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essay on the importance of discipline for class 5
essay on the importance of discipline for class 5

essay on the importance of discipline for class 5

Discipline means to follow the rule, that is, to follow the prescribed rules. It is necessary to follow discipline to maintain order in the work or to do the work in an orderly manner. Every particle of the universe is bound in the bondage of discipline. Tied to the discipline of time. Rit-Chakra The order of day and night also repeats the story of discipline. Following discipline is an indicator of construction and violating discipline is an indicator of destruction. In fact, the other name of life is discipline.

The manners and thoughts that a man imbibes in childhood and the way he behaves are the capital of his future life. By using this capital, he can climb the ladder of success.

There is a famous saying – 'Discipline is life.' The truth hidden in this statement is revealed at every step. The need for discipline in personal life as well as in social life cannot be denied.

In an undisciplined society, all the members become disorderly and wayward. Discipline makes a person's mental and intellectual development. Sports teach life to be disciplined. A disciplined cricket team makes the country proud by playing for it. Soldiers protect the country by the following discipline. Ideals of scientific discipline. In schools, a person learns to follow discipline.

Today, the empire of indiscipline and disorder is prevalent everywhere in the country. Government and non-government officials have become deeply involved in the mire of corruption. Government institutions are openly beating the sting of immoral and corruption. No area of life is untouched by its 'reach'. 

In such a situation, only disciplined and well-behaved students can be able to uplift the nation. Discipline alone can make the life of the nation happy and prosperous. Being disciplined is also patriotism.

essay on the importance of discipline 150 words

Discipline means living according to the rules. Discipline is the key to human progress. Discipline concentrates all the powers of a man. That saves time. Without discipline, a lot of time is wasted thinking here and there. 

If discipline had not bound the sun and the moon too, then perhaps they too would have stayed for some day. Don't know what would have happened to this world then! Nature has given an exemption to man. If he wants, he can make his life successful by adopting discipline; Otherwise repent.

 All the successful people of the world have passed through the path of discipline. Gandhi ji strictly followed the discipline of time and routine. A small army of the British could rule the whole of India because it had amazing discipline. 

On the contrary, India's first freedom struggle failed only because it lacked coordination and discipline.

Essay on the importance of discipline 300 words

Discipline means following the rules. If discipline is called in other words, then setting some rules for your development and following those rules daily, whether you like that rules or not, is called discipline. If you do not live your life with rules then your life is in vain. Just as food without salt, similarly life without discipline becomes useless, so we should live our lives with rules.

Nature is the biggest example of learning discipline, the way the sun rises at its regular time and sets at its regular time, the rivers always flow, the seasons of summer and winter come and go at their regular time. All these works go on regularly, if nature does not do all these works regularly, then the human race will be a downfall, in the same way, if we do not do our work regularly and do not keep ourselves in discipline. Our life will also collapse so we should discipline ourselves.

All the men who have been on this earth have one thing in common they know what work they have to do first and they are very honest towards themselves, similarly we should also know what work we should do first. To do. If we live our lives with rules then our life will be filled with happiness and peace.


importance of discipline essay in 500 words

 Let's start this essay with a true statement "if you want to achieve anything in your life then you have to follow the rules and the process of following these rules is called discipline".

discipline teaches us to follow the rules. Man is a social animal who lives in society and discipline is required to live in it. Discipline is the ladder of our success with the help of which we can achieve any destination. 

A person who does not have discipline in his life, that person's life is never happy. Nature also does all the work under discipline, the sun rises on time and sets on time. If any of these happens here and there, then the whole life will be disturbed.

Discipline is very important in student life because this is the stage of life where whatever we learn stays with us forever. Discipline includes respect for elders, love for younger ones, punctuality, following rules, following teachers, etc. 

Discipline-loving people are liked by everyone. Discipline helps a person to become character and skillful. Discipline is seen in military life, due to which they are able to live in difficult situations. Discipline plays a very important role in sports. Only a disciplined player can win the game. Discipline is necessary for everyone from an individual to society. 

Students have the habit of doing every work on time, they do not postpone their today's work for tomorrow. They try to complete the work in the given time speed itself which is selected for any job profession.

Discipline is present in many people from birth and some have to be cultivated. Discipline is of two types- The first which is forcefully brought in someone and is imposed on people by force, it is called external discipline. The second is that which is already present in the people and it is called internal discipline.

When a person does every work on time, in a systematic manner, then success will definitely kiss his feet and he will achieve his goal. Along with humans, animals also like to be under discipline. Only disciplined people are given priority in every field. 

The person who does not value time, even the world does not value him. A person without discipline always remains backward in life, he can never achieve the goal. 

Nowadays students are becoming very undisciplined, they are forgetting the importance of time and also respecting elders. Indiscipline can be controlled by higher education. Discipline helps us in achieving our goals and in the development of the nation. We all should adopt discipline in our life.


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