How to Become Sales Manager In India

 Hello! Friends, in today's article, we will tell you how to become a Sales Manager? Let us tell you here that if seen, any candidate can go a long way in his career by doing the job of a sales manager.

Let us tell you that this is a very difficult and challenging job, for which it is necessary for the candidate to have a creative and attractive personality. As you would know that the sales manager has a big hand in making every business successful.

Many people want to work on this post but they do not know how they can do this job. That is why in today's post, we will give you all the information about how to become a sales manager.

What is a Sales Manager?

First of all, let us tell you that the sales manager is one of the most important people in any company. Its job is to increase the company's sales and give profit to the company. Let us say that for this he adopts new planning and methods.

How to Become Sales Manager
How to Become Sales Manager

At the same time, he also keeps an eye on the customers, and what kind of things they like more. By the way, there is no need for any special degree for this. But if the candidate has obtained any diploma or certificate related to sales, it is best for him. Explain that Sales Manager is also known as Sales Executive, Sales Director, or Marketing Manager.

How to Become a Sales Manager

To become a sales manager, the candidate has to follow the following procedure which is as follows –

  • First of all, the candidate should complete his 12th-class studies. Along with this, do any diploma course of candidate sales.

  • Or complete your graduation in subjects like Candidate B.Com or BBA.

  • Explain that if the candidate does not get the job directly on the post of sales manager, then he can also work as a salesman. This is how they get experience.

  • Then candidates can apply to work on the post of Sales Manager in various companies.

Sales Manager Qualifications

Candidates who want to become a sales manager must have the following qualifications such as –

  • Interested candidates must have done BBA or B.Com from any recognized university.

  • Or the candidate must have done graduation from any recognized university and simultaneously obtained a diploma and certificate in sales.

  • The candidate's communication skills should be good.

  • The candidate should have the ability to motivate others.

  • Must also have customer service skills.

  • Must have knowledge of computer as well as English.

  • Must have a good understanding of managing the business.

Age Range

Candidates who want to work in the post of Sales Manager their age should be between 20 years to 40 years.

What are the career prospects of becoming a sales manager?

After becoming a sales manager, any candidate gets very good job opportunities. Let us tell you here that the candidate can become Area Sales Manager, Distribution Manager, Project Manager, Market Research Analyst, Advertising Manager, and Sales and Marketing Manager.

Let us tell you that Sales Managers get great opportunities to work in big MNC companies. In this way, candidates can make their best career in this sector.

Salary Of Sales Manager in India

Candidates who become Sales Managers get a very attractive salary package every month. Let us tell here for information that the candidate gets a salary ranging from 25,000 to 40,000 per month.

Let us tell you that if the candidate gets a job in a big company, he gets even more salary. Apart from this, tell that when he gets the experience of a few years, then his salary increases a lot.

Sales Manager Duties

A candidate working in the post of Sales Manager has to do a lot of work. Tell that there are many responsibilities on him, which he has to fulfill, such as –

  • Resolves customer complaints regarding sales and service.
  • Prepares budget. Creates sales strategies.
  • It decides what are the preferences of the customers and then focuses on increasing sales accordingly.
  • Analyzes sales statistics.
  • Determines discount rates and plans special prices.
  • This ensures that the customers do not face any kind of hassle and get the best quality products.
  • Develops and coordinates training programs for sales staff.
  • Monitors team performance.


Here in this post, we add all related information about the sales manager like the manager of sales salary, the importance of the sales manager and duties and responsibilities of a sales manager, and many more so if you want to know how to become a sales manager in India than you should read our post till the end.

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