How to Become a Stock Broker in India 2023

 How to become a share market broker. How to become a stockbroker. What to do to become a stock broker. How much study is required to become a stockbroker, and how much is the salary of a stockbroker? Today you are going to get answers to all these questions from this article, so you must read this article completely and tell me at the last how you liked this article And do share it with your friends as well. First of all, let us talk about what is share market.

What is the share market? 

First of all, you have to know what is share market? what is the share market? So as we know that people know the share market by different names, share market means that the share of a company is bought and sold in this market. And the share of the company is called a share in the stock market.

For example, if a company has issued 1 lakh shares and a person buys 40,000 shares out of those shares, then that person becomes the owner of 40% of that company. That person can sell those shares anytime and to anyone or can also buy any other company shares.

The company cannot sell its shares directly to any person, for this there is a broker who does all these things. So now we will know what is a stock broker.

How to Become a Stock Broker in India
How to Become a Stock Broker in India 

What is a stockbroker? 

Friends, let us know what is share market. You must have heard about the stock broker along with it. And you must be thinking that what is this stock broker? what is a stockbroker? What is the work of a stock broker in the share market? So now I will tell you what is the work of a broker in the share market.

A stock broker has a very important job in the share market. Its stock broker Satak acts as a link between the exchange and the investor. In the stock market, an investor cannot enter into any kind of deal without a stockbroker, which means that he cannot buy and sell any type of share.

If you also want to invest your money in the share market and earn a lot of money, then you need a Demat account and trading account opened by a stockbroker. And both these accounts are opened by the same broker. Any buy or sell order of the investor reaches the exchange only for the stock.

How to become a stock broker in india

Friends, you have come to know the rest, now do you know how to become a stock market broker? how to become a stock market broker. The stock broker does the work of buying and selling the shares of different companies to its clients on commission. Rather, it is a very big company all over the country, which provides many facilities to its customers. Such as mutual funds, insurance, and also provide financial services.

Achieving success in the career of a stock broker is a great success, a successful broker has to face many difficulties. As long as you do not have complete knowledge of the stock broker, you can do the job of an Assistant Relationship Manager and Relationship Manager.

The stock broker has to constantly keep in touch with his clients and tell them which stock is going up and which is going down. So that the money of the customers does not get drowned, they only get profit.

First of all, you can also take the franchise of a big company of stock brokerage in the field of stock broker's career and you can start your career, not on the basis of sub-broker, for which you have to keep refund money with the brokerage company.

how to become a stock sub-broker in india

To become a Stock Broker, you should have at least 2 crore rupees, if you have this much money, then you can become a Stock Broker, you can start becoming a Stock Broker on the basis of Sub Broker, Sub Broker is the same as Stock Broker. It happens, you can become a Sub Broker for free, many stock brokers in India provide this facility like Upstox, Angel One

Upstox Sub broker Kaise Bane: You can become a Sub Broker with Upstox, you can apply for Sub Broker by creating your demat account in upstox, you can earn money in three ways by becoming a sub-broker

#1 Upstox Refer and Earn

Upstox gives up to 1200 rupees per refer, this offer keeps changing from time to time, the more you refer from Upstox Refer and Earn 2022, the more money you will get, think if you refer 10 days, then 12000 per day and 12000 per month Can earn 3 lakh 60 thousand.

#2 Trading Brokerage Commission

When you refer a friend, you get a referral commission, but when your friend does trading, you get 40% to 50% of his brokerage. Suppose you have added 100 people to upstox and he does 2 trades in a day, then 2*30 = 60 trades in a month, then the total trade in a month is 100*60 = 6000 trades. Let us assume that Upstox has a brokerage charge of Rs 20. If you get 50% 10 rupees, then you can earn 6000*10 = 60,000 rupees. This type of Passive Income Idea is whenever your Referral Friend trades then you will get money.

#3 Referral Friend Brokerage Commission

The friend you have referred, if that friend refers another friend and he trades, then you will get a brokerage commission of 30% per trade, that is, if you referred 100, out of which 50 friends refer others and 50 The trade is for a day and 50 friends do 2 trades a day, then 3000 trades are done in a month, then you can earn 3000*12 = 36000 rupees on the basis of Upstox Brokerage Commission.

What to do to become a stock broker?

Friends, if you also want to become a stockbroker, then you can do any financial market course to become a stockbroker. Along with this, you have knowledge of commerce, economics, statistics, accountancy or Business Administrator will also help you. You can also take a graduation or post-graduation degree in these subjects.

NCFM course of National Stock Exchange is an online certification program. Which sees whether the candidate has the necessary practical knowledge or financial knowledge. The person taking admitted to this course should have good knowledge of maths and English.

National Institute of Financial Management and the National Stock Exchange of India together give a chance to do Postgraduate Executive Program in Financial Market. 50% degree is required in these exams. BSE institute limited also gives online programs. Now you must have known what should happen to you. Stockbroking is a risky area. In this field, there is a lot of time work and there is also a lot of pressure, so you should also have patience.

How many types of stock are there? 

Friends have heard about many of our brokers, many brokers have their full-service set, in which brokers always remain in touch with their customers, and many brokers are also discount brokers, so there are two types of stock brokers.

  • Full-service broker.
  • Discount Broker.

Let us now know what is the work of these two brokers. And how much is their fee?

Full-Service Broker - Full-service broker's fees are high because full-service brokers give full service to their customers like stock advisory which shares to buy and when to sell. Margin facility like trading facility on the mobile phone. Facility to invest in IPO. Also full-time customer support.

full-service broker list in india

  • ICIC Direct.
  • Share khan
  • HFL
  • hdfc securities
  • Kotak Securities
  • axis direct

2. Discount Broker – Discount brokers provide the facility to buy and sell shares to their customers by taking very low brokerage. Discount stocks take less face because they give less service to their customers. For example, discount brokers do not provide the facility of stock advisory or analysis.

list of stock brokers in india.

  • Zerodha
  • Upstox
  • 5Paisa
  • Fyers
  • Groww

Top institute in India to become a broker

  • Institute of Capital Market Development, New Delhi
  • Mumbai Stock Exchange Training Institute, Mumbai
  • The UTI Institute of Capital Markets, Mumbai
  • Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi

stock broker salary india

Like any other profession, a stock broker also earns around 2-3 lakh rupees in a year, and as the experience increases, so does his earning.

On the basis of the work done by the stock broker, he is given his commission. Let me also tell you that on the basis of the investment banks, stock brokers earn 6-7 lakh rupees in a year. And after a few years of experience, this commission reaches up to 30.

stock broker license cost in india

You have to pay a fee of Rs. 50,000/- every year but remember to check the eligibility criteria.


Here in this post, we add all related information about stock broker salaries, stock broker qualifications, and much more info so if you want to know how to become a stock broker in india then you should read our article till the end.

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