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essay on solar energy in 150 words
essay on solar energy in 150 words

paragraph on solar energy

As you know, there is going to be a huge shortage of coal in the coming times. In such a situation, the problem of a power crisis may arise. That's why the government should look for alternative sources of energy. So that if there is a power crisis, then the power crisis can be removed by using that energy.

As we know that there is more problem with electricity in rural areas of a country like India. Due to this many people in rural areas use solar energy in their homes. Because its biggest feature is that it costs very less and we do not have to pay a single penny from our pocket to recharge it. Because Solar panels can be recharged by the sun.

essay on solar energy

  • What is solar energy:

Solar energy means that such energy is received by the sun, we call it solar energy. This type of energy will never end because its source is the Sun. And as long as there is the sun in this universe, such energy will always be present and the biggest thing is that the cost of this energy is very low and it is easy to use.

  • Solar energy is also called green energy:

Solar energy is called green energy because its use does not cause any harm to our environment. On the other hand, if we talk about other sources of energy, then we have to face pollution in the environment due to their use.

  • Achievements of India in the field of solar energy:

  • India receives solar energy in abundance for 300 days a year through solar power plants located in the tropical belt.
  • To encourage solar energy in India, the government is running various schemes.
  • The country's solar power installed capacity as on 31 August 2022 was 44.3 GW.
  • 42 solar power parks have been set up in India to produce solar power.
  • India has the fifth-largest solar power plant in the world.
  • India is expected to have 8% of global solar capacity by 2035. With a potential future capacity of 363 gigawatts (GW), India can be a global leader in reaping the benefits of the energy sector.

According to a report prepared by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India's reservoirs with a cumulative surface area of 18000 sq km have the potential to generate 280 GW of solar power through floating solar PV. The National Institute of Solar Energy estimates that the solar power potential in India will be around 750 GW, with Rajasthan, Jammu, Kashmir, and Maharashtra being the top states with the highest solar potential.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

  • Solar energy has the following advantages.
  • Most importantly, solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. Which can be used in any corner of the world.
  • No pollution problem arises due to solar energy.
  • Solar energy equipment has a longer life and requires less maintenance.
  • The most important aspect in the present time is that solar plants can be installed on barren arable land as we know that solar energy is also being used in the field of agriculture.

Uses of solar energy

  • Autumn season is going on, whether you want to drink water or take a bath. Cold water always remains a headache, at that time we need such a device which can heat the water.

  • But if we use a little discretion and leave the pot of water in the sun for some time, it will become lukewarm. These are common uses of solar energy which is an integral part of our lives.

  • Apart from this, solar energy is used in many other ways. In two ways we can convert solar energy into electrical energy and use it as desired.

  • The first is an electric cell and the second is that heat can be generated by running an electric generator after heating a liquid substance with the heat of the sun.

  • Solar energy is used in our lives in the form of light and heat. It can also be used on a wide scale in grain drying, water heating, cooking, refrigeration, water purification, and electricity generation, etc.

essay on solar energy in 500 words

As human civilization became advanced by using natural resources, the consumption of energy also increased. In ancient times when the needs of a person were limited, there were few people.

Because of this, the need for artificially produced energy was never felt. The biologically available energy stores were progressively exploited at such a speed that in the next century all the conventional sources of energy would be exhausted.

These are made by biological processes over millions of years, so as an alternative, the options of wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, and biogas were searched. Solar energy, which is called solar energy, is cheap, universal, safe, and renewable energy that can be used continuously.

Solar energy means energy or heat received from the sun. Which can be prepared at every place on earth where the sun is visible.

There doesn't seem to be any obstacle in the path of its attainment in the future. It is completely environmentally friendly as compared to other energy sources. Due to this, there is no pollution of any kind.

Sun is the biggest source of energy for our earth, due to which we are able to see light with rays of light, heat with heat, and help in balancing the climate.

In this way, we can use the heat of the sun properly. But the technique of converting the sun's energy into electrical energy is called a solar power plant.

Solar energy has limitless applications. From light bulbs etc. to home-use electrical appliances like a cooker, fridges, SC, small industrial units, running water motors, and cooking food, a solar system is helpful.

Scientists have made a solar cooking device that uses the sun's rays to cook food. New ways are being discovered to consume solar energy in daily life. In the future, it will prove to be important in the life of the common man.

If we talk about the benefits/advantages of solar energy, then they can be broadly divided into two parts, first personal benefit, and second environmental benefit.

Till now we have identified many alternative sources of energy like nuclear or wind energy etc. but these are advanced technology, high cost, and polluting. On the other hand, solar energy is easily available, cheap, and environment-friendly in this matter.

Due to this, no chemical products or residues are released in the process of energy generation, which can pollute the environment.

The flip side of this is easy access. It is a challenging task to deliver electrical energy to the far-flung areas of the country, in which immense manpower and money are wasted.

On the other hand, the availability of solar energy is very easy, whether it is a desert or a mountain, or an island group, it is accessible everywhere. The government's goal of providing electricity to every house can be accomplished with the help of solar power plants.

With this, not only will electricity facilities be made available to most of people, but the cost will also be saved. In almost all the countries of the world, this renewable source of energy is being adopted on a large scale with new possibilities.

Its biggest advantage is that this energy will never run out in the near future. In this way, it can be said that according to the requirements of the changed era, solar energy is a good and cheap alternative to energy. which needs to be encouraged.

If we talk about the disadvantages or disadvantages of solar energy, then probably there is no big loss. But it has some limitations of its own which limit its use.

The first limitation is that its maximum use can be done only in sunlight i.e. during the day when the sun's rays are clearly reaching the earth.

Apart from this, more expenses are required to install large solar panels. Along with this, the maintenance of these types of equipment also has to be done carefully.

To store a large amount of energy, solar panels of sufficiently large size are required, usually, they cover the entire roof of the houses.

In the winter season or monsoon days, when the sun hides behind the clouds, it is not possible to get energy from solar panels. In such a situation, we have to depend on other sources of energy.

Overall, it can be said that solar energy can be used uninterruptedly during the open season, especially during the day, while domestic electricity can be used at other times.

essay on solar energy in 150 words

1) Sun It is the biggest source of energy on the earth.

2) The energy we get from the sun is called solar energy.

3) Solar energy is renewable energy.

4) Electricity is produced in the country from coal and water

5) But coal is a non-renewable resource. That is why there is a danger of extinction in the future.

6) Solar energy can be used as electricity by using solar panels.

7) Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy, by using it we can light electric fans and lights in the house.

8) Food can be cooked using a solar cooker.

9) There is no threat to the environment by using solar energy. Using solar energy will reduce environmental pollution.

10) India is a tropical country, that's why sunlight is available in abundance, we can use it to improve the Indian economy.


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