How to Become DJ in India 2023

 Do you want to become a DJ or make a career as a disc jockey? If you are dreaming of making a career in the field of disc jockey, then you are reading the right post. Because in this post we will tell you in detail how to become a dj. In this article, we will also tell you what is the career scope in the disc jockey field. Where will you get a job after doing Disc Jocky Course? Which is the best Disc Jocky Institute and what is the fee for this course? We will tell you about all these in detail in this post. Let's start with How to Become DJ.

How to Become DJ in India 2023
How to Become DJ in India

How to Become a DJ in India

DJ means that no special qualification is required to become a disc jockey. If you want to do Disc Jockey Course, then you can do the course after the 10th or 12th. Even if you do not want to do the course, you can make a career in this field. However, through the course, you get a good knowledge of the Disc Jockey field, which makes it easier for you to make a career in this field.

But if you want that you can make a career in this field without doing Disc Jockey Course, then for this you have to learn by staying with an experienced disc jockey. After this, you can easily make your career as disc jockey.

Who is Disc Jockey?

Whenever you go to a party or function, there you will see many people dance a lot on the dance floor to funny songs, then the person who plays your favorite songs on DJ, that person is DJ or Disc Jocky. It happens. In today's time, DJ has become a common thing in every kind of party function, in the last decade, the popularity of DJ has increased a lot, due to which the demand of expert people has also increased in this field.

Career Scope in Disc Jockey

After doing a course in this field or after learning the nuances of this field, if you feel that your knowledge and understanding in this field has become stronger than before, then there are many good career opportunities in the field of music and entertainment. A good DJ is in great demand in discotheques, night clubs and hotels.

Along with this, you can also get a great opportunity to work by joining event management companies, radio stations as radio disc jockeys, TV, entertainment and communication related companies. You can also work as a freelancer in this field.

Whereas in today's time, DJs also work on contract basis to entertain the guests in birthday parties, functions, weddings, school-college events and they get paid on the basis of that.

DJ salary in india

If you do not do Disc Jocky Course and come directly in this field, then you have to learn here, then you do not get any money for learning here. When you start working after learning, you also get paid. That's why in the beginning you may have to work for free, because here you have come to learn. On the other hand, if you have come in this field after doing a course and you have knowledge of this field, then here you also get paid.

In the beginning in this field, you can get 2 thousand to 5 thousand rupees a day. If you work in a big firm, then you can get more money than this.

See, as your grip becomes stronger in this, practice and experience increases, then you start getting good money too. Earning also depends on the nature of the party, venue etc. Earning depends on how famous your name is in this field, how famous you are as a DJ among people.

Famous disc jockey (DJ) A. Sen, says, there is a very good scope in the field of jockeys today. If you have an understanding of music, tune and different genres of music, then you can easily succeed in this. For this, today many institutes conduct short term and crash courses. After doing these courses, you can improve yourself further. Salary increases with experience. You can earn up to 35 to 50 thousand rupees per month in a big club or hotel.

What is Disc Jocky (DJ) work

DJ not only entertains people in parties, hotels and clubs, but he also does many other things, such as preparing music albums, preparing remixes for any song, mixing two songs and making one, etc. If you also have interest in music, have a good sense of tunes and are able to remix any song by yourself, then you can secure your career by becoming Disc Jocky.

Skills to become Disc Jocky (DJ)

If you want to become a successful DJ, then for this you should also have some knowledge of different styles of music like rock, electro, jazz, pop, hip-hop etc., then it is even better. Along with this, it is also important to know how different soundtracks are mixed together on software or other equipment. Along with this, personality, better communication skills, sensing the mood and likes and dislikes of the event, venue and crowd and playing music, all these skills should be inside you.

Best Institute for Disc Jockey Course

  • Film and Television Institute of India Pune
  • Growers DJ Training Academy Delhi
  • Scratch Dj Academy Delhi


Here in this post, we add all related information about how to become DJ in india so if you want to become a DJ then you should read our post till the  end.

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