How to Become A Gamer in India 2023

 Friends, in today's time everyone wants to become a doctor or engineer, but in today's article, we will know how to become a gamer? And how to earn money by becoming a gamer, that is, you must have heard that your son will become an engineer or a doctor, but you must not have heard anyone saying that your son will become a gamer.

But apart from all these things, this thing is that gaming is a very big industry in today's time, that is, if you become a successful professional gamer, then you will not have any shortage of money, nor will there be any shortage of fans if you are interested in gaming. Then read the next article.

How to Become A Gamer
How to Become A Gamer in India

How to become a gamer?

If you want to become a gamer, then it is not that it requires any degree. To become a gamer, it is very important that you have gaming skills, if you do not have good gaming skills, then, first of all, make good gaming skills in popular games like Minecraft, and GTA, then you can follow these steps to become a gamer. Follow what is written below –

Step 1 - Select the game

It is important to choose the right game, you have to choose a popular game, the logo of that game is in demand, this game can be BGMI or FREE FIRE, GTA, MINECRAFT, or CALL OF DUTY, it is necessary that the logo of that game and the gaming industry Must be a big name.

Step 2. - Improve gaming skills

To become a gamer, it is very important to have gaming skills in you because of this, viewers will watch your live stream and will be connected with you, so improve gaming skills in any one game and one more skill in the game. Pay attention to doing well, you will have to become the king of games.

Step 3 - Participate in gaming tournaments

You have to start yourself now to play tournaments, in the beginning, you play small tournaments in which if you perform well then first thing you win the tournament then you will get money and you will also get name if you start playing very well in the tournament So you will get a call from a big gaming team, you can join their team or you can create your own team.

Step 4 – Create Live Stream and Videos

Show your gaming skills to people, for this you record your gaming skills on different social media platforms and upload them on social media like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram Youtube is the best social media for gaming, upload your recorded gaming videos here Do.

Now you have to pay attention to playing ESports tournaments, you have to pay more attention to these things, for this you start in small tournaments.

If you have made a good name by following all these steps, then no one can stop you from becoming a gamer, keep in mind that you should never give up and impress people with your gaming skills by creating a channel on YouTube. .

How to earn money as a gamer?

You can earn so much money from gaming that you would not have thought, the gaming industry is moving very fast, that is why at present we have many such options with the help of which gamers can earn money –

You will get money for playing in tournaments.


People are earning lakhs of rupees by uploading gaming videos by creating a channel on YouTube, they will get lakhs of rupees for winning a game in an Esports tournament.

When you become popular, you will never be short of money, if you become popular, big companies will want to get their promotion done by you, for which you will get lakhs, you can make lakhs of rupees by promoting them on your YouTube channel.

Best games on which to start your gaming career These are the three best games on which you can start your gaming career on your mobile –

  • free fire max
  • call of duty

These are the three best games on which you can start your gaming career on your mobile.

  • GTA
  • Fortnite

These are the three best PC games on which you can start your gaming career by doing LIVE STREAMING on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE. Before starting, become an expert in these games and improve your skills.

What does it take to be a gamer?

If you are a gamer, then you do not need many things, you just need to have skills –

  • Gamer Yes, to become a gamer, it is not so important that you have a degree, it is not necessary at all, no matter how much you have studied, to become a gamer, the most important thing is the skills that this is such a thing on which we If we pay attention, we can do anything in our life, people should not run after those things which they do not like at all, but they are doing that thing under someone's pressure.

  • Becoming a gamer is also one of those things. To become a gamer, you must have skills. If you do not have good skills, then you should give your time to improve your skills. The more skill you have in your game, the more you will be able to play the game well. You practice more and more.

  • After this, what we need is a good device to play the game, be it a PC or mobile game, then make a skill in mobile itself, it is not necessary that your device should be very good, just that there should be no problem while playing your game. For this, you can buy a good device even after saving.

  • As much as your budget is, we will have to invest a little bit, now the thing that comes is that now how can we become a gamer, for this the biggest thing is that you should be interested in gaming, you should get pleasure while playing the game, this is a very important thing.


Here in this post, we add all related information about professional gamer salary and how to become a gamer streamer so if you want to know how to become a gamer in india then you should read our post till the end.

FAQ Related to gamer

Q.1: What do you need to do to become a gamer?

Ans: To become a gamer, first of all, you have to improve your gaming skills, after that do a live stream on social media and connect people with you.

Q.2: How to earn money from the gaming industry?

Ans: You can earn money from the gaming industry in many ways like becoming a gamer, becoming a game developer, creating or getting your own game, etc.

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