweeter Links so that you can reach maximum Viewers and your dream of being successful as a Travel Blogger can be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Point: 9. Collaborate,

If you collaborate with other travel bloggers going to the same destination, then your viewers will not only be interested in your blog, but the viewers of those bloggers will also start coming to your blog so that you can get more subscribers.

Point: 10. Take your happiness,

Traveling is fun in itself, but can also prove to be very Tearing and Expensive. Plus it takes a lot of time. In such a situation, if you start it only for Earning, then you will not be able to go far. That's why if you are passionate about traveling, traveling makes you happy and you can do this work comfortably continuously, then you must start it.

Because in the beginning you will not be able to earn from it, rather you will have to spend on it. Plus you have to give your time. But if you are dedicated, passionate, work with passion, and show consistency, then very soon you can become a successful travel blogger.

How To Earn Money With Travel Blogger

This is the first and best way to earn money by Travel Blogging because in this you get your blog approved by Google's Ads network Google Adsense, after which Google Adsense ads start appearing on your blog.

When the users of your blog will click on your ads while using your blog, then you get the money in your Google Adsense account, which you can transfer to your bank account.

  • Earn money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing This is the best way to earn money from every blog because in this you suggest your user buy the product through your link by suggesting affiliate links of products related to the Niche of your blog through your blog post.

After which you get your fixed commission on it, and for this you can join Amazon's Affiliate Marketing.

  • Make money by giving a backlink

If your blog becomes popular as a Travel Blogging, then you can generate a side income by doing backlinks from your blog to other blogs in the form of Paid backlinks.

How much money do travel bloggers earn?

A normal travel blogger initially earns around Rs 25,000 per month.


Here in this post, we add all related information about the travel blogger like the best way to make money with a travel blog or Tips & tricks so if you want to know how to become a travel blogger in india then you should read this post till the end

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