Rajasthan Farm Pond Scheme, eligibility, Land requirment amd more

 The Farm Pond Scheme is being started by the Government of Rajasthan. In this scheme, farmers have to make ponds to store rain water. On which the government provides subsidy to them. This is the Farm Pond Scheme. 

It is also called Khet Talai Yojana. Most of the farmers are taking advantage of this scheme in those areas Where the underground water has gone down and farmers are unable to get water for irrigation. That's why the government is encouraging them to store rain water. So that they can store water by making ponds and use it later.

In this article, you will be given information about Farm pond subsidy in rajasthan 2023, which farmers are eligible in this scheme, and how much subsidy is given in this scheme. That's why read for us till the end.

What is a farm pond?

Rain water is collected in Farm Pond Scheme. Due to which the farmer can take this water later in the fields and for his own use. Water crisis is already less in Rajasthan and ground water has also gone down in many places. 

Due to this farmers are not able to irrigate their fields properly. Due to this, the Rajasthan government started this scheme. In this scheme, the farmer has to make a pond in his field by digging a pit prescribed by the rules of the government.

 He can also apply foil or choose it from cement. This is how the farm pond is prepared. In which the farmer stores rainwater. In this way, the Rajasthan government is also giving subsidies to the farmers for making fo farm ponds. 

How much subsidy is being given in this? You will get information about this in the next article. That's why any farmer who wants to apply for this should apply quickly.

Rajasthan Farm Pond scheme

  • The farmer should have at least 0.3 hectares of land.

  • This land should be in the name of the farmer himself and should be in one place only.

  • On the basis of mutual consent of the farmers who have joint account holders in their land, only if the land per farmer is more than 0.3 hectares, different farmers will be eligible to make separate ponds.

  • If the farmer does not have land in his own name (may be when the farmer's father is alive or after the death of the farmer's father, the farmer has not opened the nomination), get the notional holder's certificate made in favor of the farmer Savu from Patwari. can | Then such farmers will also be given benefit in this.

  • If such farmers stay away from the family, then they will have to get a certificate from the sarpanch that they are staying away from the family and their ration card is also different.

  • The work of Farm Pond is related to the agriculture sector. That's why this grant will not be given to any temple, trust, institution, school, college, or religious institution.

  • Subsidy on farm pond will be provided only then. When the farmer has already installed a sprinkler and drip plant. If there is no sprinkler and drip on the farmer's field, then he will have to install the sprinkler and drip first.

Documents required For the Farm Pond Scheme

  • In this, the farmer will have to impose jamabandi. Which is not more than 6 months old.

  • The farmer will have to put in an affidavit that he has so much irrigated land and so much unirrigated land.

  • The farmer should have an Aadhaar card and his mobile number should be linked at that time. Because at present the applications are being made online.

  • The farmer should have a Jan Aadhaar card and his bank account should be linked to it.

  • If you are a Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe farmer, then you will have to apply the certificate.

  • If you are a small or marginal farmer, then your certificate will have to be attached. You can get this certificate made from Patwari and Tehsildar.

How much subsidy is available on a farm pond

  • In Farm Pond Scheme, 70% of the cost is given to small and marginal farmers and they are given a maximum of Rs 73500 on raw farm ponds and Rs 105000 for plastic lining work.

  • Other farmers are given 60% subsidy of the cost in this scheme. They are given a maximum of 63 thousand rupees on raw farm ponds and 90000 rupees are given with plastic lining work.

  • Like a small and marginal farmer constructed a raw farm pond. In which his total expenditure becomes Rs 1 lakh 5000, then he will be given a subsidy of Rs 73500 according to 70% subsidy and even if the farmer's expenditure is more, he would be given a subsidy of Rs 73500 only.

  • As the cost of construction of a small and marginal raw farm pond is ₹ 90000, then according to the 70% subsidy, a subsidy of ₹ 63000 will be given to him.

  • In this scheme, 17.83% of the total targets will be given priority to Scheduled Castes 13.48% to Scheduled Tribes, 33% to small and marginal farmers, and 30% subsidy to women farmers.

  • In this way, farmers are being benefited by providing subsidies in this scheme.

Farm pond size For Rajasthan farm pond scheme

  • In this scheme, subsidy will be provided to the farmers of Rajasthan only for making forum ponds in the prescribed size.

  • The size of the farm pond should be 400 cubic meters of storage capacity.

  • Its length should not be width and its height should be 14*7*2 meters.

  • First, the size of the first form pond in this scheme will be (20*10*3) with a filling capacity of 600 cubic meters.

  • Where there is stony ground, its depth can also be reduced after taking the permission of the Agriculture Officer.

  • Form pond can be constructed by taking loans from the bank or even by yourself.

  • Farm ponds should be constructed away from dense populations and at least 50 feet away from the road.

  • Also, put a warning board near the farm pond that there is a pit ahead, children are not allowed to come here.

  • The farmer will have to take an affidavit for the safety of public money and livestock that he will not be harmed in any way from this farm pond.

Plastic lining of farm pond

PLASTIC SEAT ISI MARK LDPE 500 MICRON OR 250 GSM MLCUV PLASTIC SHEET OR HDPE PLASTIC SHEET BIS QUALITY 500 MICRON OR 300 MICRON BIS NO -BIS 10889:2004,BIS-2508:2016,BIS-15351:2015,BIS-16352 :2015 and at present this plastic sheet of different company has come and whose BIS number is also different.

Khet Talai Yojana Rajasthan Form PDF

  • At present, applications are being taken online in the Farm Pond Scheme.

  • To apply in this, you must first go to Raj Kisan's portal

  • http://rajkisan.rajasthan.gov.in/Rajkisanweb/login/2

  • Then when the home page of this site opens, you will have to click on the citizen login above.

  • After this a new page will open. You have to put your Jan Aadhaar number in it and OTP will be sent on Jan Aadhaar. After entering that you have to login.

  • After this, apply to you that you have to click on the option.

  • After this, you have to select the Agriculture Department.

  • Then Agriculture Department-related services will come in front of you.

  • Out of these you have to select Farm Pond.

  • After this a new page will open in which instructions related to Farm Pond Scheme will appear.

  • Next again the forum will open, this forum has to be filled carefully and after uploading the required documents, press the submit button.

  • In this way, you will be able to apply in the Rajasthan Farm Pond Scheme.

How to check the status of Farm Pond Scheme

  • For this, you have to go to the official website of Raj Kisan.

  • Then you have to log on to Kisan Citizen.

  • After that check the status of the application, click on it and you will reach the direct status link from the link given by us.

  • http://rajkisan.rajasthan.gov.in/citizen/ApplicationStatus

  • Then you have to select subsidy in select type.

  • In the department, the form pond has to be selected in the agriculture department and subsidy.

  • After this the application number has to be filled and you will be able to see at which stage your form is running.

Farm pond scheme helpline number

If you want to get more information about Kisan Farm Pond Scheme, you can contact us by calling its toll-free number. If there is any kind of problem with their application on the Kisan Helpline number or subsidy is not coming in their account, then they can contact this. Apart from this, you can also register a complaint by calling 181 of Rajasthan Sampark. Also the complaint is resolved soon. Following are the helpline numbers of the Farm Pond Scheme-


Email ID- helpdesk.rajkisan@rajasthan.gov.in

Farm pond scheme Rajasthan 2023 list

  • To download the PDF of the Farm Pond Scheme, first of all, one has to visit the official website of the Rajasthan Agriculture Department

  • https://agriculture.rajasthan.gov.in/agriculture/#/home/dptHome

  • Then you are get the option of schemes at the bottom of the home page. Have to click on it.

  • Then you have to press on Farm Pond (Khet Talai).

  • Then after this, all the information related to this scheme will come in front of you.

  • After this, you can also download the PDF of its guidelines from here.


Here in this post, we add all related information about the Rajasthan farm pond scheme so if you want to know anything related to this scheme then you should read this post till the end.

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