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essay on selfie obsession
 essay on selfie obsession

essay on selfie obsession

meaning of selfie

A selfie means a picture taken by you.

what is a selfie?

A selfie is a self-protected photograph. It is usually taken with the front camera of a smartphone. For which the smartphone is held by hand. Or supported by a photo stick.

Selfie is such a name. Whose name we often get to hear today. Ever since the grief of taking this selfie has increased. Nowadays, taking selfies has become one of the habits of people. Whether children, elders, or young people, all are affected by this habit. is afflicted.

mental damage from selfie

If any person is very fond of selfies, then he should be careful, it is proving to be a symptom of the mind. It was said Chicago of Psychiatric Association in America that if we take selfies three to four times a day. This is normal. But 10 to 20 selfie takers (Selfitis) may suffer from the disease. It is also called 'Selfie Syndrome' (Cazenitis Behavior Disease). 

Through a conferencing by the members of the Indian Psychiatric Association, they Discussed the dangers of 'Selfitis' According to him, the increasing habit of selfies in the youth is a serious matter Dr. Om Prakash, Psychiatrist of IBHAS told that 80% do not know that they have any behavioral problem. 18 to 30-year-old youth syndrome has been observed.

Effects of taking fewer and fewer selfies

At least three times a day:

- Taking selfies is called normal. And if it is posted on social media, then it is normal behavior. Rather, the person taking the selfie gets happiness from it.

Eight to ten times:

If taking a selfie eight to ten times is considered a serious symptom. Such a person remains restless for comments after the post. He suffers from mental stress if he does not get likes.

ten to fifteen

Photo means very serious selfies, people of this category do not hesitate to take selfies even in challenging places. And also take selfies in dangerous places.

physical harm from selfie

(1) Selfie Elbow:- Taking selfies throughout the day can make people suffer from diseases like Selfie Elbow. Because taking selfies, again and again, the person's elbow gets affected by it.

(2), can appear on the face. Untimely wrinkles can occur. Harmful radiation of blue color emanating from the camera affects the DNA present in the skin.

(3) Makes mentally ill:-

The habit of selfies makes the person taking selfies mentally ill.

(4) Going to a dangerous place is an invitation to death: -

You must have realized that the addiction to selfies makes a person blind. And even his life goes into it.

treatment in aiims due to selfie

For the first time, OPD will be set up in AIIMS to treat patients suffering from social media addiction.

The Department of Psychiatry has started treating them on one day of the week. On why it was needed, AIIMS Medical Superintendent Dr.D.K.Sharma told that patients suffering from this disease started coming to the OPD of Psychiatry, due to which we started taking selfies. A new beginning had to be made for the people suffering from it.

Selfie word now included in the dictionary

Selfitis has also been included in the Oxford dictionary. The city of Makati in the Philippines has been considered the 'capital' of Selfitis. Because most selfies are taken here.

selfie accidents

Very sad incidents related to Selfie are happening. This incident is of the Ganga barrage of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Where the students had gone to have fun. Selfie became so heavy for them that seven people died due to drowning.

 such incidents are only Nowadays it is heard not only in Uttar Pradesh but anywhere in the country. It has had a very serious impact on the whole of India as well as on the whole world. The selfie-taker forgets while taking a selfie. 

He has to pay a huge price for it. It can happen. And sometimes it can also cause loss of life. People become so obsessed with selfies. In order to show off their false pride, they go to dangerous places and take selfies. And from their lives, We wash our hands. About 9.30 crore selfies are taken every day all over the world. 

In India too, its craze is increasing day by day, due to which accidents are also taking place. People take selfies in dangerous places and sometimes by peeping from moving vehicles. Let's take it. Due to this serious accidents happen.

 It has gotten the most boost in the era of smartphone culture. Because selfie taking a front camera would have been possible because of which selfie addiction gives the last photo of a person's life.

advantages and disadvantages of selfie essay



  • With the help of Selfie, now we can take our own photos.


  • Taking selfies, again and again, can lead to premature wrinkles on your face.

  • Radiation from mobile while taking a selfie can affect your skin.

  • The habit of taking more selfies can make you a patient With OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).


Science and technology have made a lot of progress. And technology has also increased. But it is said that addiction to everything is not good, everything should have a limit, so while taking selfies, a person should take care of his surroundings. Selfie Or any technology should not be allowed to dominate us.

 We, humans, have made a wonder. It is better than the same thing that may kill us one day. If such technology should not be invented at all, even if it is invented, then it should be avoided. Measures should also be told like taking a selfie is very good and affects happiness. When we take it. But with such technology, a person is getting separated from his family. Agreed that taking a selfie is a very good thing. But it is considered a mental illness. Don't make the one that makes the last photo of life.

Final Words 

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