How to Become Affiliate Marketer 2023

If you guys are thinking of starting your career in Affiliate Marketing then you can read our post till the end because in this article we covered all topics related to  Affiliate Marketing which can help you to understand how to become an affiliate marketer.

how to become affiliate marketer
how to become affiliate marketer

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Today we will know what is affiliate marketing, how to start, what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing affiliate marketing and important tips for affiliate marketing, let's see what is affiliate marketing,

There is a company, the affiliate marketer promotes its product or service through its website, social media, or video marketing,

If someone buys that product through this, then the affiliate marketer gets a commission. Roughly speaking, this is called affiliate marketing. This will be known in step-by-step detail in this article.

There is a good way to earn money, people can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing and are earning, but it does not mean that all people are earning good money from affiliate marketing,

In this article, you can earn money from affiliate marketing by using Insare methods and tips that tell all the aspects of affiliate marketing and all the secrets. Now you must have come to know what is Affiliate Marketing.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

When you opt out of a merchant's affiliate program, you are provided with a link/URL to refer each product or service customer, containing the merchant's domain name and tracking ID.

Whenever you promote this link and a customer clicks on this link and buys the product by going to the merchant's website, then you get some percent commission of the amount of that product.

The amount of commission depends on the merchant and product category. Let us understand with an example how affiliate marketing works:

  • If someone likes the post written about a laptop on your website.
  • And he clicks on the Amazon Affiliate link in your post.
  • After seeing the product, if that customer comes back after some time and buys that product from Amazon.
  • Affiliate Cookie is stored in the customer's phone, it also has an expiry date, even if the customer buys the laptop after some time, you get a commission.

How to become an affiliate marketer?

To start affiliate marketing, understand and follow these important steps:

Step1: Choose your Niche

You have to suck any one category of your interest because in the beginning, you will have to promote its review and product by doing only one low category,

First work on a niche or micro niche, keep your focus on one, a lot of content has to be written in this category, so choose such category from which you will never get bored,

To choose the right niche for you, answer these questions to yourself: What am I good at? What do I like to do What am I interested in, what do people say I am good at?

Step2: Choose a content platform

Anyone can work on a platform to do affiliate marketing.

  • Website
  • Youtube
  • social media
  • newsletter
  • podcast.
  • Blog

Which platform should you choose, it depends on you and your niche, for example, if your niche is dance, then YouTube will be right for you,

But it is recommended that a website should be made because, with the help of SEO, continuous traffic comes when the page is ranked, due to which affiliate links are clicked continuously.

And remember one important thing, whether you start with YouTube or a website, people have to be told that there is an affiliate link on your platform, such as in the footer of the website or in a separate page, you can write the details and before the link in YouTube (affiliate link ) can write.

Step3: Join Affiliate Programs Now

Join the best affiliate program that comes in your niche, if you want to target the consumer then there are affiliate programs for that too and if you want to target businesses then there are affiliate programs for that too.

Search Google to find the best affiliate program, if you want to promote a product, then check its website for affiliates,

If there is no affiliate for the public, then you can contact that company and ask yourself to become an affiliate partner. Amazon runs a big affiliate program.

Step4: Now start creating content

If you create an affiliate marketing site, then you have to put good quality content in it and paste the affiliate link in a natural way, do not do this without an Amazon affiliate link everywhere,

Paste the link without entering all the details. For example, if you review a product, then first buy the product, then review your opinion.

Step5: Drive traffic to your website

After creating good content, if there is no traffic on the website then who will click on the affiliate link. PPC can use 'pay per click' ie paid traffic

You can get traffic by using advertisements but if you are absolutely a beginner and you get less commission like in Amazon Affiliate then you should not use paid traffic.

SEO 'Search Engine Optimization' Use this to bring organic traffic to your site. Pages can be ranked high on Google through SEO. As long as you rank the page, you will keep getting traffic.

Apart from this, create an email list, through the email list, you can communicate with your real reader anytime. By creating an email list, you can tell about new content so that you come back to the site. If you want to do affiliate marketing then you can learn on Skillshare.

How to start affiliate marketing with no money

Follow these steps to do affiliate marketing.

Step1: Review the products of your niche

You don't have to 'find an idea' or make a product, this work is a merchant, you just have to review the product and tell people, you can compare and review two products.

Step2: Collect the email list

Affiliate links are clicked when visitors come to the website, but by collecting email lists, you can click on affiliate links anytime.

Step 3: You can give information to your audience through the webinar.

If someone wants to take something, he has two options, one is to read a blog review and the other is to watch a live presentation of the product, then everyone will select the second option.

Give product information to people in the webinar, answer their questions, and share the product link with you at the end of the webinar. If you convince the merchant to present the product in front of 100 people, then the merchant also gives a discount or offer to the audience.

How to do affiliate marketing with 6 Methods

In the last few years, affiliate marketing has been done in new ways, apart from the traditional method, we know the ways of new affiliate marketing.

1. Blogging

Affiliate marketing is a way to monetize bloggers, often bloggers write content on a particular niche and share their products and services with their audience,

Because the audience is of that niche, then there are more chances that people will buy that product. Remember to put affiliate links where needed and where you can naturally insert them, and provide value to your audience before sharing the affiliate link.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the top method to do affiliate marketing, celebrities like Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and Justin Bieber are the top influencers in the world,

Apart from this, common people also become famous by creating interesting content and interacting with their audience. Instagram Influencer, Tiktoker, YouTube, etc.

Influencers of social media promote the product of a brand, on which they get a commission. This is also the way of affiliate marketing, you can also promote links on Instagram by tagging the brand,

By pasting the link in the bio, using stories and IGTV to promote the product, etc. Promote only those products on which you have trust.

3. Microsites

A microsite or a small website is different from a main website, a microsite is used to target a specific audience, it promotes only a few products or services, and has a separate domain or sub-domain.

4. Social Media Sites

Promote the product using your social media platforms, advertise on Facebook, and share links on your personal pages, groups, posts, etc.

5. Email Lists

An email list is also a good way to promote affiliate links. You may want to register visitors using Mailchimp, Aweber, or a similar service, then share the affiliate link in the newsletter.

6. Videos

People are eager to know anything from the video, that's why 2.1 billion users are active on YouTube. Video creators can be made on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok, busy people also watch the video content and can tell the advantages and disadvantages of the product through the video.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

  • There is no need to go anywhere to do affiliate marketing, you can do affiliate marketing sitting at home and only need a laptop and internet connection.

  • Affiliate marketing is not very difficult. Starting part-time it can be taken up to full time.

  • Product making, designing, transaction, delivery, all this work is done by the merchant, you just have to provide the link of that product.

  • There is no age limit, you can start at any age and there is no charge for joining an affiliate marketing program.

  • There is no need for any degree or education, just come to do affiliate marketing and you can work as little or as much as you want, there is no boss.

  • Once you start affiliate marketing, as user traffic increases and clicks on affiliate links increase, this leads to your passive income.

  • There is not as much risk in this as it is in launching a product.

  • Affiliate marketing benefits you as well as the merchant.

 earning from affiliate marketing

Money depends on website traffic for example if your website has 1 Lakh traffic per month then you can make 25000 rupees/month.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing?

  • If you use advertisements to promote affiliate links, then it is possible that there may not be a single click or a purchase.

  • At the beginning of affiliate marketing, a lot of hard work has to be done, only then do you get results.

  • Follow your affiliate program properly, if you do not, then you can be removed.

  • It is possible that the commission on the product of your niche is very less. For example, there is often a 1% commission for mobiles on Amazon.

Best tips for affiliate marketing

1. It is very important to build trust.

2. Talk to the product expert to know about the product.

3. Also tell your experience about the product.

4. Start reviewing the product or service.

5. Say thanks to people before clicking on the affiliate link.

6. Bonus can also be given to those who buy the product.


Here in this post, we add all related information about affiliate marketing like how to make money with affiliate marketing, is affiliate marketing is safe, the best affiliate programs for beginners and more so if you also want to become an affiliate marketer then you should read our spot till the end.

FAQ For affiliate marketers

Q.1: Is Affiliate Marketing Safe?

Here affiliate marketing is legal as long as you tell the audience that you are promoting affiliate links and you are getting a commission. According to the FTC, you have to tell your audience that you are promoting affiliate links.

Q.2: best affiliate programs for beginners?

Ans: Amazon, Flipkart, clue link, and more.

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