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essay on the summer season
essay on the summer season

my favourite season summer essay

  • paragraph on the summer season

There are four seasons in a year and the hottest of these four seasons is the summer season. There are six seasons in India which come one after the other. One of those six seasons is summer. When spring ends, summer comes. Summer begins during the summer solstice. The summer season ends at the beginning of the winter season. The Southern and Northern Hemispheres are on opposite sides of each other, due to which if there is summer in one hemisphere then there is winter in the other hemisphere. Due to one type of thing in life, monotony comes.

Even after eating the same kind of good food, monotony starts coming after a few days. It is necessary to have different types of juices and flavors in the food. Similarly, to make life healthy and happy, it is necessary to have different types of seasons.

 how is the summer

We all know that the earth keeps on rotating. When the earth rotates and tilts toward the sun, then the summer season comes. When the hemisphere is towards the sun then it is summer and when the hemisphere is away from the sun then it is winter. The summer season falls in the months of Jyestha and Ashadha. 

The rays of the sun are so strong that it is not easy to bear them in the morning. The southern hemisphere of the earth experiences summer in the months of December, January, and February but the northern hemisphere it experiences summer in the months of June, July, and August. Children are very happy in summer because they get many holidays from school during the summer season.

In this season, many people leave their homes and live in some hilly areas and cold places. 

The heat is so much that one feels like taking bath, again and again, feels like drinking something cold. 

The heat is so severe that one does not feel like going out of the house. Even walking in this weather becomes painful. 

It becomes difficult to live in such weather, it is not possible to live without a cooler. These are the longest and hottest days of the year. These days we get our favorite fruits and crops.

Benefits of Summer

Human life has many benefits from heat. If the summer is good then the rain is also very good. It is because of the heat that the food gets cooked and becomes fit for eating. Due to the heat in summer, the toxic germs are destroyed. Many juicy fruits like mango, litchi, etc. are also available in this season. The taste of these fruits is unique. Due to the hot summer days, sherbet, lassi, Fanta, and cold water are easily available on the roads. Everyone likes to eat cold kulfi during summer and in these days people get kulfi easily.

damage from summer

In summer, people have to face many problems such as getting soaked in sweat, heat stroke, lack of water in the body, etc. In the summer season, the movement of people outside becomes very less because as the day progresses, the temperature also increases in the same way. Due to the scorching heat in this season, people also shy away from working. For those who do not take bath even once on a cold day, this heat would force them to take bath four to five times a day. Now you must have understood what this heat does to us. Some scientists say that the heat level is increasing day by day due to the pollution generated by humans. 

This season is hot and sunny and this is the biggest disadvantage of this season. Due to the scorching sun and high heat, our body sweats. Rivers, ponds, springs, wells, and other sources of water dry up due to the heat. Apart from us humans, other animals and plants also get troubled by this heat. Heatwave winds blow in the hot sun which makes it difficult to get out of the house. Our body starts sweating due to heat. There is a lack of water in the body due to which one feels thirsty again and again. Animals and birds also get troubled by the scorching heat.


Every season has its own specialty and its own importance. Summer is a boon for the poor, they sleep wherever they want. The summer season is less attractive for the rich. Man is the most intelligent creature created by God. We should always think about rising temperatures as well as act positively on it. We should enjoy this season through comfortable means even in summer. We should not cross the limit in any way.

summer season essay 100 words

The weather becomes very hot in summer. Fans, coolers, etc. are used in homes to avoid heat. Hot winds blow in the afternoon called Loo. A person becomes ill when he gets heat stroke, so people do not come out of their homes in the afternoon.

But children like this season very much because summer vacations take place in this season. When there are summer vacations, children go to their maternal uncle's house or somewhere outside the village or city. In the summer months, children get a chance to play, roam and have fun. Delicious mango, watermelon, melon, cucumber, cucumber, etc. fruits are also available in this season. Summer season is very important for our environment, and toxic germs die in this season.

essay on summer season for class 3

There are 6 types of seasons found in our country. From the month of March, the cold starts decreasing and the heat starts increasing. The summer reaches its peak in the month of June. When it rains in July, we get respite from the heat. Due to the heat, wells, ponds, rivers, etc. dry up. When there is less water in the reservoirs, animals and birds also start suffering from thirst.

Due to excessive heat, water keeps coming out of our body in the form of sweat again and again, due to which there is a shortage of water in our body. To meet the shortage of water, we should keep drinking water from time to time. Apart from this, we can also drink fruit juice, sugarcane juice, lemon water, syrup, lassi, etc. 

In summer, Days appear longer and nights shorter in summer. Due to excessive heat, the land dries up, trees and plants die, water problem starts and people's life gets disturbed. In such a situation, everyone waits for the rainy season.

Where on the one hand people are troubled by the heat, on the other hand, the children studying in school and college are very happy because in this season they get summer vacation for a long time. During these holidays, children go on outings, play games, and have fun. That's why it can be said that summer is the most beloved season for children.

Essay on Summer Season in 300 words 

  • Preface

In our country India, the summer season lasts for four months. The months from March to June are called the summer season. As we know that our earth revolves around the sun, and when the earth rotates and bends towards the sun, then the summer season comes. This season is characterized by the scorching sun and intense heat, due to which drought occurs. Trees, plants, animals, and birds all get disturbed by thirst and heat. It is difficult to get out of the house. There is a danger of getting heatstroke and falling ill if you go out in the hot summer.

  • characteristics of summer

Each season has its own distinct characteristics. The summer season may bother us with its heat but it is necessary for our environment. Mango, the king of fruits, we get to eat in this season, apart from this, we also get healthy and tasty fruits like litchi, watermelon, cucumber, and melon in this season. Poisonous germs living in the ground also die due to the arrival of heat. It is said that in the year when there is strong heat, that year the rain is also good.

  • advantages and disadvantages of the summer season

In the summer season, we all get to eat our favorite fruits. Mangoes are very tasty whether raw or ripe. In this season, delicious litchi is also available to eat. Cold fruits like watermelon-melon and cucumber-cucumber are a boon for this season, our body gets coolness by eating them. Sugarcane juice, juice, lassi, shikanji, coconut water, etc. are easily available in summer. Who does not like to eat ice cream, ice balls, kulfi, etc. in summer? If there is no summer, then we will not be able to enjoy all of these, so summer has its own special importance.

If we talk about the disadvantages of the summer season, then there is intense heat and sunlight in this season and this is the biggest disadvantage of this season. Due to the scorching sun and high heat, our body sweats. Rivers, ponds, springs, wells, and other sources of water dry up due to the heat. Apart from us humans, other animals and plants also get troubled by this heat. Heatwave winds blow in the hot sun which makes it difficult to get out of the house.


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