How to Become a Fashion Designer After 12th in India

 Today we will talk about the topic in this post of how to become a fashion designer. If different types of designs come to your mind after seeing the clothes, then it means that you also have the potential to become a fashion designer.

 Today I will give all of you complete information about fashion design in this post, such as how we can become fashion designers, how much is the fee to become a fashion designer, how much money can a fashion designer earn, etc. Will see you in the post. If you also want to make fashion designing your career, then definitely read our post, then let's know how to become a fashion designer after the 12th.

The first quality that a fashion designer should have is creative thinking which we know in English as creativity. If you do not have creative thinking then it is difficult to succeed in fashion designing because in fashion designing you have to think of a different design to design clothes and only a creative thinking person can do this. 

The mind of a fashion designer always tries to do something different, for example, you can see the change happening around you, how people used to wear clothes earlier, and how much change has come in the design of those clothes in today's time. 

How did this big change come about? This change has come only because of the fashion designer, if it were not for him, then perhaps we would not have had as many designs in clothes as we have today.

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The hard work of the fashion designer is hidden behind the fashion you see in clothes these days. Fashion designers should always keep thinking of something new and make their designs within the scope of their consumer's behavior. This work is not as easy as we think, it requires a lot of creative thinking, which is not common for everyone. I am also not saying that those who lack creative thinking cannot become fashion designers, such people can also make a career in fashion designing, but they will have to work hard only then creative thinking can be brought inside them.

The celebrities that you see on television in stylish dresses are also designed by fashion designers. Some of the popular fashion designers in India are Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahilani, Ritu Beri, JJ Valya, Rohit Bal, Ritu Kumar, Manish Arora, etc. If you also dream of becoming a successful fashion designer like him, then you will have to work hard for this, because to reach the point where he has reached today, hard work along with talent is also very important. 

So friends, by now we have come to know what is the real meaning of fashion designer, now the time comes to know how to become a fashion designer. Please read this post thoroughly and carefully only then you will understand this post. Now I am going to tell you step by step how to become a fashion designer, so let's know how to become a fashion designer.

How to become a fashion designer

How to Become a Fashion Designer
How to Become a Fashion Designer 

1.) Find Your Interest:

I have seen many people who do not like fashion designing very much, yet seeing a friend doing it, they also come in the line of fashion designing. If you also want to do this after seeing any of your friends doing a fashion designing course, then coming in this field will be a waste of your career because to do this course you must have creative thinking, you cannot forcefully bring it inside you. So, first of all, ask yourself that do you really want to become a fashion designer or are you coming in this field only for time to pass. 

If you really want to become a fashion designer, then it is a perfect thing, a good career can also be made in it. The course of fashion designing attracts the youth of today, therefore it has also been seen that even those who do not like this course in the beginning, also like it with time and make their career.

2.) Develop Creativity in Yourself:

As I told you in the above paragraph, how much creative thinking matters in fashion design. In other words, fashion designing means creative thinking. Now you can understand how important creative thinking is for a fashion designer. Now let's talk about how to give birth to creative thinking within yourself? So to create creative thinking within you, you have to learn something new daily and increase your experience because only with knowledge and experience a person can think differently. 

You can create creative thinking even by looking at the things happening around you, like when a new item comes on the market, look at it carefully and think about how to design it in a different way so that it looks even better.

3.) Draw Your Own Designs

When your mind also starts thinking in a creative way, then different types of designs come into your mind, which you may have never seen, yet it will appear in the mind and this is called creative thinking. Whenever a good design idea comes to your mind, make it straight from your mind in the form of a picture on a page and show it to your friends. Ask your friends only how they liked the design made by you, whether they liked it. If they like it, then ask what they liked in the design, if they don't like it, then ask what is missing, and why they didn't like it. With this, you can make the design even better. You should not forget the design, so always keep it on a page by making a picture, this will have another advantage in that you can change it and make it better than before.

4.) Observe People Around You

Friends, it is very important to observe in the field of fashion design, you can get the idea of new design only by looking at the things around you. When you observe the things around you then only you get to know which fashion is going on nowadays, what kind of design people are liking more, and why this design is being liked so much. Discuss about this with your friends as to what kind of design they like more, this will give you an idea of which design you should work on.

5.) Decide Your Designing Field Interest

When you start fashion designing, then you will gradually know what kind of design field you are interested in. If seen, there are many designing fields like men's wear, women's wear, knitwear, sportswear, bridal wear, casual wear, boy's and girl's wear, etc. When you come to know what kind of designing field you are interested in, then work in that field and try to improve yourself. I am saying this because we can do well in the field in which we are interested.

what subjects are needed to become a fashion designer

Whatever course you do, you are asked about your qualification everywhere. In the same way, if you want to do a fashion design course, then you have to pass at least 12th. If you are 12th pass then fashion designing courses like B.A. Fashion Design (Hons.), Diploma in Fashion Designing, MBA in Textile Manangement, M.Sc. Textile & Clothing, Bachelor of Fashion Design, B.Sc. in Fashion Technology, Postgraduate Diploma in Textile Management, etc. You can do courses like It may take one to three years to complete these courses and it completely depends on your course which course you do.

Fashion Designing Course in India

  • BSc in Fashion Designing
  • MSc in Fashion Designing
  • VA in Fashion Designing
  • MA in Fashion Designing
  • Bachelor in Fashion Technology
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing

qualifications for fashion designer

You must be 12th pass in any stream to pursue a fashion design course. Admission in a good college is done through an entrance exam. In some colleges, direct admission is also done on the basis of marks obtained in 12th. NIFT and Pearl Institute are the best Fashion Designing Colleges in India. For admission to these, you have to prepare well for the entrance exam.

Fashion Designing Course Fees

The fees for fashion design courses can range from 50 to 90 thousand per year. In the same government college, the fee for this course is very less.

Fashion Designer Salary in India

Initially, a fashion designer gets 18 to 20 thousand rupees per month. And the starting salary of a good fashion designer ranges from 25 to 30 thousand. After gaining experience, the salary also keeps on increasing.


Here in this post, we add all related information about  fashion designers like qualifications for fashion designers, fashion designer salary, and many more so if you want to know how to become a fashion designer in india after 12th 

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