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essay on birsa Munda

essay on birsa munda
essay on birsa Munda


Many great personalities have taken birth in India. The name of one of these great personalities is Birsa Munda. Birsa Munda is worshiped in this country for his deeds. Birsa Munda earned the title of a great person in society through his good deeds. It is on the strength of his good deeds that today he is worshiped in the form of God. Birsa Munda left an important impression on the people of the society.

That is why their contributions are always appreciated. Along with this, he is also worshiped in India. Birsa Munda also made an important contribution to the independence of India. Along with this, he communicated many important messages in society so that the welfare of society can be done.

  • The early life of Birsa Munda

Birsa Munda was a great social reformer. Who was born on November 15, 1875, in a village named Ulihatu, Ranchi, Jharkhand? Birsa Munda's father's name was Sugna Munda and his mother's name was Karmi. He was born in a very poor family. Due to this poverty, Birsa Munda's family had to adopt Christianity.

Due to this, he was also born a follower of Christianity. Birsa Munda had his early education at Salga School. After primary education, he enrolled in Birju Mission School for upper primary education. After this, he got to the education of upper primary level. But soon he started working for his livelihood.

  • Why is Birsa Munda called 'Birsa Bhagwan'?

Birsa Munda started serving people from an early age. He started praying and chanting mantras to make people free from diseases. For this, he stopped eating meat and also stopped cow slaughter. He used to suppress people and preach while sitting under a huge tree.

In his teachings – live a simple life, do not drink alcohol, do not eat meat and fish, stop sacrifice in worship, do not believe in ghosts, worship Tulsi in every house, do not lie, do not steal, maintain unity, avoid bad company Words, etc. were included. People used to make their life successful by listening to his discourse. People used to come from far and wide to have his darshan. That's why people started calling him by the name of Birsa Bhagwan.

  • Birsa Munda's service to the country

Birsa Munda ji is a patriot. Who fought against the British for the freedom of the country. Birsa Munda ji fought with the British with his indomitable courage and complete courage. He was called the hero of the tribal people. While playing this role, he protested against financial power. He did many protests with the British. He was also arrested.

Birsa Munda was also imprisoned in a violent movement, after which he was released from jail in 1897. He was also arrested again for burning the German Mission Church in Kota II. Not only this, he also took his last breath behind bars in jail. But even while leaving, Birsa Munda saved the lives of many people and for those people, he became a god.

  • conclusion

Birsa Munda sacrificed his life for the country before the British. He died in jail on June 9, 1900, due to cholera. In this way, Birsa Munda became the undisputed leader by dedicating his life and was called the courageous hero of Jharkhand. Birsa Munda will always be remembered for his social and political movements. Birsa Munda inspires us that injustice should never be tolerated and should be opposed.

Birsa Munda biography in English

A person is respected only by his deeds. On the basis of his good deeds, he starts being worshiped like "God". Birsa Munda is also worshiped as a god for his good deeds.

Birsa Munda was born on November 15, 1857, in Ulihatu, located in the Arki block of Khunti. His mother's name was Karmi and his father's name was Sugna Munda.

Birsa Munda was born into a very poor family. He started his education at Salga School. After primary education, he took admitted to Burju Mission School for upper primary education.

Then staying in Chaibasa, he got to the education of upper primary level. Birsa started working in the Swasi family of Gaurabeda for his livelihood.

After this, he started serving the people of the village. Praying and chanting mantras to free people from diseases. They stopped eating meat.

Stopped cow slaughter. He used to give medicine and preach to the people sitting under a huge mango tree. – Singbonga (God) is one; Don't believe in ghosts; stop sacrifice in worship; do not commit violence; Do not eat meat fish; do not drink alcohol; be simple; Worship Tulsi Chaura in every house; fly the white flag; Don't lie; do not steal; maintain unity; Celebrate every Thursday as a holiday; avoid bad company; And so on.

People used to listen to his discourse and sing hymns together. Birsa Munda soon became very popular among the public and people started coming from far and wide to visit him people started calling him by the name of 'Birsa Bhagwan'.

Initially, Birsa's movement was reformist, but later it turned into a fight for independence from the British. Birsa was arrested.

Birsa's followers were spreading his ideas outside the jail. He was released from jail in 1807. Birsa himself wanted to bring revolution in a peaceful way, but in the assembly of Sibua Vuru, his followers demanded violence and forceful movement.

The rebellion started and there was a stir in many places. Police personnel was killed and the police station was damaged. Birsa's chief disciple Gaya in ATKD.

There was an encounter between Munda and the police. Many soldiers were killed. Gaya Munda was arrested. Along with Birsa Munda, the Mundas burnt the Khunti thana.

and killed a soldier. A reward of Rs 500 was kept for the arrest of Birsa. Birsa used to hold meetings and advise people to stay away from meat-temples.

Some people cheated in the greed of reward and one night they were arrested while sleeping in the Kuchwara forest. In jail, he used to console everyone and keep teaching his people to keep their morale high.

He died on June 9, 1901 AD due to cholera in jail. His last rites took place on the banks of Harmu river. Gaya Munda and his son were hanged.


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