Download PDF RPSC Assistant Engineer Mechanical Syllabus 2023

 Hello, Readers Today's post is all about the RPSC Assistant Engineer Mechanical Syllabus with all topics so if you are thinking to crack the RPSC Assistant Engineer Mechanical exam then you should read our post because it could be helpful for you.

Now let's take a look at the table of topics:

RPSC Assistant Engineer Mechanical Syllabus

SubjectMain Topics
Strength of MaterialsStress, Strain, Elasticity, Bending Moment Diagrams, Hooke's Law
ThermodynamicsFirst and Second Laws, Heat Engines, Refrigeration Cycles
Fluid MechanicsFluid Properties, Bernoulli's Equation, Fluid Dynamics
Machine DesignStress Analysis, Machine Elements, Materials
Theory of MachinesKinematics, Kinetics, Mechanisms
Engineering MechanicsEquilibrium, Friction, Dynamics
Manufacturing ProcessesCasting, Machining, Welding, Forming
Industrial EngineeringWork Study, Production Planning, Quality Control
Electrical FundamentalsElectrical Circuits, Power Systems, Electrical Machines
Engineering MaterialsMetals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites
Environmental EngineeringPollution Control, Waste Management, Sustainable Practices
Numerical MethodsSolving Complex Engineering Problems
Workshop TechnologyManufacturing Processes, Tools, Safety
Professional EthicsEthical Behavior, Communication Skills, Teamwork


Here is his post, we add RPSC Assistant Engineer Mechanical Syllabus in a tabulated format so if you are preparing for this exam then you can read this till the end.

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