How to Become Voice Over Artist in India

 If there is some magic in your voice, that means your voice makes others more attractive to you. So you can make your best career in the world of Voice.

Today we are going to tell you in this article how any youth can give a new status to his career even on the basis of his voice.

We are going to talk about voice-over artist or voice dubbing careers because most of the format of this career is related to the film industry So you can also earn good money in this field as compared to other careers.

If you also want to make a new place in this field. Then this article is important for you.

In this article, we are going to give you complete information, on how to become a voice-over artist, how to become a voice-over artist? Or how to become a voice dubbing artist, or how to do a voice dubbing course, etc.

You must have seen many such people, who run their business on the basis of their skills. Some sell goods by giving voice in buses, while some give presentations for big companies. Some sing songs, while some compose and play tunes.

If attention is paid, somewhere voice also plays an important role in employment. If there is some magic in your voice, then your voice can also become good employment for you?

How to Become Voice Over Artist

How to Become Voice Over Artist
How to Become Voice Over Artist

Voice-over is a technology of production. Which is used in radio, television production, and the film industry. The voice given in advertisements, audiobooks, animation movies, promotion calls, radio advertisements, and information in airplanes, etc., is called Voice Over.

Actions happening at the same time have to be described in the voice hour. In today's time, voice-over technology is being made. It is also used in the film industry. In voice-over, the first voice is recorded.

After that, that voice is added to the video. Voice hours are most commonly used in video documentaries, news reports, video games, animation movies, and on-hold messages.

Some people here think that if someone has a good voice, then he can only work on the radio. But in today's changing times, this thinking has become just limited.

In today's time, the market for dubbing films is increasing in the film industry. According to a report, the demand for Hollywood films has been increasing in India in the last two decades. Whose film is in the English language? To release them in India, the first Hindi dubbing of their language is done, for that, a voice-over artist is required.

There are many Hollywood movies that were dubbed and released in the Hindi language, and after that, those movies broke records.

how to Become Voice-Over Artist in india

  • The environment in which we spend time/life, and the society in which we live. There is an impact on our lifestyle, style, and voice/dialect, that is why we can tell who is from the city and who is from the village, just by listening to someone.

  • Most of the influence in our voice remains in our mother tongue. Which we can also call MTI 'Mother Tongue Influence', if our pronunciation is not accurate, fluent, and full of emotion, then the effect of our words on other people will not be good.

  • We hear advertisements on radio, cinema, and television. Movies of other languages are watched in their mother tongue. After all, who are these people, who give their voice in these and remain in the hearts and minds of the people even after being behind the scenes. In all these, the artist who gives voice is called Voice Over Artist, that is, an artist who shows the game only with his voice.

  • Voice Over Artist wins everyone's heart with his voice like a skilled actor. The more popular and special the voice of the voice-over artist, the higher its demand and price.

Features of Voice-Over Artist

  • The voice-over artist should also look like a great actor. Today's time is of social media. In such a situation, a voice-over artist should create his account on all social media platforms and post on them daily. Which will make you different from other voice-over artists.

  • Voice-over artists should have the ability to modify his/her voice according to the script.

  • The way the book is the same, but the method of teaching it is different. If a teacher's words are understood by a student, then someone else doesn't, similarly, there can be different styles of reading the same script, but some people like the way of voice, then some don't.

  • The same artist reads different scripts in different ways. Sometimes his voice sounds exciting, sometimes spiritual, sometimes childlike, sometimes romantic, sometimes terrifying, and sometimes scary. That is, the voice-over artist expresses his dialogues in such a way that the person listening gets a direct connection with him.

Types of Voice-Over Artists

Generally speaking, two types of voice-over are considered - one is para dub and the other is lip sync, but according to the demand of time, many more methods have been added to it, mimicry and children's programs etc.

  • Para dub

Normally when we do a voice-over for audio. So only modulation is important there.

It is definitely that for a Voice Over Artist, knowledge of pronunciation or words is also very important. In the para dub, the voice-over artist has to do voice-over without audio or video as to where and how his voice will fit.

There is also a dubbing director for this who decides where and how to use your voice.

Just as many scenes in films are shot by a big actor only, in the same way, some special types of dialogue are dubbed by a special voice-over artist, which is also called casting.

In the para dub, the artist has to give his voice directly. It doesn't matter what your character and lip expressions are like.

In a way, this is a subtle way of voice-over, in which you do the voice-over and leave the rest of the work to your dubbing director.

For any voice-over artist, it is necessary to have a good grip on the language as well as general knowledge and pronunciation of different languages.

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  • lip sync

This is another way of doing voice-over, lip sync. In today's time, if you watch television, you will find that it is dominated by voice-over artists.

There are many such areas apart from advertising. Where most of the work is done by the voice-over artist, such as National Geographic Channel, Discovery, History Channel, Cartoon Network Channel, etc.

Today, the trend of films in regional languages of other states is also increasing rapidly. Which you can see in any language according to your choice. Regional language films require voice-over artistes to dub them in their regional language.

It is not necessary for dubbing artists to work only in Hindi or English. You can also make a career as a voice-over artist in dubbing films in your regional languages.

In this way, if the artist lip-syncs in the dubbing of films, then he will say his dialogue according to the character. Will add emotion to it and overall according to the dubbing director will make that character come alive with his voice.

It is also necessary for the dubbing artist to understand his source character. Dubbing according to his body language, his acting, his mood, and his dialogue.

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Eligibility to become a voice-over artist

  • Although there is no need for any special qualification to become a Voice Over Artist, if you want to make a good career in this field, then you must be at least twelfth or graduate. Because this is a creative field, the more understanding you have inside, the better it is for you.

  • Apart from this, there should be qualities like a good voice, and way of speaking, because the whole game in this field is of voice. If your voice is not right, then making a career in this field will not be easy for you.

  • After that, depending on your ability, you can do short-term or long-term courses related to Voice Over Artists or Dubbing Artists.

  • A good voice-over artist should have good knowledge of modulation, pronunciation of words, and two to three languages.

Job openings for Voice Over Artists

  • In the private studio.
  • In advertising agencies.
  • in radio and television channels.
  • in the movies.
  • In documentaries.

voice over artist salary

This area is very big in terms of income. You can make an independent career in this field. In this, the working time and income depend on you only. In this field, you can earn from Rs 500 to Rs 5000 per day and your income increases with experience.

If you work monthly with any channel or radio, then your income can be around 15 thousand to 30 thousand rupees and as your experience increases, your salary can go up to one lakh rupees a month.

Some of the leading institutes in the country to become a voice-over artist

  • The Voice School, Mumbai
  • Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  • Isom's Baig Films, Noida
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
  • Academy of Radio Management, New Delhi


Here in this post, we add all related information about the Voice Over Artist like Voice Over Artist's salary, voice-over jobs, voice-over jobs for beginners from home and many more so if you want to know how to become Voice Over Artist then you should read our post till the end.

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