How to Become An Architect in India 2023

If you guys are searhing for architecture courses after the 12th then you should read our post till the end.

Are you surprised to see the significant Buildings and Architectures and also think in your mind that how they are made and who designs them?

Let us tell you that this work is done by an Architect. If you also want to come in this profession, then you must know that How to become Architect?

Today we are going to talk about what is an Architect? Along with this, we will tell you what qualification is required to become an architect, which course will have to be done, how much will be the fees, what is its scope, how much will have to be studied and how much will be the salary.

What is architecture in India?

Architect is the person who designs any building and plays his part in all the work done in designing it.

In a way, the vacant land is given to the architect and an architect handles all the designing work from the design of the building to the erection of the building on that land.

Architect not only designs buildings but also capable of making all types of buildings like houses, offices, buildings, godowns etc.

If you think that you will only get the job of making buildings, then it is absolutely wrong because an architect has to design all kinds of buildings.

Types of architects 

By the way, there are many types of architects like- Landscape, Restoration, Research, Commercial, Residential and Extreme Architect etc.

But I am going to tell you only about Residential and Commercial Architect because people are most confused in the difference between these two.

Residential Architect

It prepares houses and apartments. They have to work closely with the interior designer.

A residential architect has to take care of the space for everything necessary in the house and also takes care of the electrician and plumbing. Along with this, the design has to be made keeping in mind the decoration of the house.

Commercial Architect

They always work on a big level because they have to set up banks, hospitals, companies and big buildings.

Like residential architects, they also have to take care of the space of all these places like- lobby, lift, parking area, reception etc. Commercial Architect has to work closely with Commercial Designer.

What is the scope in the career of an architect?

There is a very good career in this field because you all know that technology is changing with time and our houses too. There was a time when houses were made of mud, after that brick and lime were used.

In today's time, people like to get their house designed by themselves so that their house looks different and better than other people's houses.

If you go to big cities, you will also see skyscrapers kissing the sky. With the name of sky kissing buildings, the name of Burj Khalifa will surely come to your mind. This architecture is a great example.

Whether the building is small or big, all people definitely call the architect because they want their house or building to be different from others.

If you become an architect, you can easily get a job in many companies because the demand in this sector is high and people are very less.

how to become an architecture After 12th

To become an Architect, you have to do B. Arch course, for which you have to do 12th with Chemistry, Physics and Maths and you should have more than 50% marks in 12th.

how to become an architect in india
how to become an architect in india

You can apply for B. Arch course even after 10th, but for this you must have a Diploma in Civil Engineering, in which you have at least 50% marks Compulsory.

Eligibility for Architecture after 12th

To take admission in B. Arch, you must first clear the Entrance Exam. Entrance Exam is handled differently in every college but in some big colleges, you can take admission by clearing the entrance exam – these exams are NATA (National aptitude test in architecture) and JEE.

JEE exam is an entrance exam for taking admission in IIT. To get admission in IIT, you must pass the Entrance Exam in merit with maximum marks, only then you will be able to study Architecture from such reputed institute.

Best Colleges for B.Arch Course in India

Although there are many colleges in India from where you can do an architect's course, but the best colleges are only a few, about which we are going to talk now.

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
  • Faculty of Architecture, Mahe, Manipal
  • School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi
  • Sir J.J. college of architecture, mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Faculty of Architecture Jamia Milia, Delhi
  • National Institute of Technology, Trichy

You can do the course of Architect from any of the above-mentioned colleges. If you want, apart from these, you can also do courses from any other college.

Architecture course fees

Your expenses in the course are a bit high because the time limit of this course is very long. This course is completed in five years, due to which the total expenditure is between 4-8 lakhs.

Depending on the popularity of the college and the facilities provided in it, your fees may be more or less. If you cannot afford such fees, then you can do B. Arch course through government college.

Register yourself after B. Arch Course

When you complete the course of B. Arch, you must first register yourself with the Council of Architecture (COA). In this, you can register both online and offline.

If you want to do Architecture work in India then it is mandatory for you to register in COA.

You can also register online by visiting their website. On applying online or offline, you also have to pay some fees, after which you can open your own company in India or do job in any company.

Architect Job Types

After becoming an architect, many types of job options open in front of you, out of which you can do any type of job and advance your career. An architect can do different types of jobs like-

  • building architect
  • landscape architect
  • industrial architect
  • Green design architect
  • Naval architect
  • Architectural designer

Architect Salary in India

Initially an architect was paid only Rupee. 30-40 thousand, but as your experience increases, your salary also increases. Your salary depends on many things like the kind of company you work for and the kind of building you design.

If you make designs of buildings then obviously your salary will be more and if you make designs of houses and apartments then your salary may be less.

Skills of an Architect

See, if you want to become a good architect, then it is necessary to have some skills inside you so that you can make a career in the field of architect like-

  • Communication skills
  • management skills
  • Visualization skill
  • technical skills
  • creative thinking


Here in this post, we add all related information about architecture like architecture course fees, architecture salary, and many more so if you are searching for how to become an architect in india then you should read our post till the end.

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