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fit india movement speech

fit india movement speech
 fit india movement speech


Health is the biggest wealth of human life. If a person is not healthy, then he can neither contribute to the family, to society, or to nation-building. That's why good health is considered the most precious gem of human life. Considering this importance, on the occasion of National Sports Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the "Fit India Movement" on August 29, 2019, at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi. According to PM Modi, through this, people have to be made aware of sports and health, so that a clean India, a healthy India, and a strong India can be built.

What is Fit India Movement?

Fit India Movement is an ambitious campaign of the Government of India, which aims to make people aware of their health. The government of India wants to take this campaign forward along the lines of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, that is, it wants to make this campaign successful by giving it the form of a mass movement. 

Under this, every year a campaign will be run on different topics regarding fitness. People will be made aware of physical fitness in the first year, food habits in the second year, eco-friendly lifestyle in the third year, and ways to stay away from diseases in the fourth year.

What is the objective of the Fit India Movement?

The nationwide campaign aims to inspire every Indian to incorporate simple and easy ways of staying healthy in daily life. Through this, every effort will be made to keep everyone physically and mentally healthy. The objective of this campaign is to encourage children and youth towards physical activities and sports. 

The government of India wants to take this campaign forward along the lines of a cleanliness campaign. This campaign is to be implemented under a national goal, for which public participation is necessary to make it successful.

Benefits of Fit India Movement

The following are the important advantages of the Fit India Movement Essay:

• The Fit India Movement started by the government will benefit that it will create health awareness among the people and people will stay away from many diseases, while on the other hand, the expenditure on these diseases will be saved.

• If the health of Indians improves through the Fit India Movement, India's GDP will increase by 1.4%.

• Productivity and income will increase, as money will be saved by reducing expenditure on diseases due to improved health.

• The biggest advantage of this campaign is that the person will be able to use his efficiency properly.

• Many diseases are lifestyle related, which can be overcome by some physical activities like exercise. This reduces the chances of a heart attack. It reduces the chances of stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer, bone fractures, gall bladder disease, obesity, depression, and anxiety.


Today there is no seriousness about fitness in India, which can be very fatal for the development of the country. According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, ischemic heart disease, tuberculosis, neonatal disorders, asthma, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease are responsible for most deaths in India.

 This is the reason why the demand for Fit India Movement has become strong in the present times. We all should cooperate with this campaign for the development of our country.

Final Words

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