Best Medical Coding Course Online Free with Certificate

Welcome back to our blog, today we are going to talk about some of the best medical coding courses online for free with certificates that can help to get a job in the medical coding field.

Medical coding is known as the backbone of the healthcare industry. It involves translating medical procedures, diagnoses, and services into universally recognized codes, ensuring accurate billing and proper patient care documentation.

Eligibility Criteria For Medical Coding Course 

Let us now also look at the qualifications and what we need before doing a medical coding course.

Education LevelRelevant SubjectsAdditional Information
Class 10 (Secondary)Science, Mathematics, EnglishBasic foundation in science and language skills
Class 12 (Higher Secondary)Biology, Chemistry, Physics, EnglishA deeper understanding of science, especially biology, and chemistry
Bachelor's Degree (Any Stream)Preferably Life Sciences, Healthcare, Computer ScienceA more specialized degree enhances understanding and eligibility

Medical Coding Course Syllabus

Before looking at the medical coding course, let us look at its syllabus and know which subjects are covered under the medical coding course.

Introduction to Healthcare and Medical Coding- Healthcare overview<br>- Role of medical coders<br>- Introduction to coding standards and systems
Medical Terminology and Anatomy- Medical terms and roots<br>- Human anatomy and physiology relevant to coding
ICD (International Classification of Diseases) Coding- Principles and guidelines<br>- Coding for diseases, conditions, and injuries
CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Coding- Understanding CPT codes<br>- Coding guidelines and documentation
HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System)- HCPCS codes for supplies and services
Coding Guidelines and Regulations- Detailed coding guidelines and conventions<br>- Compliance with coding standards and ethics
Health Information Management and Electronic Health Records (EHR)- Principles of information management<br>- Training on electronic health records and coding
Reimbursement and Insurance- Insurance claims and billing procedures<br>- Reimbursement processes and handling denials
Coding Practice and Practical Application- Hands-on coding practice using case studies<br>- Application in various medical specialties
Auditing and Quality Control in Coding- Techniques for coding audits<br>- Quality control measures for accuracy
Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)- Strategies for improved documentation<br>- Importance of clear clinical records for coding
Specialty Coding- Coding practices for different medical specialties
Ethical and Legal Considerations- Legal and ethical standards in healthcare coding<br>- Patient confidentiality and compliance
Certification Preparation- Preparation for professional coding certification exams

Questions related to the medical coding course 

Q:1.  can a 10th-pass student do a medical coding course and get a job?

Ans: Yes.

Q:2. can a 12th-pass student do a medical coding course and get a job?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3: can a PCM steam student do medical coding course and get a job?

Ans: Yes.

Now you know every basic information about medical coding courses, let's start our list:

Medical Coding Course Online Free With A Certificate

Medical Coding Course Online Free with Certificate
Medical Coding Course Online Free with Certificate

1. Alison:

Now let's start with Alison, our first choice for free online medical coding courses with a certificate. This online platform offers many free medical coding courses with certificates that can be helpful for your medical coding career.

These courses will teach you about :

TopicCourse ProviderDescriptionCertificate
Medical TerminologyAlisonIntroduces basic medical terminology, including word parts, abbreviations, and common medical terms.Yes
Anatomy and PhysiologyAlisonCovers the structure and function of the human body, with a focus on systems relevant to medical coding.Yes
ICD-10-CM CodingAlisonIntroduces the ICD-10-CM coding system for diagnosing and classifying diseases and injuries.Yes
CPT CodingAlisonIntroduces the CPT coding system for reporting medical procedures and services.Yes


Learn2Upgrade is an online platform that offers a variety of courses including medical coding courses. Some of them are free but I don't think those courses will give you the advanced knowledge for which students have to purchase the courses and the courses on this website are also available at very affordable prices.

Course NameInstructorPrice (Original)Price (Discounted)RatingCertification
Medical Coding InternshipDr. Anmol Raj₹10,000₹3,540N/AYes
Medical Coding Certification₹8,000₹1,534N/AYes
Medical Coding Course - 3 Months Certification CourseDr. Ashwini₹10,000₹5,900N/AYes
Medical Lab Technician / Lab Technician (MLT Course): 3 Month Certification CourseDr. Balaji Ramchandran, Dr. Kartikeyan₹25,000₹6,0004.8 (16 ratings)Yes
Medical Coding WebinarDr. Ashwini GhateFreeFree4.8 (6 ratings)N/A
Free Webinar- Medical CodingDr. Ashwini GhateFreeFree4.2 (6 ratings)N/A
A booming career: Medical CodingDr. Ashwini GhateFreeFree5.0 (2 ratings)N/A
Certification Course In Medical Coding WIth LSSSDC ApprovedLearntoupgrade & LSSDC Certified₹10,000₹5,900N/AYes
Medical Coding & Billing - Future, Job scopes and IndustryLearntoupgrade.comN/AN/AN/AN/A

All these courses come with a certificate so you can choose one of these courses as per your requirements.

3.) Udemy

Now talk about our third choice Udemy. This website is quite famous in India. This website offers many courses and the medical coding course is one of them so if you are searching for a medical coding course online free with a certificate then you can buy any course and get a certificate after complication.

Now let's take a look at the courses :

Course NameInstructorRatingTotal HoursTotal LecturesLevelCurrent PriceOriginal Price
Introduction to Medical Coding (I2MC) CourseCamille White Jackson4.614.515Beginner₹499₹3,199
Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, ICD 10 CM guidelines & Introduction of CPT portionSG Pharma Trainings3.71324Expert₹499₹2,499
ICD 10 & 11 Medical Coding and BillingVision Training Systems Technology Institute Online dba4.52058Beginner₹499₹2,999

All these courses are paid but in some sales, the price of these courses gets reduced significantly (for example: Black Friday).

4.) (MB&CC):

Let's talk about our second choice which is This platform only focuses on Medical Billing And Coding courses so if you are trying to learn Medical Coding then you can choose this platform.

Note:- This platform can be used only for learning but in the job field it will be difficult to recognize it in India.

This platform also offers Free Weekly Webinars which can be helpful for your career and job.  

Medical Coding Certificates

After doing all these courses, you can take exam for some famous Medical Coding Certificates:

CPCMost recognized and respected global certification, covering ICD-10-CM and CPT coding
CCSAAPC certification for experienced coders specializing in specific healthcare areas
CPMAAAPC certification for training in medical coding audits and compliance
CCAEntry-level AAPC certification covering basic medical coding principles
NSDC Certified Medical CoderGovernment-recognized certification offered by accredited training providers

Benefits of Certifications:

  • Demonstrates your knowledge and skills to employers
  • Increases your job opportunities and career advancement
  • Enhances your earning potential
  • Provides a competitive edge in the job market


I hope you guys like this post so if you are searching for a medical coding course online free with a certificate then you should read this post till the end and choose the right course for you.

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