How to Become a Radio Jockey in India

 Every person wants to achieve success in his life, and there are many such areas to achieve success, where one can reach his destination very easily, yes, I am doing radio jockey, so in this article, we will tell you How to become a RJ – How to become a Radio Jockey – What should be its qualification, what studies should be done to become an RJ.

Radio is a very old platform, but even today it remains popular with people, and a large amount of radio is listened to, that's why many students have a childhood dream That I become an RJ and people listen to them on the radio.

Many people are deprived of reaching their destination due to not being able to find the right path and after that, some other way starts coming out, but in this post, you will learn how to become a radio jockey. You will get complete information about it, which will make it easier for you to become an RJ.

To get success in any field, it is necessary to have good knowledge about it, hardly anyone will be able to become a successful person with incomplete information, but if you know the right way to the destination, then no one can stop you from being successful, then this post I will get complete information related to becoming RJ.

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how to become a radio jockey in india
how to become a radio jockey in india 

What is a radio jockey

If you have ever heard the programs done on the radio or are interested in listening to the radio, then you will know what radio jockeys are.

A radio jockey is called Rj in short form, radio jockey is the one who is the voice you hear on the radio, it is a radio jockey only.

RJ takes part in works like music programming, story writing, radio advertising, audio magazine, and telling the events happening in the area and city to the public through radio. Still, apart from this, there are some other works of a radio jockey.

How to become a radio jockey?

How to become Rj– How to become a radio jockey, many people have many types of questions and confusion, so let's take step-by-step information.

educational qualification for radio jockey

First of all, let's know what should be the educational qualification to become Rj, there are not many degrees required to do a radio jockey course, but only after passing 12th, you can take admitted to these courses.

skills To become RJ in India

To become a radio jockey, many types of skills are required with your melodious voice. Present the program from the script written by you so that you can easily and in your own words describe the program.

Present a program in such a way that the interest of the listeners increases and it is imperative for a good RJ to have a sense of humor so that he can present a show or program in front of his listeners in a fun way.

radio jockey Course

To become an RJ, after passing 12th, you would have found many ways by which you can become an RJ.

  • Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management
  • Diploma in Radio Production and Radio Jockey
  • Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying

You can become a radio jockey by taking one of these courses. To become a radio jockey, it is not necessary that you should do a course, but it is very important to have skills, you can become a radio jockey without such a professional course.

Even after 12th very easily, due to your talent and extra skills, you can become a radio jockey by giving the entrance exam.

rj course fees

There are many courses available to become Radio Jockey ie RJ, you can become RJ by doing that. Which includes Diploma, Graduation, and Post Graduation courses. It depends on which course and institute you choose. The fee depends on that.

By the way, talking about the estimated fee expenditure, it can be between 25000 to 80000. It can be less or more than this. This is an estimated fee.

college for RJ course

  • Indian Institute Mass Communication – New Delhi
  • Career Fame – Kolkata
  • Mudra Institute of Mass Communication – Ahmedabad
  • Department of Mass Communication Aligarh Muslim University – Aligarh UP
  • Amethi School of Communication – Noida
  • Department of Journalism and Mass Communication – Lucknow University
  • Department of Journalism and Mass Communication – Banaras Hindu University

radio jockey salary in india

What is the salary after becoming a radio jockey, many people have questions, so let me tell you, as a fresher, you can quickly get a salary of 10 to 20 thousand rupees, the same as you get experience, so will your salary. I will also continue to increase.

Company for radio jockey jobs 

Radio is such a field where there is no shortage of jobs, very easily you can give entrance to any radio channel like Akashvani, FM, All India Radio, BBD Radio, Red FM, or Gyan Vani, there are many radio channels through which you can start your career. Can make

But there should not be a shortage of your under-talent, this kind of work is done because of your talent and skill, so you need to be creative.


here in this post, we add all related information about the radio jockey like how to become a radio jockey in India, radio jockey salary in india and course fees, and more so if you want to become RJ in india then you should read our post till the end.

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