How to Become an Electrician in India 2023

Today we are going to talk about how to become an electrician After the 12th? There are many career options available in the world and electrician is one of them.

Many people want to become an electrician or electrician but due to lack of proper information, they fail to become an electrician. Therefore, in today's post, we will tell in detail how to become an electrician and what is the qualification required to become an electrician?

Both Electrician and Electrical Engineer are related to the same field i.e. Electricity but Electric Engineer is a big title and in this you have to work in a very wide area. To become an electrical engineer, you need more education and experience.

But in this post we are only going to tell you how to become an electrician. We will write a separate post about becoming an Electric Engineer. You can become an electrician even if you are only 10th pass.

Let us now know how to become an electrician.

How to Become an Electrician in 2023
How to Become an Electrician in 2023

What is an Electrician?

 An electrician is an expert in doing the work related to electricity. These works include repairing electrical wiring or electrical equipment, electrical fitting in a new home or office, etc.

The job of an electrician is fraught with risk from the very beginning and there is a risk of injury, burns and even death in this job.

Perhaps this is the reason why very few youths dream of becoming an electrician. Despite this, there is also a large number of youth who see immense employment opportunities in this field and want to become an electrician.

They know that by becoming an electrician, they can get a job in a company, open their own shop or work with a builder or agency.

what does electrician do?

An Electrician mainly has to do electrical fittings in homes, offices, companies etc. and also has to fix the defects in them. Since electricity has become our need today, it has to be done on time.

career as an electrician

The career scope of an electrician is immense as there is a need for electricity in all kinds of companies and an electrician is also required to handle the problems related to this electricity.

Apart from this, there is no such area which does not have electricity and its running equipment. The maintenance and repair of all this electrical equipment is the responsibility of the electrician.

After doing ITI Electrician Course, you will get a job in a good company very easily, but to get a job, you will have to clear an interview first. In which you are asked questions related to electricity. If you answer those questions correctly then only then you get the job.

If you fail to get a job due to any reason, you can still work as an electrician in your city or you can open your own shop.

electrician requirements & skills

You don't need much education to become an electrician, it is a matter of knowledge, experience and skill. If you want to become an electrician then you must have at least 10th pass. After this you can start your career by doing diploma in the field of electrician.

If you want to get master degree in Electrician then you must have 12th pass with 50% marks. After you get a master's degree, the doors of big companies open in front of you where you can work as an electrical engineer.

How to Become an Electrician 

To become an electrician, you must have 10th pass and in 10th you must have Mathematics and Science subjects.

After 10th, you can do Diploma in Electrician Trade (ITI Electrician Trade) from any college or ITI which is of 3 years. If you do diploma in electrician after 12th then your diploma becomes of 2 years.
As a Diploma course, you can do either Diploma in Electrical Engineering or Diploma in Application-Oriented Disciplines.
If you don't do diploma for any reason then you can also learn electrical work by staying with any electrician in your city and become an electrician. But without Electrician ITI Certificate you will not get job in any company.

Electrician Job Area

After becoming an electrician, you can get a job as an electrician in any field. There are some fields where the work of electrical equipment and power generation-distribution etc. is done, and the need for electricians in these areas is very high. So now we will know about some of these places like-

  • Electricity Transmission and Distribution Organizations
  • Navigational Equipment Manufacturing Industries
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Industry
  • automobile industry
  • Architecture And Construction Firms
  • Engineering Services
  • Government Electrical Works
  • Armed Forces
  • Indian Railways

Electrician Salary in India

The salary of an Electrician depends on his experience and the area in which he is working. If you work as an electrician in a company, then your salary can be up to 40 thousand rupees per month.

As your experience increases, so will your salary. If you go abroad and work as an electrician, then there your salary can be one lakh rupees or more.

How to get Government Jobs as an Electrician?

If you want to get a government job in an electrician, then it is very important to have a diploma or electrician certificate, without this you will not get a government job. In the field in which you want to get a government job as an electrician, you have to clear that exam and after you clear the exam, you will get a government job.

Not only in the government sector but to get a job in any company in the private sector, you must have a certificate. If you don't have the certificate but have the skills of an electrician still you will not get job in any company, without the certificate you can only do local work.

Frequently Asked Questions For Electricians 

Q.1: What does it take to become an electrician?

To become an electrician, pass 10th from any recognized school after that take ITI – Electrician trade and do a diploma from ITI. If you want, you can do a diploma from ITI even after passing 12th.

Q.2: How long is the Diploma in Electrical?

If you do Diploma in Electrical after the 10th then it will take 3 years, and if you do Diploma after 12th then it will take 2 years.

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