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 Know DBA (Database Administrator), what is DBA, the Function of DBA in DBMS, DBMS notes, responsibilities of dba in dbms, and DBA Roles.

dba in dbms
dba in dbms


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   What is DBA in DBMS

Database Administrator is a user who has a control of full data, Database Administrator itself designs our database, Database Administer itself creates different user and gives access to them It happens.


  • How and from which part is data access
  • Whether the user who accesses data is authorized or not
  • Whether the database has been updated or not
  • Fixing User Problem
  • schema
  • maintain database software

Function of dba in DBMS For BCA Notes

1.defining conceptual Schema

  • Our database has a logical design, it does DBA dissects i.e. in the table

  • Which Primary Key will be and which Foreign Key will be all Decision Data Administrator.


  • When we create a database, that database physical storage means our
  • There will also be a store in the computer's disc. It also disgives DBA.

3.Security and Integrity Checks

  • Which user is authenticate for our database and access data
  • Which user is authorized for DBA also tells, and DBA itself maintains the integrity of data.

4. Backup and Recovery Strategy

  • When we work in a database, there will probably be a fault in the system, then that data should be backup, then when will the backup be, how many intervals will happen, and where will be in our files, all these things are DBA, if it is, if Our database is corrupt, so how will we do its recovery also DBA.

5. Granting User Access

  • All the users in our database have to give the access to the database, it also dishes DBA.

Example:- If there are 5 users in our database (U1- U5), then U1 has to be given only selected permission and U5 has to be given delete permission, So permission gives DBA only.


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