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Essay on poverty in india

  • Introduction

India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population, but due to such a large population, this country also has to face problems arising from it like poverty.

Even today there are many people in India who are not able to get food even for one time. Poverty is the main reason for India's backwardness. Poverty is a curse, which makes a person helpless.

  • What is poverty?

Poverty is a condition in which a person is unable to meet even his basic needs.

Basic needs like- Bread, clothes, and house, etc. No country can develop until its people emerge from poverty.

reasons for poverty:-

  • Population Growth:- Population is the biggest problem of the country. It also has many negative effects. One of these is poverty. When there are more people in the country, it becomes very difficult to meet their needs. Due to high demand and low supply, the price of goods also increases. Due to this low-income people become unable to buy them.

  • Corruption:- Today corruption has become so much in our country that without it no work of the people is done. Corruption does not make much difference to the rich but, it makes a lot of difference to the poor. Corruption is weakening this country internally.

  • Lack of education:- Despite our country being on the path of development, there are some people who are not getting an education even today. They are still far away from education. Due to a lack of education, they are not able to come above the poverty line. Those who are not able to fulfill their needs, how will they be able to get an education.

  • Lack of employment:- Many times the problem of poverty also arises due to lack of employment. In the absence of employment, a person is not even able to make arrangements for two meals a day.

Effects of poverty:-

  • Lack of basic needs:- Due to poverty, people are not able to fulfill even their basic needs. Sometimes they don't even have anything to eat. They spend their life only gathering food for themselves.

  • Malnutrition: People who live in poverty find it difficult to feed their children, so from where will they be able to provide nutrition to their children? This is the reason why children become victims of malnutrition because they do not get proper nutrition due to poverty.

  • Increase in crime:- Poverty is the main reason for the occurrence of crimes. When a person has nothing to eat or drink, he is ready to do any work for money. Poverty forces a man to do everything. Most piracy will be reduced only by the reduction of poverty.

  • Illiteracy:- Poor person does not have access to education. A person who arranges two times food for himself with great difficulty, how will he be able to get an education. A poor person only thinks about earning his living, he does not give importance to education in his life. He thinks that by the time he goes to school to study, he will be able to earn some money and take care of his family, nor does he have enough money to get an education.

  • Child Labour:- Poverty is the main reason for child labor. When the family is poor and its means of earning are limited, then the children of that house start working from childhood to help their family. Due to this, they are not able to get their education and remain laborers for the rest of their life and their future also becomes like that of their parents.

  • Economy:- The poverty of the country directly affects the economy of that country. In a country where poverty is high, the economy of that country is also weak.

  • Terrorism:- Somewhere poverty is also responsible for terrorism. Many times, being forced by poverty, a person starts going in the way of terrorism, so that he can live his life well.

Measures to reduce poverty: -

If we have to reduce poverty in this country, then we have to take all necessary measures for it. Only then the poverty of the country can be reduced.

  • Promotion of Education:- To reduce poverty in this country, we have to promote education. Every child in the country should get an education, no child should be without an education. Only education can reduce poverty in this country. If every person is educated then he can earn his living by getting employment.

  • Providing Employment:- Government should create employment opportunities for the poor people and provide them the right amount so that they can increase their standard of living and also educate their children. With the availability of employment, poverty will also end.

  • Stopping population growth:- Population remains the main cause of poverty today. Due to high demand and low supply, the poor also grow because, due to this, their price increases. Due to this, those who have money, buy things but, those who do not have money, they are not able to buy those things, therefore, we need to control the population to eradicate poverty in this country.


Poverty is a big problem in this country. It directly affects the economy of this country.

Poverty is a condition that no one likes because, in poverty, it becomes very difficult for a person to earn a living.

He can arrange food only for himself and sometimes he does not even get it.

That's why it is very important to reduce poverty. Only then this society and this country will be able to develop. A country can develop only when there is no poverty in that country.

Essay on poverty in india in 300 words

Essay on Poverty in India in 300 Words
Essay on Poverty in India in 300 Words

  • Introduction

Poverty is one of the most pressing problems in the world, in today's time many efforts are being made all over the world to remove poverty, then this dreadful problem is not taking the name of ending. 

  • Poverty – a dreaded problem of life

Poverty is similar to the condition of a slave who is unable to do anything he wants. It has many faces which keep changing according to person, place, and time. Poverty is a condition that no one would like to experience though it has to be borne due to custom, nature, natural calamity, or lack of proper education. Although a person lives it under compulsion or usually wants to avoid it. Poverty is like a curse to earn enough money for food, access to education, for getting adequate living space, necessary clothing and for protection from social and political violence for poor people.

It is an invisible problem, which badly affects an individual and his social life. Indeed poverty is a very appalling problem, however, there are many reasons which continue to carry it for a long time. Because of this, a person continues to lack independence, mental and physical well-being, and lack of security. It is very important that the country and the whole world have to work together to bring about normal life, proper physical and mental health, complete education, a home for everyone, and other essential things.


Poverty is such a disease that troubles a person in every way. Due to this, all things like the good life, physical health, education level, etc. of the person get spoiled. This is the reason why poverty is considered a dreadful problem in today's time.

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