how to become a yoga teacher in india

  In today's time, yoga has become a part of our life. By doing yoga our body remains healthy. We all do yoga every morning in morning. By practicing yoga, the body remains healthy and the mind remains calm. If you are interested in yoga and practice yoga daily, then you can make a career as a yoga teacher. At the present time, the demand for yoga teachers has increased. After knowing this, you must be thinking that how to become a yoga instructor? What does it take to become a yoga teacher? What is the educational qualification required to become a yoga teacher?

So today I am going to talk to you about this Yoga Teacher Kaise Bane? To become a yoga teacher, you have to practice yoga. Should have complete knowledge of easy and pranayama. One should have knowledge of yoga, and along with it, one has to do graduation and B.P.Ed course in yoga subject. government or private school.

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What is a yoga instructor?

The person who does the work of teaching yoga is called a yoga teacher. Just a teacher who teaches Hindi is called a 'Hindi teacher and a teacher of mathematics is called a 'Mathematics teacher. Yoga teacher has complete knowledge about yoga asanas. How to do Yoga and what are its benefits?

A yoga teacher teaches yoga to students and people who want to learn yoga. Gives knowledge about the rules of yoga, asanas, and pranayama. Along with this, we tell about the benefits of yoga.

qualification for a yoga teacher in India

  • The candidate should have passed Graduation in any discipline from a recognized university.

  • And must have a degree in B.P.Ed course from a recognized college.

  • To become a yoga teacher, a BPEd course is mandatory.

eligibility for a yoga teacher in India

  • The candidate should have complete knowledge of Yoga.

  • Applicant should have done Yoga Training course.

  • The candidate should have a B.P.Ed course degree.

  • There should be an art to teach people. Yoga comes to every person, but few people have the quality of teaching others.

  • The candidate should have good physical fitness.

  • The candidate should have the quality of encouraging people.

  • One should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of yoga.

  • Candidate should have done B.P.Ed course in Yoga subject.

how to become a yoga instructor in India

  • To become a yoga teacher, first, you have to pass graduation in any subject from a recognized university.

  • After passing graduation, one will have to do a BPEd course in the subject of Yoga.

  • You have to take admitted to a recognized college to do a B.Ed course.

  • Many colleges conduct entrance exams for admission in BPEd courses.

  • After passing the entrance exam, one has to take admitted in the B.P.Ed course.

  • After doing a yoga course you can apply for Yoga Teacher.

  • From time to time, the recruitment of yoga teachers in government and private schools comes out.

  • When the vacancy of Yoga Teacher comes out, at that time application has to be made.

  • Or you can do the work of teaching yoga to a private person.

  • At present, most people take the help of yoga teachers to learn yoga.

salary of a yoga teacher in India

The salary of a yoga teacher is around Rs 32,000 per month. Yoga Teacher Kaise Bane? After knowing this, the question will be in your mind how much is the salary of a physics teacher? The salary of a yoga teacher varies from state to state. Yoga teacher gets less salary in private institute than in government institutes.

how to prepare for a yoga teacher?

  • To become a yoga teacher, you wake up every morning and do yoga and exercise.

  • Take care of physical and mental health.

  • Practice asanas and pranayama.

  • For admission to the B.P.Ed course, one has to prepare for the entrance exam.

  • To prepare for the exam, study physical education and yoga courses.

  • To be successful in the entrance exam, one should have knowledge related to sports.

  • Because questions related to yoga and sports are asked in the entrance exam.


So, this is the Liye Eligibility of Yoga Teacher. We hope you like this article on how to become a yoga instructor in India? Would have liked it. And now you must have understood very well what should be the Liye Qualification of Yoga Teacher? What is the salary of a Yoga Teacher?

FAQ For yoga teacher

Q.1: government yoga teacher salary?

Ans: 20000-40000.

Q.2: What is a yoga teacher's salary in up?

Ans: ₹17,287 per month.

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