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We think you must have forgotten Tulsi Das but this is a person who cannot be forgotten and it is in his memory that we have written this essay.

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essay on Tulsidas
essay on Tulsidas

Essay on Tulsidas


Goswami Tulsidas was a great poet of the Hindi literary world. Whose poems are guiding the public even after a hundred years? Tulsidas ji's full name was Goswami Tulsidas. According to the date, his birth is considered to be Shravan Shukla. Although there is a difference of opinion among many scholars about his birth. He composed many Indian important and famous books. For which he is revered and remembered by all Indians.

Life introduction of Tulsidas

No exact information is found about the birth of Tulsidas. But it is believed that Tulsidas ji was born in 1599 AD, in Banda district. His father's name was Atmaram Dubey and his mother's name was Hulsi Devi. Tulsidas's parents abandoned him, calling his birth inauspicious. Because of this, his life had gone through a lot of pain and difficulties. In childhood, the first name came out of Tulsidas's mouth, Ram, due to which people started calling him as Rambola.

Tulsidas ji was married to a girl named Ratnavali. Tulsidas was very much infatuated with his wife after getting affection from her. In this fascination, he abandoned his work and religion. Seeing this condition of her husband, Ratnavali decided to leave him and led him towards the right path with her bitter words. Impressed by his wife's bitter remarks, Tulsidas made Rama's devotion the only goal of his life. In the journey toward this goal, he also composed the holy Hindu scripture Ramcharitmanas.

Contribution of Tulsidas to literature and society

Tulsidas ji did a special work of reforming society. Along with making his special contribution to Hindi literature, he did commendable work as a social reformer. In India's medieval period, when evil practices entered the Hindu society, Tulsidas opposed these practices through his writings. Not only this, when the idols were being broken by the Muslim rulers, Tulsidas ji maintained his devotion even at that time and also made other people of the society aware of his religion. In this way, Tulsidas ji has made an important contribution to protecting the social reformer and Hindu society.

Works of Tulsidas

Ramcharitmanas is the most famous and prominent work in the composition of Tulsidas. Apart from this, he also composed many poems. He gave place to all the juices of poetry in his creations. Along with Sanskrit, he composed his poems in languages like Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Bundelkhand, Prakrit, Awadhi, Braj, Arabic, etc. Geetavali, Dohavali, Vinay Patrika, Janaki Mangal, Ramlala Nahchu, Barwai, Ramayana, Vairagya, Sandipani, Parvati Mangal, etc. are famous in Tulsidas's compositions. However, the main basis of his fame has been the Ramcharitmanas book.


Tulsidas ji was not only a great poet but also a true folk hero. He never denied any sect or faith with his creations. Rather, his creations respected everyone and also praised Nirguna and Saguna Dhara. Thus Tulsidas ji was the patron of Indian culture. Those who will always be respected and remembered for their creations and works.

Final World

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