How to Become a Film Critic without a Degree 2023

 Who doesn't like watching movies, everyone likes different types of movies from kids to elders. Whenever a movie is released in the cinema hall, the reactions of the audience start coming from the first show itself. Some people like movies and some people dislike them. Since everyone's taste is different, it is not necessary to watch a movie based on the reaction of these people.

Have you ever thought that seeing whose review you go to watch a movie? Yes, you are absolutely right, when you watch a movie after seeing the Critic's review, you definitely like the movie. 

The people giving these reviews are not common people but professional film critics whose reactions or reviews are most correct. In today's post, I am going to tell you about this professional and how to become a film critic? So read this post carefully.

how to become a film critic
how to become a film critic

What is a Film Critic?

Film Critic is a professional who gives a Critical Review to the audience after watching a film. Based on his review, he tells the audience how is the film? Whether or not the audience watches a film depends to a large extent on its reviews. Nowadays movies become popular or flop on the basis of critic reviews and star ratings.

The job of a Film Critic is like doing a postmortem of the entire film. It ranges from dialogue delivery, the story of the movie, selection of characters, their costumes, connectivity of one scene to another, movie direction, cinematography, the body language of characters, the make-up of characters, songs and music, selection of locations for movies, etc. Analyzes very deeply. He gives his review only after seeing all these.

Since there are many shortcomings left in the making of the film which is not visible to the common people. But a film critic is the only one whose job is to find out the shortcomings or goodness in the movie. This is the reason why cinema lovers eagerly wait for the Critic's Review after the release of the film.

How to become a film critic in india

How to become Film Critic: By the way, there is no need of special qualifications to become a film critic but if you do a diploma or degree course related to films after the 12th, then you can become a good film critic. There are currently no courses available to become a film critic in India, but if you want, you can do a diploma course in a similar field to other film critics. You can also improve your skills by pursuing a bachelor's degree in mass communication or journalism.

After completing the above course, you can become an independent film critic or you can continue your work by joining a media agency.

Skills Required for Film Critic

Watching movies and analyzing them and giving unbiased comments to the audience depends only on good skills. To achieve mastery in this, these qualities should be filled with codification inside you.

  • Complete Knowledge of Films: A film critic should have a deep understanding of films and all their aspects.

  • Attend Film Festivals: Many types of Film Festivals are organized in our country. You should attend these events.

  • High Reporting Skills: The thoughts that come to your mind after watching films, you should have the art of expressing them. Suppose you have liked a movie, then saying 'good movie hai' is not enough. You have to tell me that this movie is full of mystery and adventure or something like that. By now you must have understood what I want to say.

  • High Reasoning Skills: When you are reviewing movies then you should know how to use your logical ability. It means that the movie made by the director is going right according to the script, or has it just become directionless. The roles given to the characters, whether someone else could have played those roles better, etc. questions must come to your mind.

  • Unbiased approach: Everyone has their own preferences. Some want to watch action movies and some horror. Some like romantic movies and some like drama. Your inclination will definitely be on one side or the other, but ignoring all these, you should know how to give your reviews impartially to all types of movies without favoring any side. Your review should be completely unbiased.

  • High analytical power: A good film critic should know how to do a contemporary review of the happenings in society and the films made on that basis. Your comment should definitely come on how the director has directed those movies.

  • Keen Observer: Movies are watched by everyone, but being a critic, you must watch those things in movies that the common people are not able to see. For this, it is very important for you to be a good observer by focusing your attention. If you miss any scene or dialogue delivery, then understand that you have reduced the scope of the review.

Film Critic Job Opportunities

There are lots of possibilities to make a career in this field. With more than a dozen movies released every week, your job opportunities are also increasing. Now not only cinema, but many movies are also released on TV serials, TV series, and online streaming media. You can give Critic's Review anywhere, on any platform.

India's Top Famous Film Critics

Friends, when you are thinking of making a career in this field, then this question must be coming to your mind Who are the most famous Indian Film Critics? To remove this curiosity of yours, I am sharing the list of famous film critics in India. If you want to know more about them then do let me know.

  • Anupama Chopra: She is an author, journalist, and director of the Mumbai Film Festival.
  • Taran Adarsh: He is a trade analyst with Film Critic.
  • Rajeev Masand: He has worked in the CNN-IBN news channel in the past and works as a critic in Bollywood and some Hollywood films.
  • Komal Nahta: She is a Bollywood trade analyst.

Film Critic Salary

In the early stages of your career, you will get a salary of Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per month for reviewing movies. After gaining experience, and depending on your popularity, you will get a handsome salary. There are many people already working in this field whose monthly salary is Rs 1 lakh to 1.5 lacks. Now you can think how much you want to earn for reviewing movies.


Here in this post, we add all related information about how to become a film critic without a degree, and film critic salary so if you want to become a film critic then you should read our post till the end.

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