[YES] Can A Commerce Student Do Data Science

Welcome again to our blog, today we are going to answer a common question “Can a commerce student do Data Science” There are many commerce students who want to change their career in this field and nowadays Data Science is quite a famous job sector across the world. 

Can A Commerce Student Do Data Science
Can A Commerce Student Do Data Science

If I talk about the development of Data Science in India, its figures look quite impressive, perhaps that is why many students want to come into this field.

According to Imarticus Learning and Analytics Insights, Data Science Report 2023, such growth can be seen in the market.

Data Science Market SizeUSD 204.23 million in 2023
Projected Market SizeUSD 1.39 billion by 2028
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)57.52%
Number of Data Science Jobs2,720 in 2018
Projected Number of Data Science Jobs16,500 by 2025
Job Growth Rate27.9% by 2026
Unfilled Data Science Jobs93,000 in 2020
Salary Range for Entry-Level Data ScientistsINR 5 to 6 LPA
Salary Range for Mid-Career Data ScientistsINR 1.38 LPA
Salary Range for Experienced Data ScientistsINR 1.73 LPA

As you can see, unfilled data science jobs were 93,000 in 2020, which is a huge number and the number of these jobs will continue to increase in the future.

So if you are a commerce student and want to go into the IT field then you can study Data Science.

can a commerce student do data science?

Due to the job opportunity, students are thinking of joining the data science squad but they don't know how to start so let me solve your problem.

Skill Convergence

Commerce students can perform well in the field of data science due to their business acumen, financial principles, and analytical thinking.

Apart from these skills, students will also have to focus on interpreting market trends, understanding consumer behavior, and grasping economic dynamics skills, only then they will get ahead in this field.

Let's check other skills :

Skill CategorySkills Required
Programming LanguagesPython, R, SQL, Java, Scala, C++, etc.
Statistical AnalysisDescriptive & Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing
Machine LearningSupervised & Unsupervised Learning, Neural Networks
Data ManipulationData Cleaning, Preprocessing, Feature Engineering
Data VisualizationMatplotlib, Seaborn, Tableau, Power BI
Big Data TechnologiesHadoop, Spark, Hive, HBase, Kafka
Domain KnowledgeUnderstanding of Business, Industry-specific expertise
CommunicationStorytelling, Presenting Findings, Clear Reporting
Problem-SolvingCritical Thinking, Analytical Skills
Soft SkillsCuriosity, Adaptability, Teamwork

As you can see, to become a data scientist you will need to learn programming language, so for that you can go into basic job by learning Python, R, SQL.

In Data Scantest you will need a lot of statistical analysis, so you will have to prepare for statistical topics also.

After learning Python, you will have to read topics like Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning (advanced) in Machine Learning.

By following these three steps you will be able to enter a basic job.

Career Opportunities in Data Science for Commerce Students

There are many subcategories of Data Science, and you can find a job in any field as per your ability.

Data AnalystAnalyzing data, creating visualizations, and deriving actionable insights for decision-making.
Business Intelligence AnalystUsing data to enhance business strategies, optimize operations, and improve overall performance.
Machine Learning EngineerDesigning and implementing machine learning algorithms for predictive modeling and AI applications.
Data EngineerDeveloping, constructing, testing, and maintaining data architectures for ingestion and processing.
Data ScientistApplying statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to interpret complex data.
Big Data ArchitectDesigning large-scale data ecosystems, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval of vast data sets.
AI Research ScientistConducting AI research, exploring innovative algorithms, and advancing AI capabilities.
Quantitative AnalystUsing mathematical and statistical models for financial market analysis and risk management.
Business AnalystUtilizing data-driven insights to identify opportunities and drive organizational growth.
ConsultantAdvising businesses on data-driven strategies and guiding decision-making processes.

Eligibility criteria for commerce student to enter in Data Science

You don't need any specific degree or certification to get a job in data science, but commerce students can still pursue these certifications:

IBM Data Science Professional CertificateCovers various aspects of data science, including Python, data analysis, and machine learning.
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist AssociateFocuses on Azure machine learning, data engineering, and implementing machine learning models.
Google Data Analytics CertificateTeaches foundational data skills, including analysis, visualization, and utilizing Google tools.
SAS Certified Data ScientistDemonstrates expertise in advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and machine learning using SAS.
Tableau Desktop SpecialistFocuses on data visualization skills using Tableau software, crucial for presenting analytical insights.
Cloudera Certified Associate: Data AnalystValidates skills in analyzing and visualizing big data using tools like SQL, Hive, and Pig.


Finally, I can say that yes a commerce student gets a job in the field of data science. You just have to focus more on your programming skills.

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