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Essay On Moral Education

What is called moral education?

Before understanding moral education, it is necessary to understand the word 'moral'. Actually, the word moral refers to the good behavior and duty that we expect from others, so to get good behavior from others, we have to behave well with them. Through moral education, people are made aware that they should communicate moral values to other people. In this way we can say that moral education communicates moral values so that not only an individual but a multi-useful society can be built.

Crime increases in the society due to lack of moral values. If moral education is not provided to the children from the beginning, then the possibility of children getting involved in bad character, criminal tendencies like smoking and theft, dacoity, bloodshed etc. increases. This nature of children is not only a problem for the parents and their relatives, but it is also very dangerous for the society.

In such a situation, moral education is very important to prevent all these incidents. Through moral education, moral values are inculcated in the human mind so that the all-round upliftment of the person can be achieved. Moral education helps man to become a social animal different from other animals. 

Activities of Moral Education

The level of moral education is very wide and different activities are included in it, some of which are as follows: -

  • maintaining mental health
  • etiquette and good manners
  • good social behavior
  • physical fitness training
  • religious training

Many people consider moral education as a part of religious education. At the same time, many people also believe that morality cannot be taught, nor can it be accepted by someone else through education.

moral education essay 300 words
moral education essay 300 words

Objectives of Moral Education

Some important objectives of moral education are as follows: -

  • Physical and mental development:- Physical and mental development is done in children through moral education so that they can take their own decisions.

  • Development of reasoning power :- The purpose of moral education is to develop reasoning power in children. So that they develop their character and moral on the strength of reasoning power.

  • Character building: - According to scholars like Mahatma Gandhi and Herbert Spencer, the basic objective of moral education is character building of children.

  • Sense of social service:- The important objective of moral education is to create a sense of social service in the children so that they can help the people of the society.

  • End of social evils :- Another important objective of moral education is to create awareness among children about social evils so that social evils like dowry system, untouchability can end in society.

Need for moral Education

Every society needs a lot of moral education because this moral education only awakens morality in people. The people living in a country are responsible for the rise and fall of that country. The level of the citizens, the same level of society will be formed there. In such a situation, the education system of these citizens depends on the level of the citizens of that country.

You must have seen many such incidents happen all over the world in which education remained the main means to some extent. Nazism was born in Germany, and communism in Russia and China, all these things originated because of the education system there.

Education plays an important role in the physical and character building of a human being and when this education is given to a group of individuals, this group of individuals plays an important role in to change and development of the country. This is the reason why emphasis is laid on teaching children the lesson of moral education from the very beginning.

Because when a child is born, it is beyond the knowledge of morality and immorality. The education of that child only works to make him moral and immoral. After all, what parent would want their child to be immoral? Every parent wants their child to gain praise and popularity in society.

That's why most parents get their children admitted to good schools beyond their means so that they can become moral. However, morality cannot come from schooling alone. Rather, family members play an important role in imparting moral education. That's why children should be taught from the very beginning the qualities like speaking the truth, helping people, showing kindness, being fair, obeying the elders, and having a sense of patriotism for the nation.

Today the whole world needs moral education so that morality can be generated in every country and peace can be restored all over the world.

What is the importance of moral education?

Moral education is very important in the life of children. Let us know its importance from the following points:-

  • For character building: - The character of a man depends on the success and failure of his life, that's why children should be provided with moral education from the beginning so that their character can be built and they can go ahead and become successful people, a good citizen and a leader of the country. Give your share in development.

  • Sense of socialization:- The sense of socialization is awakened in children through moral education.

  • Understanding of right-wrong work: - When morality develops in children, then they start to understand which work is right? Which actions are inappropriate? By which work his parents will be defamed and by which work people will like him.

  • Incorporation of good values:- There is a lack of religious and moral education in western countries which causes many types of desired and unwanted incidents there. That is why good values should be imparted to children through moral education so that they can live with good values in Indian society.

  • For the formation of good qualities and habits:- Children should be given moral education from the beginning because moral education helps children to learn good qualities and habits. Having such good qualities will enable them to become valuable members of society.
  • Development of personality:- Moral education develops the personality of a person.

  • The feeling of patriotism:- Moral education inculcates the feeling of patriotism in the children so that they go beyond their selfishness and work in the interest of the country.

How to give moral education to children?

If children are made aware of moral education both in schools and at home, then they will have all-round development and they will learn good values and qualities early. Let us know how you can provide moral education to the children at your level:-

  • The behavior of the family:- The behavior and conduct of the family members will be the same behavior of the children of that family. Because children first learn from their family, so always keep in mind that the behavior and conduct of your family should be good so that children can also learn those qualities.

  • Encourage children:- When you teach moral lessons to children, always reward them because children are encouraged by rewards, so when children do good deeds, reward them and punish them if they do wrong.

In order to develop morals through moral education in children, they should organize such programs through different activities at home as well as in school so that they can learn morality.


Moral education is very important in the present times because moral education only makes a common man a human being. This not only develops the personality of the individual but also builds the nation in the true sense.

Final Words

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