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Essay On Kalidas in English

Long Essay on Kalidas in English
Long Essay on Kalidas in English

Kalidas was a great poet and writer of the Sanskrit language and also a skilled dramatist. We like the writing style and language style of Kalidas ji very much. Many of his compositions are famous, of which Abhigyan Shakuntala is the most prominent.

The birth of Kalidas ji is believed to be between the 1st century and to 3rd century. There are many opinions regarding his birth. Many beliefs tell his birth in Ujjain, and many beliefs tell his birth in Uttarakhand. It is believed that Kalidas was a contemporary of Chandragupta.

Kalidas was also a great singer. He used to write his pen according to the lyrical take. One who reads his creations once gets mesmerized. Superiority is visible in their language. Because of which many people are also demanding to make him a national poet.

Kalidas was one of the nine gems in the court of King Chandragupta Vikramaditya. He was also a musician, dramatist and epic writer. He did the work of writing in Sanskrit language.

His writing became very famous all over the world. But his most popular play was translated into many languages all over the world and even today his play Abhigyan Shakuntalam is very famous. This was his best play.

His writing has a special place in the literature. His Meghdoot is considered to be the best story. The people who read it fascinate with the expression of nature love and love.

Kalidas ji composed many compositions throughout his life, in which Shyama Dandakam, Shringar Rasashtam, Shrutbodham, Kapoormanjari, Pushpavan Vilasam, Jyoti Vidyabharanam, Setu Kavyam, Shringar Tilakam, etc. were prominent.

Kalidas was knowledgeable and knowledgeable of the Sanskrit language. Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Malvikagnimitra, Ritu Samhara, Raghu Vans, Kumarasambhavam, Meghdoot, etc. gave him a lot of popularity.

A beautiful scene of nature is felt in the creations of Mahakavi Kalidas. We can see the aliveness of nature in his creations. Whenever there is talk of Sanskrit poets, the first name will be taken of Kalidas.

Long Essay on Kalidas in English

  • Life Introduction of Kalidas

Kalidas was very foolish in his childhood. For them, the black letter was equal to the buffalo. They did not know how to read and write. How did Kalidas become such a great poet and dramatist? It has a very strange story. During the lifetime of Kalidas, a king named Shardanand used to rule. His daughter was Vidyotama. She was very beautiful and very intelligent. The discussion of its beauty and knowledge had spread far and wide.

Vidyotama had a vow that she would marry only the person who would defeat her in debate. Big scholars came to debate but no one could defeat Vidyotma. The pundits started getting jealous of him. They decided to get her married to a great fool. They set out in search of the great fool.

  • fool's quest

While searching, he saw a foolish person. That fool was cutting the branch on which he was sitting. They called him and said that they will get him married to a beautiful princess but you don't say anything. The fool agreed.

  • debate

The pundits dressed him in very expensive clothes and took him to Vidyotma for debate. The pundits said to Vidyotma, “This is our Guruji. He is a great scholar. He will debate with you. These days they have adopted silence. Whatever he says, he will say with a gesture.

We will explain its meaning to you. The debate started with gestures. Vidyotama raised a finger. The fool thought that she was saying that I would gouge out one of your eyes, the fool raised two fingers and said that I would gouge out both your eyes.

Vidyottama meant that God is one. The pundits told the meaning of two fingers that Guruji means that there are two Gods and creatures in the universe. Then Vidyotma went on to explain that a living being is made of five elements. Showed all five fingers outstretched.

The fool thought that it asks to slap. The fool showed his fist. The pundits explained that the universe is created by the meeting of the five elements. Not by being apart.

  • marriage

Vidyottama accepted his defeat. Both of them got married. On the night of the marriage, hearing the braying of the foolish camel, he said, "Udra Utra". Hearing this, he understood that the pundits got burnt and got me married to a great fool. He kicked that fool out of the palace.

  • Conclusion

The fool understood his great insult and started doing penance in Kali's temple. In the temple of Kali, this fool heard a voice, "You study hard and study hard." By the order of Kali, he started working hard and named himself Kalidas.

Final Words

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