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Essay on make in india 

essay on make in india
essay on make in india


Make in India is a new initiative started by the Government of India. To make this campaign a success, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met all state governments, Indian businessmen, and foreign businessmen and motivated them to invest in India. Many big companies were supporting this scheme and at the same time those companies have invested in India by setting up their factories at many places in India along with this many Indian people are also getting employment.

Start of Make in India

In the year 2013, many of the emerging markets had lost ground and growth had taken a hit. At that time, India was in a severe state of economic crisis. Global investors were debating whether investing in India would be an opportunity or a risk. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of India launched the 'Make in India' program on 25 September 2014. 'Make in India' was launched at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. 

The main objective of this scheme is that the goods used by the people on a daily basis should be manufactured in India i.e. indigenous. A workshop was organized on December 29, 2014, by the Department of Industrial Policy and Development to present this scheme in a better way. Along with Narendra Modi, his cabinet ministers, chief secretaries of all states, and leaders of big industries were also involved in this program.

The objective of Make in India

The objective of this scheme is to fix the economy of the country. Under this campaign, employment will increase in the country and the problem of unemployment will be removed, along with skill development in many areas. Due to which the attention of all the big investors in the country and abroad will be focused on us. The objective of Make in India is to invent new technology in India and to promote products made in India. The goal of this campaign is to awaken foreign companies to invest in India and encourage them to make products in India itself.

The products of Indian companies are being promoted under this scheme. Illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, poverty and lack of health services exist in India today. It is a very good initiative to remove all these problems from India through Make in India campaign. According to the Government of India, people are expected to get many smart city projects and affordable housing schemes in India by 'Make in India'. The main objective of this scheme is to ensure strong development in the country and valuable employment for every household with the help of big investors.

essay on make in india: country's economy

Due to the production of more goods in India, the cost of goods will be reduced and the economy of the country will be benefited by being exported from outside. Apart from this, employment will increase in the country, and poverty will reduce.

 Many products will be available at low prices. Investors from other countries will come here and invest money, due to which money will come from outside the country as well as the economy will improve. The youth of the country will get an opportunity to tell their thoughts to everyone. The youth of the country would prefer to stay here and work instead of going abroad.

Response to Make in India

When this scheme was launched in September 2014, some foreign companies came forward to invest in India. On January 2015, the owner of Spice Mobile Company made a deal with Uttar Pradesh and established his mobile phone manufacturing company there. Also, in January 2015, Hyun Chil Hong, CEO of Samsung Mobile Company met MSME Minister Kalraj Mishra and presented the idea of starting its project in Noida. In February 2015, Hitachi also talked about investing in India and today established a company there in Chennai.

In February 2015, HUAWEI opened its research and development campus in Bengaluru. Along with this, he talked about setting up a telecom hardware plant in Chennai, which was approved by the Chennai government. In February 2015 XIAOMI mobile company proposed to work with the Andhra Pradesh government. In August 2015, Lenovo started manufacturing Motorola mobile phones at their plant near Chennai. In December 2015 VIVO mobile company started its mobile manufacturing operations in Noida in which 2200 people were employed.

In December 2015, the Prime Minister of Japan was on a visit to India, and he gave a fund of 12 lakh crores from Japan for the Make in India project. With this, when Narendra Modi was on a tour of Russia in December, he signed the biggest deal so far under the Make in India campaign. Along with this, many foreign companies sent their plans to the government and sent proposals to cooperate. Today many companies from all over the world have sent proposals to the Government of India who wants to start work in India.

Important things related to the Make in India scheme

This scheme has opened the doors for investors from all over the country and abroad to do business in India. Big companies are investing in India today. India is a democratic country that is now on the path of strengthening its economy. The government has selected 25 sectors for this scheme such as – Automobile, Biotechnology, Chemical, Electronics, Food Processing, Information Technology, Leather, Mining, Media and Entertainment, Oil and Gas, Railways, Ports and Shipping, Textile and Garments, Thermal power, tourism, thermal power, electrical machine, road, and highway, aircraft industry, construction, etc. Apart from this, avenues for investment in defense, space, and other sectors were opened here. According to the estimate, this plan was worth 20 thousand crores, but initially, an investment plan of 930 crores was made for it, out of which 580 crores was given by the Government of India.

Make in India campaign

The make in India Week event was celebrated in Mumbai on 13 February 2016 to take the Make in India campaign to the masses. Here 2500 international and 8000 national companies participated, along with this, business teams from 72 countries and people from 17 states of the country also came. On the lines of Make in India, the Government of Maharashtra started the Make in Maharashtra campaign. Its objective is to take forward Make in India. This will attract people to do business in Maharashtra and the economy of the country and the state will improve.

Advantages of Make in India

With the help of the Make in India campaign, many unemployed youths are getting employment, due to which the country is developing. With the help of this campaign, we can soon see our country India in the list of other developed countries. If companies from foreign countries set up their branches in our country, then along with our India, they will also benefit and the people of the country will be able to get products at low prices and people will continue to get employment. This will improve the country's economy and develop the country.

With the launch of the Make in India campaign, many investors have invested in the sectors of manufacturing, textiles, automobiles, manufacturing, retail, chemicals, IT, ports, pharmaceuticals, tourism, welfare, railways, etc. It's a very good thing to have. On the launch day of Make in India, all international and Indian companies were invited to support the campaign. The make in India campaign has created a revolution in the field of investment in international business in India. Many foreign companies are starting their branches in India which will be a good medium of employment for the people in the coming years.


The make in India campaign has proved to be a great initiative in making India develop. The government of India is trying its best to give the right path to Make in India and motivate people. We should think of adopting Swadeshi so that India can enjoy it and India's economy remains.

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