How to become a scientist in India

sometimes your school teacher asks a child what do you want to be when you grow up son, we get different types of answers like someone says that I will grow up to become a doctor, someone says that I will become an engineer. Here in this article, we will tell you about how to become a scientist?

The scientists of our country are doing very good and unique work. When such achievement is seen by the children, then they also start intending from childhood that they too should become scientists and make discoveries. That is why the same question arises in their mind that how does one become a scientist and how much is the salary.

Many young people of our country want to work as a scientist in NASA. But not everyone knows everything about what courses have to be done to become a scientist. So without delay, let's start and know what to do to become a scientist and what is the course required for this?

How to become a scientist in India?

Many people dream of becoming a scientist, but there are very few people who successfully reach this peak. For this a lot of hard work and hard work has to be done because the scientist is the one who always studies.

Scientist only means one who gathers information about new things in any field of science. Science is a vast field and has many departments.

In every department, many different scientists keep doing their research and research. Discover new things. This is the reason why he is called a scientist.

There are very few people who know how to become a scientist. For this, the first important thing is that you have to choose the area of ​​your most interest.

You will have to study the subject that interests you the most. If seen, there are scientists in every field who study about that particular area and discover new facts, bring new technology to the world. Whether it is the field of medicine or space.

That is why today you will be able to know which course will have to be done to become a scientist. What should be the qualification to become a scientist in isro. What should be the age

The biggest thing is that if you want to learn science and become a scientist, then you have to keep information about how to become a scientist in ISRO as well as how to become a scientist in NASA.

What is the exam to become a scientist in ISRO?

How to become an ISRO Scientist?

You must have heard the name of ISRO, it is the Indian Space Research Center organization.

Its head quarter is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

ISRO is responsible for all the space programs or extraterrestrial research done in our country.

Many people are needed to run an organization, that's why they need good minded scientists and engineers.

A scientist is one who works by applying his knowledge and for inventions and discoveries.

Because he is only there to make new successes in his area. In this, scientists work together with each other.

It is not necessary that the output should come according to the plan, if there is any kind of problem, then all together solve that problem through their mind.

If you want to work in ISRO or are looking for a job as a scientist, then it is important for you to keep this reading in mind.

qualification to become a scientist in isro

To become a scientist in ISRO, first of all you have to study about science at the time of 10+2 after 10th.

In which you have to choose PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math) as your subject.

You have to be very strong fundamentally in these subjects. Apart from this, you have to have very good knowledge in all these subjects.

By taking admission in IIST (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology), your dream of working as an engineer in ISRO can be fulfilled very easily.

 ISRO often recruits graduate engineers from IITs, NITs and other reputed government and private institutions. That is why it would be better that to complete the degree, you do such courses which can give you the most benefits for this field.

In which major is Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Radio Engineering and Engineering Physics.

Sometimes electrical engineers and developers are also needed in ISRO. Apart from this, sometimes there are vacancies for people who have done civil engineering.

Good performance in the academic career

If there is an intention to work in ISRO, then you have to keep your academic career from the beginning with very good performance.

Its eligibility criteria are very strict and studies have to be maintained from the very beginning.

While hiring fresher candidates, ISRO strictly fulfills its eligibility criteria.

The candidates who do not fit in his criteria do not show any mercy to them and do not select them.

pass ICRB exam

After completing B.Tech from any college, if any student wants to work in this institute, then for that candidate will have to sit in the examination conducted by this ICRB (ISRO Centralized Recruitment Bangalore) and also pass in the examination. Will happen.

According to the engineering branch the candidate belongs to, questions are asked from him accordingly.

After clearing the interview, he is appointed as a scientist or engineer in it.

Candidates must have at least 65% or above in their engineering career

If you are doing M.Tech and your trade is Geo informatics, Remote Sensing, Instrumentation, Applied Mathematics, Geophysics, Geography or its equivalent degree which comes under Physics and Maths, then that is directly the job of scientist in this can apply for.

For this there is a selection process in which written exam and interview are taken. When the candidate clears this process, then he is appointed in ISRO as a scientist or engineer.

In this one can also be selected as Junior Research Fellow.

Through this, scientists do research as engineers. The screening process for selection of scientist in such organization is very difficult and it requires best knowledge, wisdom and a very presentable and calm disposition.

To get the job of a scientist, the candidate must have deep knowledge, apart from this he should be able to use the brain to deal with the problems with patience even in difficult times.

It is not necessary that this quality is inherited by every human being but it is to be remembered that it can be the key to one's selection.

And that can become the biggest reason for them to move forward. With these skills it is also very important to be good on record.

What is the exam to become a scientist in ISRO?

For the selection of those who do B. Tech from any college, this institute takes an examination called ICRB (ISRO Centralized Recruitment Bangalore).

Whatever engineering branch the candidate belongs to, questions are asked accordingly.

To appear in this exam, the candidate must have at least 65% marks.

After clearing the exam, there is an interview and when the interview is cleared, then the candidate is appointed to the job in ISRO as a scientist or an engineer.

Educational Qualification to become a Scientist in ISRO

To join ISRO, candidates can follow the path in many ways.

First of all, he can study in class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in Science subject, after which he can sit for the IIT JEE examination.

When you clear this exam, then you can study for it by taking IIST (Indian Institute of Space Technology) admission.

It is to be kept in mind that your knowledge should be very good to take admitted to this institute.

After studying at this institute, they can be directly recruited for the post of scientist in this.

A 4-year degree program is conducted in this institute as a part of studies.

In this program, you have to pass with good marks. After which whatever vacancy occurs in this, it is recruited in it.

After this, the second way is that those who are doing M.Tech, even if their trade is different, must be related to Physics and Maths, then they can directly apply for the job of scientist in this.

For this, they have to clear written exams and interviews.

age limit to becoming a scientist

Many boys have this question to become a scientist, at least at what age is necessary.

For your information, let me tell you that no age limit has been kept for working in this as a scientist.

Those who have intelligence inside can go and work in it according to their educational qualification.

course to become a scientist

To work as a scientist in this, after the tenth, you have to study in 10+2 with Science (Physics, Chemistry, Math) subjects.

After this, you have to take the IIT exam and do a 4-year B. Tech course at IIST (Indian Institute of Space Technology).

Apart from this, if you have done M.Tech in which your background is Physics and Maths, then you can apply to work in this direction.

After which your selection will be done through the selection process.

scientist salary in India?

Many people are curious to know how much is the salary of scientists working in ISRO. So let us now give you good information about this as well.

अनुसंधान वैज्ञानिक₹62K – ₹110K
यांत्रिकी अभियंता₹35K – ₹42K
सिविल अभियंता₹27K – ₹35K
डिज़ाइन इंजीनियर₹28K – ₹30K
जूनियर सॉफ्टवेयर डेवलपर₹17,163

How to Prepare to Be a Scientist in India

One can become a scientist just by thinking, it is not possible now.

The scientist only means one who remains immersed in science.

We are going to give you tips on what to do and how to prepare to become a good scientist.

1. Pay full attention to studies from childhood

First of all, you have to pay a lot of attention to studies from childhood itself. From that point, every topic will have to be understood from the root. Especially children will have to study with a lot of heart in maths and science.

2. Choosing Science to do 12th.

After passing the tenth, the most important decision has to be taken at the same time in which you will have to choose science to do 12th and within that, you will have to study physics, chemistry and maths. In these subjects, you have to read even the smallest things with great attention.

3. Doing practicals too well

You have to study theory as well as do practicals very well. Wherever you find a science exhibition, go there and try to learn.

4. Having a passion for science

You have to have a lot of love for science. Get inspired by taking information about the scientific research going on in the world.

5. Experiment with the idea.

Use your idea by experiment. Always work with patience and focus on your goal.

6. Work on the thesis

Be open-minded but also work on your facts and thesis.

7. Don't be afraid of failure

Always keep your mind ready for failure. The scientist has to face failures many times in his life. New things are always invented or discovered by scientists, so in the meantime, failure often comes.

8. Have a sense of teamwork.

Scientists work together in a team, so keep the spirit of teamwork in you from the beginning. If you become a leader, then definitely motivate the team to work together unitedly.

9. Improve Reading and Writing Skills

Improve your reading and writing skills. Also, strengthen presentation skills.

Along with hard work, give proper rest to your body as well.

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