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 Welcome Back to our blog today we are going to solve some data interpretation questions for ssc like we did in our previous post ERROR Spotting question PDF.

As you all know, data interpretation questions are very important for the SSC exam. Therefore, you should solve as many questions as possible to prepare for the exam. That's why we added some data interpretation questions with solutions.

These questions will help you to understand the basics and improve your logical thinking for solving data interpretation questions.

 Type of data interpretation questions

Now let's talk about the type of data interpretation questions that come in government exams. These five types are:

  • Tabular Data Interpretation
  • Pie Chart Interpretation
  • Bar Graph Interpretation
  • Line Graph Interpretation
  • Caselet Interpretation

Note:- If you are a beginner then before solving it you should know all the topics like mean, median, mode, percentage, ratio, proportion and fractions.

Data Interpretation Questions With Solutions PDF

  • Question 1: In a recent survey, 350 people were asked about their monthly expenses. The average monthly expense was ₹15,000. If 25% of the respondents had monthly expenses of ₹10,000, and the rest had expenses of ₹20,000 on average, what was the total monthly expenditure of the surveyed group?

  • Question 2: A shopkeeper sold 150 shirts at ₹800 each and 200 trousers at ₹1,200 each. What was the total revenue generated from these sales?

  • Question 3: The monthly salary of an employee increased by 15% from ₹25,000 to ₹28,750. What is the amount of the increase in salary?

  • Question 4: A company's profit after tax was ₹1,20,000, which was 20% of their total revenue. What was the total revenue of the company?

  • Question 5: A car dealership sold 45 cars in a month. If the average selling price of a car was ₹6,50,000, what was the total sales revenue for that month?

  • Question 6: The price of a mobile phone increased from ₹12,000 to ₹15,000. What was the percentage increase in the price?

  • Question 7: A person invested ₹40,000 in a fixed deposit account for 3 years, which offered an annual interest rate of 8%. How much interest did the person earn at the end of 3 years?

  • Question 8: A restaurant's daily expenses are ₹5,000. If they operate for 30 days in a month, what is their monthly expense?

  • Question 9: A farmer spent ₹10,000 on seeds, ₹5,000 on fertilizers, and ₹2,000 on labor for his crops. What was the total cost of cultivation?

  • Question 10: If a company's revenue was ₹5,00,000 and its expenses were ₹3,50,000, what was the company's profit in rupees?

Data interpretation questions PDF


Here in this post, we added some data interpretation questions with solutions so that you can practice some basic questions for your government exams.

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