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 Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about the scheme launched by the Central Government, whose name is "NABARD Rural Storage Scheme". The scheme was started in the year 2002 by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

This article, detailed information about NABARD Rural Warehousing Scheme is like: What is the scheme? Who can avail of the benefits of the scheme? What needs to be done to make Rural Godown? You can get important information like how much loan and subsidy is provided by the government for the scheme.

What is NABARD Gramin Warehousing Scheme (GBY)?

Our country India is an agricultural country, agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, it is being done in our country since the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. About 47% of India's land is cultivated and 70 of the total population % of people is dependent on agriculture, some of whom are such farmers who are very poor and they do not have enough space to keep their produce with them.

Therefore, to meet this need of the farmers, the Rural Storage Scheme was started by the Central Government. It will be beneficial if a farmer can store his crop in these godowns to get a favorable profit from the product and sell the crop at a good price.

The farmer can increase his crop storage capacity by contacting these rural godowns and can sell the produce at the right time (remunerative price).

NABARD gramin bhandaran yojana

NABARD gramin bhandaran yojana
NABARD gramin bhandaran yojana

The objective of the rural storage scheme:

1. To meet the needs of farmers for storage of agricultural produce and processed agricultural products.

2. Creating the capacity of scientific storage in villages.

3. Promotion of standardization and quality.

4. To end the compulsion of farmers to sell their crops as soon as they are harvested due to lack of storage facilities.

5. To reduce the cost of farmers by the arrangement of storage in the country.

6. The main objective of the Rural Storage Scheme is to secure the crops of the farmers.

Benefits of the gramin bhandaran Scheme

Farmers have benefited a lot by starting this scheme the government, since the beginning of the scheme, a network of godowns has spread from towns to villages. Farmers can save their crops from getting wasted and can keep them safe till they get a fair price in the markets.

Who can start the Rural Warehouse Scheme?

The project of construction of rural warehouses can also be started by any individual, farmer, producer group, establishment, non-governmental organization, self-help group, company, corporation, cooperative organization, federation, or agricultural produce marketing committee across the country.

Arrangement of the loan under the scheme

Through the scheme, the government has also arranged loans so that they can build godowns for storing the products. And the main thing is that subsidy will also be given on the loan sanctioned by the government.

Location, size, and capacity for setting up a warehouse:

1. Under this program, the entrepreneur can build a godown at any place according to his commercial decision.

2. The location of the godown should be outside the municipal limits.

3. A person can also build a godown on his own land.

What should be the size/capacity of the godown?

Although the entrepreneur can decide its size, to get a subsidy, the capacity of the godown should be from a minimum of 100 tons to 30 thousand tons. Rural godowns with up to 50 tonnes capacity can also avail of subsidy under this program.

Minimum Capacity of Godown: 50 MT

Maximum Capacity: 10,000 MT

Height: Should be 15 to 20 feet

The capacity of godown: 1 cubic meter area 0-4 metric ton scale of calculation.

Conditions for scientific storage 

1. Bird protection should have mesh windows

2. Accessible paved roads / paved internal roads

3. Proper drainage system

4. fire extinguisher

5. Proper arrangement for loading/unloading of goods

6. Protection against germs

7. According to the instructions of CPWD / SPWD (Central Public Works Department), the godown should be constructed

8. Provision of air-tightness of doors/windows for effective fumigation.

NABARD Gramin Bhandaran Yojana Loan Scheme

1. Under this scheme, any farmer will be considered eligible to get a forward loan by mortgaging his crop in godowns.

2. Terms and Conditions of Forward Loans Interest Rate Pledge Timing, Amount Pricing Released through NABARD

This will be done as per the instructions and normal banking practices followed by the financial institutions.

3. Subsidy under the scheme will be related to the loan and it will be given only for the projects.

4. Commercial Banks, Rural Banks, State Cooperative Banks, State Cooperative Agriculture, and Rural Development Scheme

Financed by Agricultural Finance Corporations, Urban Co-operative Banks, etc.

5. The time to repay the loan under the scheme is 11 years.

The subsidy is given under the nabard gramin bhandaran yojana

The subsidy will also be given to the farmers under the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and under the scheme SC/ST.

One-third of the capital cost will be given as a subsidy to entrepreneurs and government organizations related to these communities and for construction in North-Eastern states, and hilly areas.

Farmers of all categories, agricultural graduates, and cooperative organizations will be given 25% of the capital cost of the entire project in the form of a subsidy, with a maximum limit of Rs 2.25 crore.

All other categories of people, companies, corporations, etc. will be given a 15% subsidy from the amount of the project with a maximum limit of Rs.1.35 crore.

Apart from this, 25 percent subsidy will be given on the cost of repairing godowns being done with the help of the National Cooperative Development Corporation.

For more information related to NABARD Rural Storage Scheme, you can visit

Rural storage scheme Contact Details 

Directorate of Marketing & Inspection

Tel. :- 0129-2434348

E-mail :-

National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD)

Tel. :- 022-26539350

Email :-

National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC)

Tel. :- 011-26565170



Here in this post, we add all related information about the nabard rural warehouse scheme so if you want to know all guidelines then you should read our post till the end.

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