How to become gynecologist in india

 Friends, in this article we will talk about how to become gynecologist? Becoming a doctor is the dream of many students.

And when we talk about doctors, there are actually many types of doctors on the basis of specialization, some specialize in surgery, some in heart diseases, some in skin-related diseases, some in bone-related diseases, etc.

There are many options for specialization for doctors Among these doctors, there is also a gynecologist doctor.

Now many times the question comes to the mind of the students how to become a gynecologist doctor? Or how can a gynecologist become a doctor? What study or what course is required for this? Etcetera.

Here in this article, we will mainly talk about how a student becomes a gynecologist in india?

What is the process to become a gynecologist doctor? For this, along with which subjects, what study and which course have to be done? etc. will know about everyone.

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how to become gynecologist

To become a gynecologist doctor, you have to do a bachelor's degree in medicine (MBBS), and then a master's degree.

Basically, in your PG course itself, you choose Gynecology as your specialization.

And after completing this post-graduation medical course, you become a Gynecologist Doctor or Gynecologist.

Gynecology is called the study of medicine related to the female reproductive system.

The doctors who treat and diagnose gynecological diseases by studying Gynecology are called Gynecologists.

It includes both surgical and medical procedures.

Gynecologists are experts in female reproductive health, obstetrics for delivery and the pregnancy process, and reproductive medicine.

education requirements for gynecologists

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) – It is mandatory, after the 12th you have to do mbbs first. It is generally a 5.5-year course, in which a 1-year internship has to be done. For admission to MBBS, you have to pass 12th with bio with at least 50% marks, after that, you have to pass the NEET exam.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics – To become a Gynecologist, you can do this two-year course at post graduation level after MBBS. To take admission in this course, an MBBS degree is required from you.

  • Master of Surgery (M.S.) in Gynecology – You can also do this course after MBBS to become a Gynecologist. This is also a two-year course. And to take admitted to this also you must have an MBBS degree.

  • Diplomate of Medicine (D.N.B.) in Gynecology – You can also do this three-year course to become a Gynecologist after MBBS. MBBS degree is also sought for taking admission in this.

  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Gynecology: This is a three-year course after MBBS. Even after this course you can do specialization in Gynaecology.

After completing MBBS, students have to do one year internship.

Whereas in Gynecology if you do M.S. or M.D. If you complete then after that you have to complete three years senior internship program.

As we know the meaning of an internship, is this you get practical knowledge of your work. You can do this internship from any hospital or even independently.

how to become gynecologist in india

how to become gynecologist
how to become gynecologist

Steps to become a gynecologist doctor-

Talking about the process of becoming a Gynecologist doctor i.e. Gynecologist step by step from the very beginning, the following steps come in it.

Step-1 –

First of all, obviously, you will pass 10th and then 12th. You must have passed 10+2 from any recognized board. You will get as many good numbers as possible in the 12th.

Step-2 –

The next step comes that you have to take admission in the MBBS program. To take admission to MBBS, you have to pass the entrance exam of NEET-UG.

NEET is conducted every year by NTA for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses.

Step-3 –

After passing the NEET Entrance exam, according to your rank in NEET, you get admission to the medical college.

After the college allotment, you can proceed with the admission process in MBBS.

It is generally a 5.5-year course, which also includes an internship of 1 year.

Step-4 –

We are talking about making Gynecologist here, so after completing MBBS, you will have to appear for the NEET-PG entrance exam.

Or there is a very difficult exam, and only after passing you can take admitted to the PG course and can do specialization in Gynecology.

Step-5 –

After passing the NEET-PG entrance exam with good marks, you can do an M.S. of Gynecology. or an M.D. Will take admitted to the course.

M.S. or M.D. You choose a specialization in the course itself. As we went above M.S. or M.D. It is a three-year course.

After completing the degree, you will have to complete a three-year internship senior residency in a hospital or independently.

And after that, you can work as a gynecologist.

gynecologist salary in india

The average salary of a gynecologist can be ₹ 1,750,000/per Annual


Here in this post, we add all related information about the gynecologist's salary and education qualification or you want to know how to become gynecologist then you should read our post till the end.

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