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character building essay

importance of character building in schools speech
importance of character building in schools speech

what is character building?

 Character building is a major objective. According to many educationists, the aim of education is to build a beautiful and strong character. Character is a controversial term. There are different views about it among sociologists, philosophers, and educationists. In the world of education, a character refers to those qualities by which man does good for himself and society. These qualities are love, sympathy, cooperation, truthfulness, sacrifice, kindness, goodwill, forgiveness, tolerance, and justice, which are developed through education. 

Giving the definition of character, Swami Dayanand has said, “The character of every man is a set of his different tendencies. It is the sum total of all the attitudes of his mind. Our actions leave a mark on our physical activities, thoughts, and minds. Our every action is governed by the sacraments. The impressions of the mind are the character. ,

Components of character -

 (1) Virtue.

(2) Morality.

Virtues are related to social ethics and morality is related to spirituality. There are two sides of character – the first personal side and the second social side. Purity of both personal and social sides is necessary for the character. Regarding the purpose of character development, the ideology expressed by various scholars is as follows-

importance of character building in schools' speech

(1) According to John Dewey - "The main purpose of school education and discipline is to establish character."

(2) According to Herbert – “The aim of education is to teach children good conduct. ,

(3) According to Spencer- "The greatest need of man, the greatest protector is a character, not education."

(4) Dr. Radhakrishnan's view - "The reason for the sufferings of the whole world including India is that education is limited only to the development of the brain and lacks moral and spiritual values."

(5) According to Mahatma Gandhi- “I feel that in all countries of the world only character is needed and nothing less than character is needed. ,

Various educationists are of the view that by giving birth in human form, God has tried to endow man with unspeakable virtues and the prosperity of these virtues depends on the proper character and moral development, but the point to be considered here is that morality flourishes. 

It cannot happen in a vacuum, but society is neglected ethical conduct. It is only because of the character that humanness exists in a human being and a difference can be made between him and an animal. Character not only uplifts the soul but also makes life successful. 

The path on which a person of character is oriented towards achieving his goal, he decides in advance. The virtues of a man are capable of suppressing his misdeeds. That's why humans must be trained to become virtuous and virtuous through education. The various arguments given in this regard are as follows-

arguments in favor

(1) This objective is based on an idealistic hypothesis, as it also talks about the development of Satyam Shivam, Sundaram through education.

(2) By making man aware of good and bad, he inspires to improve his conduct.

(3) This purpose helps to save humanity from destruction, downfall, and conflicts.

(4) This aim develops a strong will in man.

(5) According to the Mudaliar Education Commission - "The education system should contribute to the development of character qualities, habits and attitudes in the students in such a way that they can fulfill the duties of democratic citizenship as citizens and May they confront all disruptive tendencies that hinder the development of a liberal, national and secular outlook.

(6) According to the Kothari Education Commission- “The expansion of knowledge and increasing power that modern society has received from us has to coincide with a deepening and deepening sense of social responsibility and an eager assimilation of moral and spiritual values. Need We would like to emphasize that it is necessary to pay attention to inculcating appropriate values in the minds of students at all levels of education.

(7) According to Mahatma Gandhi - "When India becomes independent, then what will be the purpose of your education?" "character building ." These words of Mahatma Gandhi are also emphasizing on character building.

arguments against

(1) By always talking about character building, the child's basic instincts are suppressed and disorders arise in him.

(2) This objective talks about one-sided development. Other important aspects of education are neglected in this.

(3) Character is not a universally defined term. Somewhere an idea is inherent in the character, somewhere else. So how can this vaguely defined word be made the object of education?

(4) This objective is based on idealistic hypotheses and is far from reality.

In fact, if we create good interests in the child for character building, then many problems will be solved. Since interest is related to our conduct and as our conduct is, so will our character.


Here in this post, we discuss some information about character building so if you are writing a character-building essay for your school then read our post till the end.

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