Best App to Earn Money in India for Students

Welcome back to our blog, today we will talk about the best apps to earn money for students, so if you are thinking of earning extra money then this post is for you.

earning apps for students in india
earning apps for students in india

In this post, we are adding a list of some of the best earning apps for students and also some ways to earn money from these apps which can prove helpful for you.

Before going into the specifics, it is necessary to find the criteria to determine the best money-making app. Reliability, security, ease of use, and favorable payment methods and rates are the key factors that differentiate a top app from the rest.


  • Survey of Popular Money-Making Apps
  • In-Depth Review of the Top Ap
  • Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Earnings
  • Safety Measures for Students
  • etc...

Now let's start our post :

best app to earn money for students

let's start our post with the Survey App:

1.) Google Opinion Rewards:

Our first choice is Google Opinion Rewards which is quite famous in India due to its trust and easy payment method. This app will help you to make money just by answering short surveys about your opinions and habits.

Steps to Make Money with Google Opinion Rewards

1. Check Eligibility:

  • Age: Ensure you're 18 years or older.
  • Region: Visit the Google Opinion Rewards website to see if it's available in your country.

2. Download and Set Up:

  • Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Play Store.
  • Create an account and answer the initial profile questions honestly.

3. Earn and Redeem Rewards:

  • Complete enough surveys to reach the minimum redemption amount ($2).

  • Tips:

In the end, Be patient, surveys are occasional, not constant.

2.) AttaPoll: 

let's talk about another money-earning app for students in India. This is also a survey app in which all the users have to complete a survey to make money. This app helps students connect users with companies and organizations that want your opinion through surveys.

There are so many different types of surveys available in this app:

  • Micro-surveys 
  • Standard surveys
  • Long surveys

delivery method:

  • Online surveys
  • Paper surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • In-person surveys

By purpose:

  • Market research surveys
  • Academic research surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys

By format:

  • Multiple-choice surveys
  • Open-ended surveys
  • Likert scale surveys
  • Ranking surveys
  • Image-based surveys

Tips to make money with AttaPoll:

  • Complete your profile: Accurate information helps match you with relevant surveys.

  • Set your preferences: Choose survey length, frequency, and minimum reward.

  • Check frequently: New surveys appear regularly, don't miss out by checking often.

  • Focus on high-paying surveys: Prioritize surveys with higher rewards per minute.

3.) LifePoints: 

Let's talk about our third choice LifePoints. this app is also a Paid Surveys & Rewards app that can help students get rewards and free gift cards across several top brands to suit all lifestyles. 

In this app, you have to earn points (called LPs) by taking online surveys, watching videos, and participating in other activities and then you can use these points on Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and many other popular retailers.

How to make money with LifePoints

1. Sign Up & ProfileCreate an account and fill out your profileProvide detailed information for better survey matching.
2. Browse SurveysCheck the dashboard for available surveys and their rewardsLook for high-paying surveys per minute.
3. Complete SurveysTake surveys honestly and attentivelyAvoid rushing or inaccurate answers to prevent disqualification.
4. Extra ActivitiesWatch videos, play games, and refer friendsEarn bonus points for these activities.
5. Reach ThresholdAim to accumulate enough points for desired rewardsEvery reward has a specific point requirement.
6. Choose RewardSelect your preferred gift card, voucher, or other optionRedeem your points for various rewards.

4.)  Freecash: 

best apps for students to earn money
best apps for students to earn money

Let's talk about another earning app for students in India which is Freecash. This money-earning app offers several ways to earn money, from passive options like watching videos to more active tasks like completing surveys and offers.

In this app, all the users can make money [In the form of points or cryptocurrency (Dogecoin)] by just Watching short video ads.

This app also offers some other methods for making money:

  • Referral program: Invite friends and earn a percentage of their earnings.

  • Tier system: Climb the tier system by completing tasks and unlocking bonus rewards.

  • Cashout options: Redeem your points for PayPal cash, Bitcoin, various gift cards, or even CS: GO skins.

Overall, We can say that Free cash offers a variety of ways to earn money.

5.) Earnably

If you guys are searching for an app to make money watching videos then this app could be a good option for you because this app primarily focuses on earning money through watching videos.

This app has a variety of videos like entertainment, news, gaming, and more so every user can choose according to their interest and watch videos for making money.

  • Multiple video lengths: Select how long you want to watch (typically from 15 seconds to a few minutes) for corresponding point rewards.

  • Quick cash-out: Redeem your points for PayPal cash once you reach the minimum limit ($2).

  • Bonus opportunities: Occasionally earn extra points through daily offers or referral programs.

So you can say that this app is focused on earning money by watching videos.


I hope you guys find the best app to earn money in India for students, if you have any issues related to these apps please comment below.

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