Best Free AI Tool for Logo Designing Students

"Welcome back to our blog. Today, we're diving into the realm of the best free AI for logo designers, similar to our discussion about the best AI for medical students in our previous post.

As you're aware, AI is continuously evolving to enhance and accelerate professional tasks, and logo design falls within its scope.

Logo designers are using these AI tools to showcase their creativity and create unique, engaging work. However, the primary challenge is choosing the right AI tool for you, which is why we've compiled a list of the best AI for logo designers, some of which are paid.

Benefits of Using AI for Logo Design

  • These AI tools help to reduce the time required for logo creation while being cost-effective.

  • These tools offer a wide range of design options for logo design.

  • These tools allow extensive customization, creating designs tailored to specific brand aesthetics.

Now you know all the basic info about AI tools so let's start our list:

Best AI for logo design 

We have divided our list into two parts, in the first part we have talked about free tools, and in the second we have talked about paid tools as you can see below.

AI Tool for Logo Designing Students
AI Tool for Logo Designing Students

Free AI for logo design 

1.) Looka Logo Maker:

It is a very popular AI-powered logo design tool known for its user-friendly interface and professional-looking results. Even beginners can use this tool very easily due to its step-by-step process that makes logo creation accessible even to non-designers.

All you need to do is enter your company name, choose your industry, select keywords that describe your brand, and choose your favorite color palette and the tool generates 100 logos for you using its AI technology.

Now let's take a look at the feature table:

FeatureDescriptionFree TrialPaid Plans
AI-powered logo generationGenerate hundreds of unique designs based on your preferences.YesYes
Customization optionsAdjust fonts, colors, layouts, and modify icons.Yes (limited)Yes (more freedom)
High-quality designsProfessional-looking logo results suitable for businesses.YesYes
No account requiredDesign logos without creating an account.YesYes
Branding toolsDownload logo files in various formats (JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS).NoYes
Business card and mockup generatorPreview your logo on mockups to see how it looks on real-world items.NoYes
Unlimited revisionsEdit and refine your logo design after purchase.NoYes
Priority supportGet faster customer support.NoYes
CostFree trial with one-time purchase for high-resolution downloads.Limited featuresAdditional features and download options based on plan.

2.) DesignEvo:

Now, let's move on to our second choice: DesignEvo. This AI tool is a great option for those seeking a free AI logo generator. It boasts a vast library of icons and fonts, allowing users to create their own logos. It also offers a variety of pre-made logo templates that you can customize to your liking.

Now let's talk about the feature table :

StrengthExplanationValue to Users
Massive library: Over 10,000 templates + millions of iconsProvides ample starting points for finding your perfect logo.Reduces time spent brainstorming and searching for inspiration.
Easy to use: Drag-and-drop interface & minimal customization effortAllows even non-designers to create professional-looking logos.Lowers the barrier to entry for logo creation.
Free version: Low-resolution logo downloadIdeal for personal projects or budget-conscious businesses.Enables basic logo creation without financial commitment.
Advanced features (paid plans): High-resolution downloads, vector files, unlimited revisions, commercial use rights, brand kit creationCater to professional needs and branding consistency.Enhances logo quality, usability, and legal protection.
Multilingual support: Available in numerous languagesMakes the platform accessible to a global audience.Expands DesignEvo's reach and inclusivity.


  • Easy to use with affordable plans.


  • Limited control in the free version.
  • low-resolution logos for the free version.

Best Text To Logo AI for Free

Now let's talk about some Text To Logo AI :

3. Logojoy:

If you guys are searching for a free Text To Logo AI then Logojoy could be a good option for you. This AI logo creation scene by combining AI questionnaire-based generation with personalized human refinement.

This AI Tool also excels at creating beautiful and unique text-based logos with stunning font combinations.

Now look at more features:

FeatureDescriptionValue to Users
AI-powered questionnaireAnswer questions about your brand, industry, and preferences to guide logo generation.Saves time and effort in brainstorming initial ideas.
Emphasis on typographyGet beautiful and unique text-based logos with stunning font combinations.Ideal for brands focused on text or minimalist aesthetics.
Revision optionsRefine your chosen logo with a dedicated designer for personalized adjustments.Ensures your logo matches your exact vision and brand identity.
High-quality designsReceive professional-looking and memorable logos suitable for businesses of all sizes.Boosts brand image and makes a positive first impression.
Subscription-based modelPay a flat monthly fee for ongoing access to new logo variations, revisions, and branding resources.Convenient for brands looking for continuous brand development support.
Multiple logo variationsExplore different logo concepts based on your questionnaire answers.Provides options and flexibility to find the perfect fit.
Collaboration with a designerReceive personalized feedback and fine-tuning from a dedicated designer.Adds a human touch and ensures your logo aligns with your brand vision.
Downloadable formatsGet high-resolution JPG, PNG, and vector files for different uses.Ensures logo versatility for online, print, and marketing materials.
Unlimited revisionsKeep tweaking your logo until you're satisfied with the final result.Guarantees your logo meets your expectations and perfectly represents your brand.

4.) Logo diffusion:

Let's talk about the next-generation cutting-edge AI technology Logo diffusion. This is the newest AI-powered logo generation tool gaining traction for its innovative approach and unique features.

With this tool, every logo designer can fine-tune to your preferences with text prompts, stylistic sliders, and control over specific elements To do this you don't even need to sign up for this tool.

Now let's talk about its features:

FeatureDescriptionValue to Users
Diffusion model technologyGenerates truly original and unexpected logo designs using innovative AI techniques.Ideal for those seeking unique and highly creative logos.
Customization optionsFine-tune preferences with text prompts, stylistic sliders, and element control.Ensures some degree of influence over the design direction and specific details.
Vector files includedDownload logos in high-resolution vector format for professional use and scalability.Guarantees logo versatility for all printing and online needs.
No sign-up requiredExplore and generate logos without creating an account.Convenient for quick experimentation and testing ideas.
Community-drivenActive Discord community for sharing ideas, feedback, and collaborating on logo design.Provides support, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities.
New and evolving technologyCan lead to unpredictable results and require more refinement due to its early development stage.Might not be ideal for those seeking consistent and predictable outcomes.
Learning curve:Less intuitive compared to other AI logo generation tools due to the unfamiliar diffusion model concept.May require some time and effort to get comfortable with the interface and features.
Limited pre-designed optionsRelies solely on generated variations, making it harder to find a perfect fit compared to tools with templates.More suitable for those open to exploration and iterative refinement.
Pricing structure:A free trial available, but paid plans based on individual logo purchases might not be ideal for high-volume needs.Consider the budget and a number of logos needed before choosing a plan.


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I hope you guys find this list of Best AI for logo design helpful for more AI-related tool you can follow our blog or comment below.

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