How to Become a Professor in India After 12th

 If you are also wondering how to become a professor, then first of all we will know who is called a professor? What is the qualification to become a professor in college, and what is the salary of a professor you will get all possible information related to becoming a professor in this blog post.

If you want to become a successful person in life, then you have to make friends with studies and this friendship will not only make you a successful person but will also fulfill your big dreams. 

Those dreams which you consider as your honor and wish to achieve them. The person who is interested in studies has the ability to achieve every impossible thing.

 It would be a matter of studies, on the other hand, some people have so much attachment to studies that they want to make it their career, which means they like to teach and want to become a perfect teacher.

Some people want to teach after working in a higher position, then the best option for them would be to work as a professor in a college. But some people do not have proper information about the job of a professor and they think here that what is the qualification for becoming a Professor (How to become a college professor) and Assistant Professor, etc. See you in this article. So friends, let's try to know about how to become a professor in college in more detail.

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Who is called College Professor?

A college professor has expertise in a particular subject, meaning he is an expert in his subject. You can never become a direct professor, for this, you have to give many exams. First of all, you are employed as an Assistant Professor in the college and later when your experience increases, you get the post of Professor.

How to Become a Professor in India

You have come to know what is a college professor and now understand how to become a college professor in 2023 and what needs to be done for it. Getting a professor job is not that easy for you to have to put in a lot of hard work and clear the exams. 

How to Become a Professor in India After 12th
How to Become a Professor in India After 12th

If you have a lot of interest in studies, you want to share your acquired knowledge with others, and want to work in a higher position, then you can do the job of a professor in college To become a lecturer in a college in India, you have to pass the NET exam, but to become a professor, one exam is not enough for you. Without this, the new guidelines of UGC have come into force. 

If you talk further in this article, what qualification will you need to become a professor in college, then read the post completely?

Qualification for a Professor in the University

1. Do 12th in the chosen subject:

Almost all the students after passing 10th think that what they have to do next like in which stream to study further and what to become. Therefore, if you have thought that you want to become a professor in college, then you should pass 12th in the subject of your choice so that you can do further studies in the same subject for which you want to become a professor.

2. Graduation from the selected subject:

You must know that to get any government job, it is very important to clear graduation, and graduation is also the basis of any higher study. That's why do graduate from your favorite subject. During graduation, you will also know in which subject you have more interest in and from that you should study further. You can change your stream during graduation itself. You must have 55% marks in your graduation degree.

3. Now do Post Graduation:

After completion of graduation, now it is the turn of post-graduation i.e. master's degree, so it is also very important to become a professor. During graduation, you have to become an expert in the subject which you liked the most, that is, you have to be ready to become a professor of a particular subject. In post-graduation, you will get mastery of your favorite subject and do a deep study of it. In post-graduation also you have to bring 55% marks from work to work so that you can move forward in this process.

4. Clear UGC NET Exam:

Now after clearing post-graduation you are ready to become a lecturer in college but only post-graduation is not enough you have to clear UGC NET exam. Clear the UGC NET exam and after that, you teach as a lecturer in any college. But if you want to become a professor, then the process does not end here. The further process to become a processor is given below.

5. Pass SLET or SET Exam:

SLET (State Level Eligibility Test) / SET exam is a state-level exam. You can do jobs in all the colleges coming in the state in which you will pass this exam.

6. Pass M.Phil / P.hd:

After doing post-graduation you have to get M.Phil or P.hd degree, after clearing which you are ready to become a professor. Students can choose either of these two degrees, it completely depends on you. But if you do M.Phil then you have to give the NET/SET exam. If you choose P.hd instead, then there is no need to give UGC NET exam. There are some guidelines for not giving the NET exam after doing P.hd, such as P.hd degree should be regular and at least 2 research papers should be published.

If you complete all these qualifications, then you get the job of assistant professor, in which later you become a professor.

College Professor Age Limit Criteria

If you want to know what should be your age limit to become a professor in college, then for your information, let us tell you that there is no specific age limit for the post of professor. To become a professor in a government college in India, you can get a job even at the age of 48. To become a professor, you have to go through a long process, so first you become an assistant professor and then you become a professor, it takes many years. For this reason, the job of college professors has been kept age free.

College Professor Selection Process in 2023

To get any job, we have to go through many processes, similarly to become a professor, we have to work hard. The selection process for becoming a Professor is as follows:-

  • The college is recruited through State PSC recruitment.
  • Written Exam
  • Interview
  • A merit list is prepared.
  • In the end, your qualification and necessary documents are checked.

Salary of a University Professor in India

After talking about all the important aspects, now we will know what is the salary of a professor. Now if it takes you so much hard work to become a professor, then it is obvious that the salary should also be very good in this.

Before becoming a professor in college, you become an assistant professor and then a professor, so the salary of an assistant professor ranges from 35,000 to 65,000. And the salary of a professor goes from 1 lakh to 1,80,000. Totally you get a very good salary by becoming a professor.


Here in this post, we add all related information about professors like university professor salaries, salaries of university professors in india, and more so if you want to know how to become a professor in india then you should read our post till the end.

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