How to Become a Veterinary Doctor After 12th

 If your dream is to become a veterinary doctor ie animal doctor. So in today's post, we will tell you in detail how to become an Animal Doctor. You will get every information related to this profession and related courses here. 

So that you will not need to read other posts and you will easily be able to decide whether you should come in this sector or not.

Along with this, you will also know what is the Career Scope in this field. Which course should you do to become a Veterinary doctor and what is its fee? How do you get admission to this course? What are the job opportunities in this field after doing the course? You will get detailed information about all these in this article.

how to become a veterinary doctor after 12th
how to become a veterinary doctor after 12th

How to become a veterinary doctor

To become a Veterinary Doctor (Pashu Chikitsa), the candidate must have passed 12th with at least 50% marks in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology After this, you can do Veterinary Course. After completing the course you have to do the internship.

After which you can start a career as an Animal Doctor in the private or government sector. In this way, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a veterinarian. You have come to know about how to become a veterinary doctor. Let us now know what is the career scope in this field as a Veterinary Science or Veterinary Doctor?

Career Scope as a Veterinary doctor

Veterinary medicine is a growing profession in today's time. That's why there is no confusion of any kind regarding a career in this field.

 If you do not get a government job in this field, then you can start your own Animal Hospital. At present, there are job opportunities in both private and government sectors as veterinary doctors.

At present, there have been many veterinary doctors in today's time, but still, their number is much less than the requirement. So if you do Veterinary Course then you can easily get a job.

Apart from government and private veterinary hospitals, one can also work in the animal research sector, pharmaceutical companies, and dairy farms. India is known as an agricultural country, so here people rear animals for milk production, and animals also play an important role in agricultural work.

 In this way, the role of the Animal Doctor becomes very important. Apart from this, a veterinarian is needed for the treatment and protection of other animals and wildlife, to protect them from infection. 

how to become a veterinary doctor

To become a veterinary doctor, one has to do a Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (BVSc AH) course. This course is a Bachelor's degree course. After this, you can become a Veterinary or Animal Doctor. Its duration is 5 and a half years. After this course, you can go into the field of research by getting a master's and a Ph.D. degree in this field.

What is a Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry?

Under Veterinary Science, there is a sector related to identifying and treating diseases in animals and birds and protecting them from infection and treatment.

What is the work of a Veterinary Doctor?

A veterinary doctor has to take complete care of animals and birds. Veterinarians vaccinate animals to protect them from disease and infection. Performing surgery on animals and treating their diseases, giving medicine. These tasks have to be done by the veterinarian.

How to Get Admission to Bachelor of Veterinary Science 

Admission in this course is done through an entrance exam. All India Common Entrance Examination is conducted every year by the Veterinary Council of India, so if you want to do Veterinary Science Course then you must apply for this entrance exam. Through this, you get admission to the Best Veterinary College in India.

Apart from this, you can also take admitted to the Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (BVSc AH) through the NEET exam. Along with this, many universities organize separate entrance exams for their admission here. You can also apply to these.

Veterinary Science Course Fees

The fees for this course range from 20 thousand to 1 lakh per annum. At present, the fee criteria vary in different colleges.

veterinary doctor salary

30 to 40 thousand rupees per month is easily available in this field. If you work in the government sector, then the salary there is very attractive. The specialty of this field is that if you do not get a job then you can open your veterinary clinic. In this way, you will not remain unemployed in this field. The second specialty is that there is no recession in this sector.

Job Profile in Veterinary Science

  • veterinary doctor
  • veterinary surgeon
  • cattle breeder
  • Animal Care Specialist
  • Veterinary Doctor(NGO)
  • animal researcher
  • veterinary officer

Best Veterinary Science Colleges in India

Rajasthan University of Veterinary Science and Animal Science Bikaner

  • Indian Veterinary Research Institute Bareilly
  • Best Bengal University of Animal and Fisheries Science
  • Indian Veterinary Research Institute Kolkata
  • Netaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University


Here in this post, we add all related information about veterinary doctor salary, veterinary doctor courses, and also know about how to become a veterinary doctor then you should read our post till the end. 

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