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safe water essay
safe water essay

Essay on Save Water 200 words

Water is a priceless gift from God and it is our basic need. We need it for various activities but man is using it indiscriminately due to which water is continuously decreasing. 

Water conservation is the proper use of water. By the way, two-thirds of our earth is water, but only 1 percent of water is available as clean water and if we continue to waste water in this way, then water will not be available in the coming times, in the absence of which life on earth will end.

Water conservation has become the biggest need of today's time, which we all should understand and we should use water in a planned way. 

We can also conserve rainwater and use it for washing clothes etc. We should not leave the taps open. 

Water also needs to be prevented from getting polluted. Factories should be located away from rivers. 

We all have to adopt water conservation together so that we can get water in the coming times also and the flora and fauna on the earth can live well.

Save water essay 300 words

Air, water, and food are necessary to maintain the entire life cycle on earth, without the lack of anyone no one can survive. Water is called a priceless asset and every drop of it is very important to us. Although there is 70% percent of the water on the earth, we can use as much as 1% percent of water. Therefore, we should use water wisely.

why should we save water?

You must have heard this slogan “If there is water, there is tomorrow”. If the water itself ends, then our tomorrow will also end. If humans have to survive on the earth, then water must be saved. For water, our scientists have done research on many planets, but out of all the planets, only Earth has water. People in rural areas of India, Africa, and Asia have to travel long distances (about 4 km to 5 km) to get clean water. There are many countries in the world where there is a scarcity of water, for example, = Dubai. Dubai is a country where water is sold for Rs 100 per liter. A similar situation may also happen in India in the coming time.

How to save water-

1. The misuse of water has to be reduced, as much water is needed, that much water has to be used. Use as little water as possible while washing dishes or brushing your teeth.

2. Use of water is to be reduced while washing vehicles, Honda, or any other means through the pipeline. For this, a bucket can be used instead of a pipe.

3. Wherever you see the tap open, immediately close the tap at that time. Or if you see any person misusing water, then explain the importance of water to him.

4. It is better to wash clothes every day in the washing machine, after three-four days when the clothes are collected, clean them in the washing machine.

5. While taking bath, use a bucket and mug instead of a shower, as this will save a lot of water.

essay on save water save life in 400 words

Water is a precious gift given to man by nature, whose value is very difficult to put. Without water, life has no importance, nor does it exist, be it the life of animals or humans. But in the modern era, man's carelessness has created a problem like water shortage on the earth, as a result of which today many areas are drought-prone and yearning for potable water.

There is water on three-fourth part of the earth, but the amount of potable water is very less. Man wastes so much water in bathing, washing, cooking, etc. due to his regular activities, which is unaccounted for.

Meaning of water conservation :

The simple meaning of water conservation is to save water in any way. Think for yourself that only 3% of the water on earth is fit for drinking, what can be more worrying than this. According to the experts, if water conservation measures are not taken and the wastage of water continues in this way, then the next world war that will happen will be for monopoly over water, in which the destruction of man is certain.

Water Conservation Measures:

To save water, first of all, it is necessary to generate awareness and concern about the increasing scarcity of water among all people. Man has caused a lot of damage to nature due to his mistakes, so if he wants to save the existence of future generations, then he should take the following measures:-

• Consume minimum water in everyday work like washing clothes, washing utensils, cooking, etc.

• Rainwater or brackish water can also be used for defecation.

• Use a sprinkler bucket instead of a pipe to water the plants.

• The problem of water seepage and seepage should also be resolved quickly and measures should be taken to collect rainwater.

save water essay in English 10 lines

1. Water is very important in our life.

2. Life is not possible without water.

3. We use it for many of our works.

4. Water is very essential for the survival of all living beings.

5. The process of protecting this water from contamination and destruction is called water conservation.

6. 71% of the earth's surface is covered by water.

7. We should conserve water and avoid contamination.

8. There is very less amount of potable water on the earth.

9. Open and flowing water should be closed and water should not be polluted.

10. Factories and companies should be banned from contaminating the water.


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