How to become umpire in cricket in India

 Friends, today our topic is going to be sports, in today's article we will learn about how to become umpire in cricket, we will study it in very simple words. Cricket fans are not only in India but all over the world.

Cricket is liked by people of all ages, children, young and old, whenever there is any kind of cricket match like IPL, World Cup, etc.

So cricket lovers from all over the world watch the live broadcast of cricket after completing all the work quickly. There is more than one player in our country like Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, and Virat Kohli. Whose performance will be a bit difficult to tell, you must have seen it yourself.

Today, we will not talk about any player, but we will talk about the umpire, who is called the judge of cricket, and whose instructions have to be obeyed by everyone. In this article, we will know what an umpire is and how to become a cricket umpire. If you read in the easy language then let's know.

What is a cricket umpire?

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football, can you tell about such a cricket match that is without an umpire, maybe not, the role of umpires in the game of cricket is like judiciary or judges.

On many occasions, the umpire plays a significant role in deciding the result of the game, if any action of the player in the cricket match is shown by the umpire, it is a big decision, it depends on them what their decision is.

How to become umpire in cricket
How to become umpire in cricket

How to become umpire in cricket

To make a good cricket umpire, you must first have an interest in cricket and must have a good understanding of all the big and small rules of cricket so that you can give true and accurate decisions to any cricket player. Many times the written and practical exam is organized by the state-level cricket board.

You can get complete information about these exams by visiting the website of your state-level cricket board. There is no twinning for these exams. If you are interested in cricket, and you know about the rules of cricket, then you can quickly pass this test.

When you pass the state-level exam, then you are considered eligible for the exam conducted by the BCCI to make you a Cricket Umpire. In this, BCCI itself prepares for the exam by taking classes for Umpire, after that BCCI itself takes the exam if you pass this exam. goes to

So BCCI sends you passed candidates for training, and after that gives you a chance to umpire in domestic matches if your credit is correct then you get a chance to umpire at the national and then international level.

Qualification For Cricket Umpire 

It is not necessary for any applicant to be a competitive cricket player before becoming an umpire, yes if someone has played cricket before then it will be considered as an additional qualification. Before applying for the post of the umpire, you must have the following qualifications.

  • must have good eyesight
  • good fitness
  • Complete knowledge of the rules of cricket

Like cricketers, umpires are also continuously assessed on the basis of their consistent performance and the number of errors the umpire commits is divided into different grades accordingly. The BCCI has divided umpires into four grades.

  • Grade A: There are currently 20 umpires on this list.
  • Grade B: There are currently 25 umpires on this list.
  • Grade C: There are 35 umpires on this list as of now.
  • Grade D: There are currently 40 umpires on this list.

Age limit to become a cricket umpire

To become a cricket umpire, you should be at least 19 years old and a maximum of 58 years old, at this age you can become a cricket umpire.

Steps to become an umpire in cricket

  • 1st Step:- First of all you have to register with the State Cricket Association as your name is recommended to BCCI by the State Association only.

  • Step 2:- Once you participate in the local matches, the state association sends your name to the BCCI for the level one exam to be conducted yearly or once every two years.

  • 3rd Stage:- BCCI arranges coaching classes for all the applicants only for three days after which a written test is conducted on the fourth day, in this test candidates are shortlisted on the basis of merit, and an induction course is given to the shortlisted candidates Where doubts on and related to the rules of the game are cleared.

  • 4th Stage:- Another test is conducted for the shortlisted candidates, which can be practical-based as well as oral.

  • 5th stage:- Those who clear the level 1 exam have to appear for the level 2 exam which is usually conducted after a period of one year.

  • 6th stage:- The level 2 exam is in the form of written, practical, and viva, and for those who clear it, their medical test is done.

  • Seventh Stage:- Those who clear the level 2 exam and medical test have to go through another induction program and those who clear it are declared as BCCI umpires.

After this, umpiring starts with the matches Ranji Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, etc. held in India and then after more experience, the opportunity of umpiring in international matches is given. If you also want to become a cricket umpire.

So you need to have passion for this game with good knowledge and the right vision. There are many books available in the market to crack the BCCI exam. Apart from this, material related to this exam is also available on the internet.

salary of the umpire in cricket

As per the BCCI's retirement policy, umpires who officiate only in first-class matches are retired at the age of 55, but those umpiring in one-day matches are 58 and those umpiring in Test matches retired at 58 are 60 years old.

All umpires in BCCI “Grade A” are paid around Rs 40,000 per day while other umpires are paid around Rs 30,000 per day.

How much is the salary of a cricket umpire, according to the BCCI's retirement policy, umpires who officiate only in first-class matches are retired at the age of 55.

But the retirement age for umpiring one-day matches is 58 years and for umpiring Test matches is 60 years. The BCCI pays Rs 40,000/day to "Grade A" umpires while others are paid Rs 30,000/day.


Here in this post, we add all related information about the umpire in cricket like the salary of the umpire in cricket, qualification, and more so if you want to know how to become an umpire in cricket then you should read our post till the end.

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