Download PDF GK questions for class 3

 In this article, we have come up with some basic general knowledge questions and answers for class 3 kids. As we know that children should be made aware of general knowledge and keep asking questions from time to time.

 By doing this, children's ability to see and understand the world not only increases but also their curiosity toward general knowledge arises in them. Below are the general knowledge questions and answers based on various topics-

GK questions for class 3

GK questions for class 3
GK questions for class 3

1. What is the taste of chili?

Ans. Spicy

2. What is rice made of?

Ans. Rice 

3. What is the food eaten in the morning called?

Ans. breakfast and snacks

4. What comes before 5?

Ans. Four

5. What is the color of the sky?

Ans. Blue

6. How many colors are there in a rainbow?

Ans. 7

7. Who is the king of the jungle?

Ans. Lion

8. Where does the bird live?

Ans. in the nest

9. How many legs does a goat have?

Ans. 4

10. Who is the queen of water?

Ans. fish

11. What do we know about taste?

Ans. with tongue

12. What are the three parts of the Indian Army?

Ans. Army, Air Force, Navy

13. Where is the capital of India?

Ans. New Delhi

14. When did our country become independent?

Ans. 15 August 1947

15. Who is the father of our nation?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

16. What is the full name of Mahatma Gandhi?

Ans. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

17. Who was our first President?

Ans. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

18. How many days are there in a week?

Ans. 7

19. How many weeks are there in a month?

Ans. 4

20. How many months are there in a year?

Ans. 12

21. How many days are there in a year?

Ans. 365

22. In which direction does the sun rise?

Ans. East

23. In which direction does the sun set?

Ans. West

24. How many directions are there?

Ans. 4

25. What is the color of the leaves?

Ans. Green

26. How many wheels are there in a bicycle?

Ans. Two

27. How many parts are there in the Indian Army?

Ans. Three

28. What do we call the hand that eats?

Ans. right hand

29. What are the four legged ones called?

Ans. quadruped

30. How are dog, cat and cow animals?

Ans. pet

31. How is the earth?

Ans. Round

32. What is 2+2?

Ans. 4

33. Which month comes after February? Ans. march

34. What do you do with the eyes?

Ans. lets see

35. How many teeth are there in our mouth?

Ans. 32

36. How many bones are there in our body?

Ans. 206

37. How many fingers are there on both your hands?

Ans. 10

38. What is the color of orange?

Ans. orange

39. When does Santa Claus bring gifts?

Ans. Christmas

40. In which festival do we light a lamp (diya) at night?

Ans. Diwali

41. Who makes pottery?

Ans. Potter

42. How many players play in the game of cricket?

Ans. 11

43. Who was our first Prime Minister?

Ans. Pandit jawaharlal nehru

44. Which is the densest forest in the world?

Ans. Amazon is the densest forest in the world.

45. Who was Albert Einstein?

Ans. Albert Einstein was a famous scientist.

46. How many planets are there in the solar system?

Ans. 9

47. Who discovered India?

Ans. Vasco da Gama

48. Who invented the telephone?

Ans. Graham Bell

49. Which is the longest river of India?

Ans. Ganges

50. Where was the capital of India before Delhi?

Ans. Calcutta means Kolkata

51. When was Mahatma Gandhi born?

Ans. October 2

52. When is Children's Day celebrated?

Ans. 14 November

53. What did children call Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru?

Ans. Chacha Nehru

54. When is Teacher's Day celebrated?

Ans. 5 September

55. When is Republic Day celebrated?

Ans. 26 January

56. When is Independence Day celebrated?

Ans. August 15

57. How many alphabets are there in English?

Ans. 26

58. Which animal is called the ship of the desert?

Ans. Camel

59. What is honey made of?

Ans. from bee

60. What is sugar made of?

Ans. from sugarcane

61. What is our national anthem?

Ans. Jan Gan Man Adhinayak Jaya hey

62. What is our national anthem?

Ans. Vande Matram

63. Who is our national animal?

Ans. Bengal Tiger

64. Which is our national bird?

Ans. Peacock

65. Which is called the king of fruits?

Ans. Common

66. What is paneer made of?

Ans. with milk

67. Who delivers the letters to us?

Ans. postman

68. Where is the Red Fort?

Ans. Delhi

69. Where is Qutub Minar?

Ans. Delhi

70. Where is the Taj Mahal?

Ans. Agra

71. Who built the Taj Mahal

Ans. shah jahan

72. Where is the Statue of Unity?

Ans. Ahmedabad

73. Where is the Gateway of India?

Ans. Mumbai

74. Where is India Gate?

Ans. Delhi

75. Who was the first Prime Minister of India?

Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru.

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