Getting Started with Introduction Of C Programming Language

 Welcome to our blog today we are starting a series of c programming notes so if you are learning c programming language then you should read our spot till the end.

You must have heard about C language and maybe you also want to learn this language. This article will give you detailed information about C language. C language is called the mother language of all program languages. Because it is an old language.

Introduction Of C Programming Language
 Introduction Of C Programming Language

To learn any computer language, you must have knowledge of C language. Because it is the most basic language. And it helps you to learn and understand any computer language.

What is C language? 

C language is a computer language. With which computer programs are written. And it is a very popular computer language.

C language is general-purpose computer language. Which is very simple and flexible. C language is a basic computer language. For this reason, C language is also called mother language. From which computer operating systems to complex programs like Oracle database, Git, and Python interpreter are also written.

C language is the cornerstone of computer programs. If you have learned C language once, then you can easily learn any computer language of the computer.

History of c language 

C programming language was developed by Dannies Ritchie in 1972 at AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) lab located in the USA.

Dennis Ritchie is also known as the father of the C language.

C language was developed to overcome the shortcomings of old computer languages like B, BCPL, etc. Initially, C language was developed for use in the UNIX operating system. And in this many qualities of old computer languages like B, BCPL were taken.

Features of C language

C language is very popular and widely used language. Behind which there are some features present in it. Which are explained in the following points.

1.) Simple

C language is an easy and simple language. Because its structure is such that the problem is divided into different parts.

2.) Machine-independent or portable

It is possible to use C language on any machine. For this, a slight change has to be made in its code. That's why C language is also called machine-independent language.

3.) Mid-level programming language

The characteristics of both low-level and high-level programming languages are present in C language. For this reason, it is used to make system software and to make high-performance software. For this reason, it is called Mid-level programming language.

4.) Structured programming language

C language has a structure. In this, the program is divided into small parts. Which is called function. Due to this, it is easy to understand the program and its work. And the code of the function can also be used from the back.

5.) Memory management

It has the function of dynamic memory allocation. It frees the allocated memory. For this there is free() function in C language.

6.) speed

Programs written in C language take very little time to compile and run very fast.

7.) Extensible

It is possible to add new functions to it. For this reason, it is possible to expand it.

Download and install a compiler For c programming Language

A compiler is required to interpret the code written in C language to the machine. Different compilers are available for different operating systems. Which you have to download and install on your computer.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express or MinGW compiler for Windows
  • Xcode compiler for Mac
  • gcc compiler for Linux

Applications of C language

Mainly C language is used to create system software like operating systems. The uses of C language are explained in the following points.

  • It is used to compile and compile system software such as operating systems.

  • C language is also used to write application software like database management etc.

  • C language is used in graphics-related software and mobile games.

  • It is used to make compilers.

  • C language is used in GUI applications. Adobe Photoshop was first made in C language only.

  • C language is used in the equipment used in the network.


Here in this post, we add some information about c programming like Features of C language, Applications of C language, and many more so if you are starting to learn c programming then you should read our post till the end.

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